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    Gamestop is dying a slow death: lays off over 100 people, nearly half of Game Informerīs staff

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

    https://kotaku.com/gamestop-lays-off-over-100-people-including-nearly-hal-1837418024 The struggling retail chain GameStop laid off over a hundred employees today, both at its corporate headquarters in Grapevine, Texas and at other offices including its subsidiary Game Informer magazine in Minnesota, where nearly half of the editorial staff lost their jobs in a surprise cut. “As...

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    Sony aquires "Insomniac Games"

    in Sony Discussion 1 day ago

    the-pi-guy said: Relevant:https://twitter.com/ZhugeEX/status/1163533128113250305 I wonder if Insomniac was in MS´s crosshairs and Sony got wind of it and quickly closed the deal. ...

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    Walmart stops advertising violent videogames, but not Guns.

    in Politics Discussion on 09 August 2019

    The thread title is wrong, theyīre still selling them. ...

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    The Official US Politics OT

    in Politics Discussion on 07 August 2019

    You can see Mario and Pikachu running too. ...

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    Ninja Leaves Twitch for Mixer.

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 August 2019

    The guy is set for life.The thread about this on Resetera is quite entertaining, a looooot of salty people there. ...

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    PS5 or Xbox Scarlet will probably price around 499 to 549 USD

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 August 2019

    I expect $500, and for a system with a ~ 7 year lifespan and a more robust upgrade Iīm personally ok with $100 more than 'expected'. ...

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    Ps4 @100mill shipped!

    in Sony Discussion on 01 August 2019

    Mystro-Sama said: Remember when they said console gaming was dead? How could I forget?...they were hammering 'MOBILE MOBILE' into our heads 24/7. ...

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    PS4 Beats Wii and PS2, Fastest Console To 100 Million

    in Sales Discussion on 31 July 2019

    S.Peelman said:  Probably a record that will stand for quite some time. Sony did a good job. Wii could’ve and should’ve still had this record, but that system took forever to get from 95 to 100. :-P If you were on VGChartz during the 2007-2010 time period you most likely remember how the Wii was just obliterating the PS3 and 360, selling more than those two combined,...

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    Ps4 @100mill shipped!

    in Sony Discussion on 30 July 2019

    Now, of the 5 best selling home consoles of all time, 4 are Playstation systems.Talk about consistency. ...

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    Fire Emblem Three Houses reviews: Meta: 88, OC: 88

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 July 2019

    Iīve been craving a jrpg to play on the Switch after Xenoblade 2 massively dissapointed me and Octopath failed to ignite my interest, though I never played a FE game this one is piquing my interest. ...

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    Nintendo Switch Lite Officially Revealed - $199, September 20th, Dedicated Handheld

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2019

    Yeah if it canīt be docked to your TV the name 'Switch' loses its meaning. ...

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    How long would you prefer a console lifespan to last before replacement?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 July 2019

    6 years is good enough for me. ...

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    Rumor: Sony lining up a bid to acquire Remedy.

    in Sony Discussion on 03 July 2019

    Is Remedy in good financial shape? ...

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    Best year for a Nintendo system?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 June 2019

    On a personal level, it´s still the 1991-1992 period with the SNES, so many gems. ...

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    Bloodstained Ritual of the nights, deal? ... Pretty damn good.

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 June 2019

    I just started the game and not sure whether or not the number calculator for the stats is bugged when you equip an item...for example, when you start your ATK stat is 1 and the first two weapons you get, a knife and kung fu shoes, both have 'ATK 8', so I figured when you equip one of them your 'ATK 1 stat' would go up to 'ATK 9', however it went up to 'ATK 6', as if the weapon had an 'ATK 5' ...

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    Official Nintendo E3 2019 Thread!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 June 2019

    Still no month and day for release? ...

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    Bethesda E3 Conference

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2019

    No platforms mentioned for Ghostwire..next gen game? ...

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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will release Worldwide March 3 2020; New Trailer!

    in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2019

    AbbathTheGrim said: JamesGarret said: They´ll probably show her at their conference tonight. There could be more? Nice. Yeah, tonight would have been Sony´s conference, but since they´re not going Square will take their place, with a heavy focus on FF7...it has to be tonight where Tifa will be shown. Also rumored is a remaster of FF8.  ...

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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will release Worldwide March 3 2020; New Trailer!

    in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2019

    AbbathTheGrim said: forevercloud3000 said: I am super PISSED it isn't coming this holiday as expected -_-I feel like they changed the plan after finding out that "Next Gen" was just officially pushed to Holiday 2020 and not This Holiday and 1st qtr 2020.I mean I guess i'm happy its not farther away but still....Key things to note in that trailer....1. Cloud Jump attack2. Cloud Dodge...

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    Official Xbox E3 2019 Thread

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 June 2019

    Itīs on! ...

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