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    I could be wrong, but it seems like I've seen you post less recently? 6 days you were last online.

    < OTBWY posted something on LimaBean01's wall:

    Thanks for the friend request.

    Wooooah Nier Automata is one of your favorite games?

    Hell yeah it is!!! Wait til you see where it is on the 2017 50 games of all time chart ;)

    I can’t tell if you are saying woah in agreement or as if I’m crazy for thinking so :p

    on 19 November 2017

    I have only played a few hours of it. I was real excited for the game, even got the Demo from December 2016. Now though I'm just on and off interested in it, even though i have it.

    Well isn't your favorites list ranked? Or is it not no.1?

    Isn't it the kind of game where you do multiple replays for different endings? Sounds ... time consuming!

    on 20 November 2017

    nah my favourites arent ranked, woops. but i thought that as well, and i personally cant stand games that require multiple endings through the same gameplay. however, youll be glad to know its handled really well in automata; the different endings only require like 30 minutes to complete on top of the main ending. where are you at in the story (if you remember)?

    on 20 November 2017

    That's cool. Although that also has the effect of the other endings possibly feeling less rewarding. Having you need to replay a game can be great if it's worthwhile for the ending.

    I have deleted and restarted the game many times. The farthest I ever got was doing the quest where you save the robot sister in the Desert. I feel like the game gets rather boring after a few hours, I have a hard time putting it back on

    on 20 November 2017

    Fair enough. I recommend pushing through but I’m obviously biased; if it’s really not for you there’s always other games to play :)

    By the way, you have a switch right?

    on 22 November 2017

    Yep Got a Switch. You?

    on 22 November 2017

    Yep!! I will add my friend code when I get home ☺️

    on 23 November 2017

    < LipeJJ posted something on LimaBean01's wall:

    Thanks for the request, Lima. ^^

    no problem! thanks for being friends!! :)

    on 02 November 2017

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on LimaBean01's wall:

    Thank you for your friend request .

    no problem, hanks for accepting it! :)

    on 29 October 2017

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    Final Upadate! [Switch vs Wii] Breath of the Wild vs Twilight Princess Sales Comparison + BotW already over 10m combined

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 April 2018

    LipeJJ said: Updated with weeks 49 and 50! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now over 3m ahead of Twilight Princess. Only 2 more weeks to go guys! I'm already feeling nostalgic here. It's been a long and interesting run for me. I think I'll keep updating the thread whenever Nintendo gives us numbers on their meetings, since we're unfortunately already losing track of Twilight...

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    Amazon U.S. April bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

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    im excited to see how labo does. it could be a massive flop or immense success and i have literally no idea what to expect...

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    Prediction League Thread - Summer is coming! The salesdraught has hit!

    in Sales Discussion on 03 April 2018

    sorry that this sounds dumb but like... where do i submit my predictions, and where is the information stating what I'm predicting on?...


    Occupation: Music producer

    Education: St Marks high school

    University: UWA

    Height: 5'9

    Eye colour: Blue

    Hair colour: Blonde

    Zodiac sign: Pisces

    Relationship status: Dating

    Favourite Games: Nier: Automata, BOTW, Xenoblade chonicles, Xenoblade chronicles x, metroid prime trilogy, Pokemon SuMo, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 1 + 2, Smash Bros Wii U, super mario odyssey.

    Favourite Music: Björk, Grimes, Hozier, Arca, Radiohead, Björk, Sia, FKA twigs, Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine, Björk, Purity Ring, Glass Animals, did I mention Björk?

    Favourite Films: Blade runner, perfect blue, Evangelion rebuilds

    Favourite Books: the song of Achilles, Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

    Favourite Food: pandan coconut ice cream

    Hobbies: Composing/writing/singing/producing music, following game sales, and playing games (obviously).

    About Me: Completely lost

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