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    < Miyamotoo posted something on quickrick's wall:

    Actualy two more bets, one is that Switch will sell 3m or more in November and December combined in US, and onother that Switch will sell 2m or more in December alone in US.

    one month avatar bets on both? i think ill easily win both bets.

    5 days ago

    No, bet is same, one month avatar per bet, if you win you getting two months of avatar.

    You are still sure you will easily win bet even this years have bundles and Pokemon and Smash Bros in November and December while last year in same timer period we had only Xenoblade? :)
    Dont forget last year Switch sold 775k in November and 1.5m in December, this year Switch will probably hit 1m in November and 2m in December.

    5 days ago

    i very much doubt it, last year switch was the new hotness in short supply most the year, and a much better lineup that year going into there first holiday.

    5 days ago

    There was no short supply from August-September (at least in West), and you keep ignoring fact that Switch keeped momentum this year despite still didn't had big games this year (so whithout big game for almost 9 months), so only that tells us that we will have much better sales when Pokemon and Smash arrives, plus Switch didnt had any deal even bundle last year, this year already have some bundles and expected that they will have some deals.

    But I guess we can only wait and see, we have our bets. ;)

    5 days ago

    Too funny.

    5 days ago

    < WhatATimeToBeAlive posted something on quickrick's wall:

    You served some epic crow with your "Switch sold 12.8 million in 2017" thread. People couldn't handle it, and the thread got locked in record time. Now you definately have the high ground.

    yup, they couldn't handle it, may of them through a hissy fit, lol.

    on 07 March 2018

    Fake news!

    on 10 March 2018


    on 10 March 2018

    < SWORDF1SH posted something on quickrick's wall:

    Hey Ricky boy. It seems that a few people on here got to you recently. Don't let them get to you. You're outspoken and I don't always agree with you but you do bring up good points and back them up well sometimes. You're a good user.


    on 22 February 2018

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on quickrick's wall:

    Hey Quickrick. I just wanted to apologize because I actually was wrong with the 13 million figure. See the way I saw it, the number by January 21st was 12.5 million. So the 13 million must have been from December 31st, because the sales in other parts of the world where 1.5 million.

    But then I double duped myself. I completely forgot that Latin America and Asia weren't included, which is very stupid because I actually quoted that earlier in the thread. Then I responded by saying "well it was already at 12.5 million so even not including those countries just 1/3 of ROW would account for the extra 500k needed for 13 million!" But I forgot that, as far as we know, the sales of America and Japan and Europe were only 12.0 at the time of December 31st ... so it actually would have required 2/3's of ROW figures. Which would be impossible without Asia and Latin America. I was using the 12.5 figure because I got confused and mixed up.

    I just wanted to say I am sorry for that. I usually am good at debates but I was honestly really tired and stressed about other things at the time and it made me slip up. I don't think I was that mean to you at the time but I do think one comment I made was slightly offensive, so I apologize for that too.

    If it's any consolation I do think you're way better as a user than when you first showed up. I wish you'd downplay Nintendo a bit less, but oh well, nothing I can do about that. Different viewpoints, and all!

    its all good, you are a reasonable poster, aside from the one personal insult.

    I don't hate nintendo, i actually love nintedo games, i don't like there hardware, and i just don't think it can keep it's momentum, and state my opinion rsther strongly, but like said 2018 will convince me.

    on 14 February 2018

    < LipeJJ posted something on quickrick's wall:

    Thanks for accepting. I love your energy, so I hope you stay with us on VGC for a long time!

    thanks :)

    on 22 January 2018

    hey can you get mod to to sign off on that bet.

    on 10 March 2018

    What do you mean?

    on 10 March 2018

    like a mod needs to confirm if the bet is accepted

    on 11 March 2018

    Ah, ok. I didn’t know. I’ll talk to CGI or someone tonight.

    on 11 March 2018


    on 11 March 2018

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    Spider-Man PS4 sold 3.3 million units in three days, becomes fastest-selling PS4 exclusive

    in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago

    Amnesia said: oniyide said: a lot of sequels on Wii did worse.  But the real install base of the Wii was 30-40 M maximum. Not 100M. 60-70% of the Wii consumers were not video game players. eh when galaxy 2 released it was near 70 million, and it was at 80 million when zelda sky sword released, mian point is install base argument is pointless, you can have...

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    August NPD result are out NSW: ~203K PS4: ~197K XB1: ~162K 3DS: ~71K

    in Gaming Discussion 20 hours ago

    Miyamotoo said: quickrick said: switch audience has been eating up old school retro looking games so its not a surprise  to me, it did good but thats the top for what a third party seitch game can do 1-1.5 million. Thats maybe top just currently, with bigger install base and more time some game is in sale stronger sales will be, Octopath is already around 1.5m and it...

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    August NPD result are out NSW: ~203K PS4: ~197K XB1: ~162K 3DS: ~71K

    in Gaming Discussion 20 hours ago

    MasonADC said: quickrick said: were not talking about persona, we are talking about third party games on switch, they just don't any third-party that make AAA third party developers take notice. They are comparable though.  yea but my main point is no switch thirdparty game has crossed 2 million....


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