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    < VersusEvil posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

    Pro tip. Paste as plain text.

    I'm so used to just copy and paste that I actually forgot that option existed :0

    Thanks for tip!

    on 16 April 2018

    < Masked_Muchaco updated his status:

    Sogeki no shima de

    Umareta ore wa

    < VersusEvil posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

    I've rejected a bunch of your box arts. There where already hi enough quality box arts there already. Also that iOS box art for fat princess is not the one for Vita. Word of advice, Slow down.

    I've already submitted the right box art for fat princess on Vita and it was already approved some days ago. I think some of these submissions you took care of were quite old.

    on 14 April 2018

    Also, the pal box art for uncharted golden abyss isn't bad but I wouldn't call it high quality either.

    on 14 April 2018

    Yeah they where re queued. I think from the 9th.

    on 14 April 2018

    What you're gonna do about my summaries for crimson shroud, attack of the friday monsters and gunman clive hd? It's been a day already and I'm starting to think you've changed your mind Vee :P

    on 14 April 2018

    No I haven't. I'll fix them when I got two secs tomorrow.

    on 14 April 2018

    They're still there...

    on 15 April 2018

    And now I've removed them.

    on 16 April 2018

    < VersusEvil posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

    Your Gunman clive summaries have been rejected.

    Someone forgot to reject my Gunman Clive HD Collection summary then.

    on 13 April 2018

    I've seen, and im looking into it.

    on 13 April 2018

    Aren't summaries from sites of platforms holders like Nintendo and Sony approved or even provided by the devs and publishers? I understand not accepting summaries from sites like IGN and GameSpot, since they aren't official sources, but I don't think Ninty/Sony/MS would publish any incorrect information about the games released on their platforms.

    on 13 April 2018

    They may, they may not. From an official publisher or Dev site tho, thats non debatable that its 100% official and its the only sources (outside of game cases/your own) we accept.

    on 13 April 2018

    I don't totally agree but I see your point. And of course I will abide by this site's rules :P

    on 13 April 2018

    Oh thank goodness, i was just about to get the rope and a pair of marigolds, phew.

    on 13 April 2018

    Also, my Crimson Shroud and Attack of the Friday Monsters summaries are from Nintendo too and they were approved, which is why I thought it was okay in the first place.

    on 13 April 2018

    < Machina posted something on Masked_Muchaco's wall:

    Oddly, some of those 3DS titles you submitted were in the database already, but had been deleted (no idea why).

    So I've gone ahead and un-deleted them, which is why those submissions were' rejected' even though they were perfectly correct!

    No problems :)

    on 12 April 2018

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    Days Gone And Crackdown 3 - Which Will Score The Highest?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 June 2018

    Sales wise, definitely Days Gone. Score wise though, I don't know, maybe Crackdown 3 will surprise us, it got plenty of time to improve. I wonder how the hell MS will fill the second half of the year now, Forza Horizon 4, a new Halo and a bunch of timed exclusive indies? I think that would be a bit lacking after having a lackluster first half....

    Write 70

    Pictures of Yourself Thread

    in General Discussion on 07 June 2018

    I must... remain... masked....

    Write 58

    MCV: New Boss of Microsoft Studios on Xbox's First Party Strategy

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 June 2018

    konnichiwa said: Masked_Muchaco said: Maybe the millions of gamers who decided to not buy a XB1 know the answer. So answer it then? Lack of exclusives that I can't play on my PC, and lack of exclusives that interest me at all. But of course I can only speak for myself....


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