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    The Official "Metal Gear Solid 4 is sexy thread"

    in Sales Discussion on 12 June 2008

    tell me one thing: what is so sexy in old man? he's not some halfnaked boobie female fighter or somethin' like that....

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    Predictions - When Will PS3 overtake 360 WW?

    in Sales Discussion on 21 May 2008

    probably q1 2010....

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    Wow... Ocarina of Time conveniently loses review source on Gamerankings

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2008

    i got to admit if rockstar will make another game for wii i will boycot this game. they gain all those 10s and "best game evah" titles with bribes, hype and gta series fanboys not with game real quaity. i have no respect to rockstar nad take 2 anymore....

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    Fiscal year 2008-09: PS3 will sell 16 million PS3's worldwide for the year.

    in Sales Discussion on 15 May 2008

    yeah, so sony will pull about 5mln ps3s out of nowhere? because sony will produce only 10mln ps3 during this fiscal year. so ps3 will have about 22mln around 31.03.09...

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    Official anti-GTA4 thread of overrating, shallowness and overuse of reality

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2008

    i think that we will see some real reviews when independent sites and magazines will get this game. right now we can read only advertises called "review before launch the game"....

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    Q&A with Resident Evel 5 producer about a possible Wii version

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2008

    I am not too sure that there's still an audience for the sequel of the game on the Wii and that's why we don't consider a Wii version at this point in time.A: Well yes, the Wii's success is mostly based on its controller and casual games, the cheap price of the system is another big factor to make people want to buy the system. hardcore titles like No More Heroes bomb and 3rd party games like...

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    NeoGAF gets really cranky about NYT mentioning VGChartz

    in Website Topics on 24 April 2008

    it's quite childish and selfish. how often any site has been mentioned in NYT? they should be happy cause media will start to respect sites like neogaf or vgchartz as a sources....

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    Preditcion: The end of the Wii

    in Sales Discussion on 24 April 2008

    i stop reading whole thread after few posts but i will say:gta 4 will never be able to stop wii from selling it even won't slow down it for more than 5-7 weeks, because gta4 isn't exclusive game to any console and we all know that it will be on pc....

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    Please care anyone explain, why ps3 have better games than the wii?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 April 2008

    WiiStation360 said: Great post!Every single PS3 game you listed is not yet released.Every Wii game you listed is already released.  it's simple yushire:ps3 owners wait for games and talk about them.wii owners actually play games. ...

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    Nintendo working on Super Mario Universe and SSB War

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 February 2008

    i think new mario game would be mario rpg just like zelda TP, or maybe miyamoto was thinking about that baseball game when he was talking about new mario?...

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    Nintendo working on Super Mario Universe and SSB War

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 February 2008

    new smash bros will hit ds, nintendo usually give one franchise per console....

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