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    Christhor's Wall

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    < katebaby2 posted something on Christhor's wall:

    Hello Dear!

    My name is Kate,

    I saw your profile and would like to get in touch with you If you're

    interested in me too then please send me a message as quickly as possible.




    < Jay520 posted something on Christhor's wall:

    Hopefully you'll choose your words more carefully when you come back.

    I try my best, but it's hard when you're not fluent in english yet

    on 06 March 2012

    Just avoid calling handheld gamers retarded little children and I think you'll be fine.

    on 06 March 2012

    Why would I do that? That wouldn't be fair, comparing mentally challenged people to pokeman collectors.

    on 06 March 2012

    < RolStoppable posted something on Christhor's wall:

    I am following the conversation and I must say that I am impressed.

    Oh geez, you're making me blush. It is always a surprise to get a compliment from you. Assuming it is a compliment, haha.

    on 16 February 2012

    I especially like how you "riled up" M.U.G.E.N., it becomes more and more evident that he really doesn't realize how he appears to others.

    on 16 February 2012

    Guys, Christhor, stop provocking him. You're not doing it on purpose, but please stop adding fuel to the fire.

    on 16 February 2012

    Mugen really surprised me, to be honest. As you said, it seems like he doesn't realise at all how he is appearing to others, this despite being a pretty well respected guy around here.

    But yeah, I think I should probably stop replying to that thread for a while.

    on 16 February 2012

    What thread you talkin' 'bout Willis?

    on 16 February 2012

    < RolStoppable posted something on Christhor's wall:

    The Uncharted 3 thread is getting really funny. I hope that teaches you to not mindlessly bash a game.

    Correction: Teaces me not to bash a Sony game :P Any other game is fine.

    on 15 November 2011

    I hope you realize that now is the time to back away. Reading comprehension may look like a simple thing to us, but it isn't so for everyone.

    on 15 November 2011

    I think you are right. I have seen some of the discussions that you have gotten into with some of the regulars of VGChartz, it is kind of scary to imagine how a discussion might turn out with a newer, unestablished member. I think it is best that I take my leave from that thread indeed.

    on 15 November 2011

    You should have seen the discussion I had with the guy you are dealing with right now. It got to the point that he called Super Mario Galaxy as much of a travesty to Super Mario 64 as Soul Calibur Legends was to Soul Calibur, because that's where his constant picking out of quotes eventually led him to.

    on 15 November 2011

    Oh wow, really? I think I might just have to continue discussing with him then. From what you just said I'm not sure if this guy is a genius or just crazy. I'm intersted in seeing where he can go from here.

    on 15 November 2011

    Well, he is already pulling his obligatory "I am confused" line. When he notices that his argument crumbles, he just pulls two unrelated comments of yours and presents them as a contradiction.

    If you fully know what you are getting into, go ahead and debate with him. He won't give up and send everything into a loop if he has to. It will go on for as long as you want.

    on 15 November 2011

    Looks like you been through what I've been. Get out before they go insane, I'm dead serious.

    on 16 February 2012

    < Christhor updated his status:

    Things I think about while replaying Shadow of the Colossus: Wander is paler than his dead girlfriend

    < Christhor updated his status:

    Trying to figure out how this website works now, not very newbie-friendly

    But your not a noob

    You've been on this site longer than I have.

    on 18 September 2011

    That is true, I haven't really been active or taken the time to learn all the functions for a year and a half xD

    It's hard to adjust.

    on 19 September 2011

    you'll get use to it. its been a yr so there have been changes.

    on 07 October 2011

    < Christhor updated his status:

    It's fun being a wannabe-critic

    < noname2200 posted something on Christhor's wall:

    You are cordially invited to join us for the 2nd annual Wii Secret Santa event. Please come share some holiday spirit with your favorite forum community!


    < mjk45 posted something on Christhor's wall:

    sorry to take so long to get back to you as for your question about the p3 the answer i got bored with it and gave upafter doing about4-6 hrs

    < SMT posted something on Christhor's wall:

    Thanks! Every SMT supporter is my best friend :)

    < Garamond posted something on Christhor's wall:


    < mjk45 posted something on Christhor's wall:

    finalfantasy sales in europe ff7 :2.7 mill,ff8:2.19 mill ,ff10:1.88 mill ff9&12 just under 900k so as you can see each iteration is selling below the last one with the exception of ff10 it did better than ff9 the decline is the same for the other regions at about the same rate

    < leo-j posted something on Christhor's wall:

    whats to say Im not someone else

    < Gilgamesh posted something on Christhor's wall:

    Thanks for the reply to my question I made for the Crisis Core game, that clears a few things up.

    < dsoverpsp posted something on Christhor's wall:


    How is everything going?

    < skeezer posted something on Christhor's wall:

    Whats up?

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