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A girl asked me to sleep over tommorow night

in General Discussion 2 days ago

Holy smokes!! [see above] This time-jump was even bigger than the one in EndGame. ...

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Who should play next Batman: Robert Pattinson (Twilight) or Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max Fury Road)?

in Movies Discussion 3 days ago

Since we have Idris Elba as Black Superman..., it's only right we get Samuel L. Jackson as Black Batman. ...

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Introducing Thread Shortcuts

in Website Topics 3 days ago

TalonMan said: ...problems, suggestions, or comments - bang 'em here!! Get this man a shield.  ~ T'Challa/Black Panther/Chadwick Boseman edit: LOL!!  ROFLMAO!!  The shortcut jump is hella funny!!  I'm dying here. ...

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Can Avengers: Endgame take the #1 spot beating Avatar?

in Movies Discussion 5 days ago

alternine said: chakkra said: Well, going by this week´s numbers, it looks like it is not gonna be able to beat Avatar in the end. Lmao dude it's gonna beat Avatar. The question is will it get to 3 billion. I don't think it will but it will be close. Passing Avatar is a foregone conclusion though so I don't know where you got your numbers. "He is not a...

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in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

I miss MiiVerse as well. I ended on a high-note though. While playing through and finishing up on both Breath of the Wild (Wii U) and Samus Returns (3DS). Plus, got the full download of my posts and screenshots to keep. MiiTomo was just okay, good gimmicky while it lasted. ...

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God of War - Raising Kratos: Full Length Feature (Documentary)

in Sony Discussion on 10 May 2019

Excellent thread! Thanks for adding extra bonus content for consumption!! Developer Talks, my fav! ...

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Mortal Kombat Developer Diagnosed with PTSD

in Gaming Discussion on 09 May 2019

along those lines, I've also heard and seen bts videos where the devs that worked on Dante's Inferno had to use real adult entertainment for ah...reference materials. this would certainly cause cringy and uncomfortable situations for many especially at work. can you imagine doing this everyday as your day-job though? our minds would be insanely warped. ...

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Can Avengers: Endgame take the #1 spot beating Avatar?

in Movies Discussion on 08 May 2019

Record: >> Zoe Saldana/Gamora/Neytiri/Uhura is the most bankable actress in the world, bar none. ...

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Can Avengers: Endgame take the #1 spot beating Avatar?

in Movies Discussion on 07 May 2019

Pre-ordering my Infinity Gauntlet collection (4K, UHD, Blu-Ray, 3D, and digital combo/with lenticulars please) now......

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Spoilers - Marvel Endgame Discussion - Spoilers

in Movies Discussion on 07 May 2019

farlaff said: mZuzek said: Wow. You really weren't expecting much, were you? Hehehe, not really. I mean, with all due respect, especially to the younger ones here, it is a popcorn based, superhero flick we are talking about, not a Bergman movie.  @farlaff, could we please ask for your opinion on Dune (1984)? I heard Thanos was involved in the remake, and...

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Sonic The Hedgehog - Official Trailer

in Movies Discussion on 01 May 2019

EricHiggin said: For anyone who would like to know how all the decisions were made and how it plays out... corporate America in 5 easy steps.  LOL!! Please PayPal and/or Venmo (GoFundMe) EricHiggin, today!!...

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Spoilers - Marvel Endgame Discussion - Spoilers

in Movies Discussion on 01 May 2019

just to add to this thread, and some of the new posts: [spoiler tag/] when Korg shows up, I nearly shat my pants in happiness! Rocket had good moments with Nebula. Character moments. I love Luv Captain Marvel new hair-do!! The all-female superhero scene in the final act was 'orchestrated' to reflect the current time and pop culture. I am fine with that, and I get it. Freeze frame...

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When did you first notice that grafix had diminishing returns?

in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2019

In all fairness, it takes more horsepower to improve graphics, versus say when compared to audio sound, or game-play mechanics. Of course, storytelling remains more or less consistent; but varies with audience and pop culture. Personally, I first noticed it transitioning from 8-bit to 16-bit; yup old timer here. When scaling and 3D rotations were introduced. However, still to this day, I am...

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Warner Bros. Puts Out Pika Translator

in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2019

mZuzek said: I miss the days when this was all Pikachu had to say: pi-Ka-Chu....?...

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Spoilers - Marvel Endgame Discussion - Spoilers

in Movies Discussion on 29 April 2019

Heavy film for me...very heavy. And I sat through and watched the entire film in one-sitting without any bathroom breaks. I was biologically and constantly dehydrated from the persistent sweat pouring from my facial orifices. ...

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Anyone been in a documentary?

in Movies Discussion on 29 April 2019

d21lewis said: I probably should have been in "After Porn Ends".And to answer any questions you may have, I eat something and take a nap. Winning POST!!  ~game over, folks~...

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What do you say to judgmental people that say Superhero films are for kids ?

in General Discussion on 29 April 2019

^^ is that the world's cutest dog? awe......

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Warner Bros. Puts Out Pika Translator

in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2019

My Pika translator is auto built-in to my head. I try speaking with people in everyday real-life this way. In fact, I try to imitate that Deadpool guy's voice while doing it to make it sound as authentic as possible. Pika-Pika!! ...

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Rage Quit After an Hour of Playing Mario Tennis Co-Op

in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2019

mZuzek said: John2290 said: You still commented. ;) Yes, but I didn't say anything. Pika-Pika!!  [translator >> you two really make a cute couple] ...and I think Tennis is much better in real-life.  Plus, anyone who 'rage-quits' a Nintendo-game might want to seek out therapy for some sorta hidden and undiagnosed mental illness. We have help for...

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Recent Website Updates

in Website Topics on 25 April 2019

I Luv IT! Awesome recap as well!! I certainly learned of new improvements I did not know existed. I do really, Really, REALLY appreciate the anti-spam guard; just sighting one example. Excellent hard work with tangible improvements!! ...

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