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      < Christhor posted something on god123's wall

      Sexy time! With god even

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      < Christhor posted something on darthdevidem01's wall

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Iím in chapter 4 then, to be fair, it feels like the game is picking up here. However, that long CGI(? not sure if itís CGI, the graphics are damn good) cutscene was a little overkill.

      Actually FFXII had a pretty complex story, it was just too boring for anyone to care, lol. But yeah, good thing that I never watched the trailers then.

      I suppose Iím just a retard for not seeing it then, either that or Iím not paying good enough attention, which could likely be the case.

      That sounds interesting, very interesting indeed. I might just have to play the whole game now just to see how SE fucked up the ending. :P

      Of course itís understandable why Hope is so upset, but itís just the way itís handled. How he constantly wants to confront Snow, but then when he does, he says nothing. Itís as if SE is saving it up as a major plot-twist (they canít be that stupid, rite?). The reason Vanille tok Hope with her to the falície was because he obviously had a lot he wanted to say, but of course he says nothing.

      Eh, I donít know, maybe itís because I know quite a few girls whoís like Vanille that I donít find her that annoying. They could have picked a MUCH better voice-actor though, and not have her dress like a prostitute.

      One last thing, is it normal in jRPGs to be able to cast magic once you get cursed? I honestly donít know, but itís been 2 out of the 3 jRPGs Iíve played this gen, Eternal Sonata and Final
      Fantasy XIII.

      *sigh* I need more jRPGs

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      < Christhor posted something on darthdevidem01's wall

      I think Iím in chapter 4Ö or it might be 5Ö I really donít pay attention to when the game changes chaptersÖ

      That might be true, I really donít remember much about FFXII at all, maybe it would be a good idea to replay that sometime.

      I DO understand most of the stuff, like the lície, but SE could have explained stuff a little better, in my humble opinion.

      Ahahaha! I remember you laughing at me because I told you the trailers were full of spoilers, servers you right! :P

      Well I suppose thatís alright really, though I really want to have Sazh on my team constantly, that guy is badass! Heís actually in my team right now, and Iím loving the battles.

      I was kidding about booting him off the team, but I would really like to do it, itís been a long time since Iíve encountered someone this annoying in a game.

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      < Christhor posted something on mjk45's wall

      Hm... Yeah it was the same for me. It got pretty boring since it was just non-stop battles.

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      < Christhor posted something on SMT's wall

      Dude you have amazing taste in games! I love pretty much every one of your favorite games

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      < Christhor posted something on NoCtiS_NoX's wall

      Dude! There are some serious spoilers in your sig >_>

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      < Christhor posted something on Garamond's wall

      Persona 4 is the greatest RPG of all time! =D

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      < Christhor posted something on Steroid's wall

      lol greates freak out, evah!

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      < Christhor posted something on mjk45's wall

      BTW what did you think of The Answer in P3 FES?

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      < Christhor posted something on leo-j's wall

      Is this really leo-j, or is this some faggish mod?

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      < Christhor posted something on Gballzack's wall

      We have sex now?

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