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Hello! You are formally invited to join us for the 3rd annual Wii Secret Santa event. Please join us before December 15th!

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You are cordially invited to join us for the 2nd annual Wii Secret Santa event. Please come share some holiday spirit with your favorite forum community!

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Time trial leaderboard updated again.

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Merry Christmas!

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Pretty good post in the what should be titled climate change thread. Too bad it will fall on deaths ears as do all arguments in the global climate change debate.

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Write 48

We are an Lost Generation ? :(

in General Discussion on 05 June 2010

That is very clever and awesome....

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Fallout 3 DLC - PS3, due when?

in Sony Discussion on 29 October 2009

When is the Fallout 3 DLC coming out for the PS3?? Because it should've been out in July, but got pushed back till early October. And also, I WAS able to find the trophy-lists on my PS3 for the F3 DLC but wasn't able to find the downloadable content for the game on the PSN.   Please, can someone give me some details, hindsights or information regarding the upcoming DLC on the PSN for...

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Iwata (not laughing): \' We failed with the Wii\'

in Nintendo Discussion on 29 October 2009

Avinash_Tyagi said: StarcraftManiac said: I have to agree with Iwata's rethoric that Wii failed in the sense that they didn't create a market that is eager enough to purchase the number of Wii's predicted in their previous forecasts. I think the thriving factors between the slowdown of Wii sales in general is due to the fact that there is a massive lack of Software that can push up...


Education: Grammar school

Height: 0'0

Build: Other

Website: /

AIM: /

MSN: /

Favourite Games: The Legend of Zelda:
-The Windwaker.
-The Twilight Princess.
-The Ocarina of Time.
-The Masterquest.
-A Link to the Past.
-Oracle of Ages.
-Oracle of Seasons.
-The Phantom Hourglass.
-Super Mario 64.
-Mario vs Donkey Kong.
-Super Mario Sunshine.
-Super Mario Galaxy.
-Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door.
-Super Paper Mario.
-New Super Mario Bros.
-Metroid Prime.
-Metriod Prime 2: Echoes.
-Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
-Metroid Fusion.

F-Zero GX/AX.
Animal Crossing.
Half Life.
Half Life 2. And Episodes.
Soul Calibur 2/4.
Team Fortress 2.
Starcraft. And Broodwar.
Age of Empires 1/2/3.
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.
Metal Gear Solid 4.
Call of Duty 4.
Eternal Darkness.
Beyond Good and Evil.
Viewtiful Joe.
Resident Evil 1/4.
Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl.

Favourite Music: Daft Punk.
Junkie XL.
Linkin Park.
De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig.
Snoop Dog.
The Opposites.
LCD soundsystem.
Chemical Brothers.

Favourite Films: Snatch
28 Days Later.
28 Weeks Later.
I Am Legend.
No Country for Old Men.
Lord of The Rings Trilogy.
The Matrix Trilogy.
The Godfather Trilogy.
Ocean's Eleven.
A Knight's Tale.
James Bond: Goldeneye.
Goodbye Lenin.
Das Leben Der Anderen.
Knocked Up.
The 40 Year Old Virgin.
Planet Earth.
Batman Begins.
The Dark Knight.
Star Wars Episode 4-6.
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.
Hot Rod.
Seven years in Tibet.
Dancing With Wolves.
There Will Be Blood.
The Kiterunner.

*Mostly watch movies in Blu-Ray.

Favourite Food:

Hobbies: Football.
Listening Music.

About Me: Now playing: Super Smash Bros Brawl and Spore.

SSB Brawl:

-108 out of 128 Challenges.
-430 out of 544 trophies.
-225 out of 248 songs.
-533 out of 700 stickers.
-21 out of 35 Final smashes.
-Finished all target-tests with all characters.
-Classic mode finished with 21 out of 35 characters.
-All Star Mode finished with 21 out of 35 characters.

-All 41 Stages.
-All 35 Characters.
-All Assist Trophies.

Favorite Character: Fox.
Total Brawls: 320 as of 07-09-08.

Game Stats

  • 106 total number of games
  • 0 games in common
  • 7.8 average game rating
  • GC favourite console (38 games)
  • Action favourite genre (17 games)
  • 0% of games completed