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    Title screens that blew you away immediately

    in Gaming Discussion 7 hours ago

    The loading screen (and music) for Venus the Flytrap on A500. Sadly the game kind of mediocre ...

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    Predict Astral Chain sales numbers!

    in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

    Iím pesimistic, I think it will land under 1 million lifetime ...

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    Scarlett Will Prioritize Frame Rate Over Graphics

    in Microsoft Discussion 4 days ago

    dharh said: Won't matter what they prioritize if they don't have RPGs. I would prefer stable good frame rates. If that is 1080p/60fs than I prefer that over 4k/30fps. I don't really give a damn about 4k itself. I don't even have a 4k tv and I probably won't until I can get a 34" 4k tv for a cheap enough price. Why the hell would you want 4K on a 34” TV? How close To it are...

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    Let's talk about Metroid (Poll Added)

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

    Metroid on NES is the best Metroid. No mini map actually adda to the experience. ...

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    Alternate history: N64 goes with CDs instead of cartridges

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2019

    OTBWY said: Hynad said: I’m sorry? Hironobu Sakaguchi Producer and executive vice president, Square Japan; Chairman and chief executive officer, Square USA Of course, back then I wasn’t the president of Square. There was a management level above me, and I talked with them to make the decision. But PlayStation games being on CDs was the biggest factor. If you wanted...

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    Obscure games you love to bits, and why you love them

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2019

    JRPGfan said: Spindel said: Still have my copy on the attic somewhere (NES). Superb game but I’ve never finished it. I always got to one of the ice levels (9 or 10?) and could never clear it, insanley difficult. Maybe I should fire up my NES and give it a spin again, it’s at least 20 years since I last played it. Im not we ever beat it either.As kids we would...

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    Obscure games you love to bits, and why you love them

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2019

    JRPGfan said: this one:  SnakeRattle N'Roll   (nes + megadrive) You play as Rattle or Roll (a red or blue snake), and run around in these 3D isometric levels, collecting these balls? (best to match the colours to the snake colours), to grow until you can ring a bell, that then opens up a path out, leading to the next level. (nes version above, not as good looking as...

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    Alternate history: N64 goes with CDs instead of cartridges

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2019

    PS1 would have still won and N64 would not had any more 3rd party support than it did. 3rd paries where running from nintendo after the SNES and NES days because of the way Nintendo where. CD on their system would not have helped them. ...

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    Obscure games you love to bits, and why you love them

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 August 2019

    This is kind of old by now, but I must say Imperium Galactica 2.Fly trough space, colonize starsystems. Once in a starsystem switch to a sim cityesque colony building simulator.Once you have a couple of colonies start building your starfleet and upgrade gear for it.Then go on and eraticate other space traveling species.Space battles are RTS with different classes of spaceships from smaller nimble...

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    Best character this generation

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2019

    Doomguy! Always Doomguy. That p***y Halo guy is just a bleak copy for pansies. ...

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    Can we have a Switch Lite playable on the TV ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 August 2019

    DonFerrari said: Considering it will probably have the same USB-C port, I think a C to HDMI cable may be enough, or perhaps a converter in the middle of the cable. Only way it wouldn't work without a hack is if the HW in the switch don't send image signal. My guess is that the USB-C connector isn’t connected to hardware that is able to send images (and sound). ...

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    Is Joy Con Drift Nintendo's Biggest Hardware Reliabilty Issue?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 July 2019

    Can someone explain what joy con drift is so I know if I have the problem? ...

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    Opinion: Rain in BOTW is a positive addition to the game

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 July 2019

    People actually had problems because of the rain in BotW? Man what times we live in. ...

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    Are Nintendo games held to an unrealistic standard?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 July 2019

    gamingsoul said: I always thought Breath Of The Wild should have been a new ip, but Nintendo needed the Zelda name to sells those consoles at launch, it’s kind of sad to think triple a games are so expensive and take so long to make that developers can’t afford to try something new, another example is resident evil 7, they put the name just to make sure the game would be a hit....

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    Nintendo Switch Lite Officially Revealed - $199, September 20th, Dedicated Handheld

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2019

    RIP Japan ...

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    Do you think Google Stadia is doomed to fail?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2019

    The people that keep comparing this to Netflix just donít get it. Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Apple Music etc are all non interactive mediums. Buffer times and lag donít matter. I see exactly one solution that would make Stadia (or OnLive (RIP)) as a streaming service: It will/would work if you stream the code/assets, neccesary for the moment, but being run locally. But this would mean you...

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    How long would you prefer a console lifespan to last before replacement?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2019

    For me personally the hunt for ĒMOAR POWWAHĒ is kind of dull and not needed any more. Extend the cycles and try to bring something truly unique instead. ...

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    Bloodstained on Switch's first week outsells PS4's and Xbone's combined (UK)

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2019

    I got the physical version of this game a while ago but I have held off playing it because of lack of time and because for some reason I canít put down Dragons Dogma :P But anyhow, I just got around to play it and it really is an exellent game. I donít get the hate from people on this forum for the switch version (I have not played the game, or even seen it, on any other system so I donít have...

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    IS there an exclusive AAA PC game that uses max power made from the ground up(game)

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 June 2019

    Pemalite said: dx11332sega said: Most of these didn't show gameplay , I'm cautious of there meta on metacritic on release date. I'm interested in fighting games and games that are good though I'm hoping no order1886 with graphics and meta score is umm somewhat I guess? can you post videos of games you own to recommend me? I  dont want arma though , I do like games like nier...

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    IS there an exclusive AAA PC game that uses max power made from the ground up(game)

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 June 2019

    Isn't it mainly because the graphics department has hit the wall of diminishing retruns really hard (and as someone said, having a lower spec req means more people can buy it)? Would be better that the PC space focused on improved AI (or other stuff that would actuall mean the game becomes better) with the advantage of raw CPU-power a PC has over a console. ...

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