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    Bloodstained on Switch's first week outsells PS4's and Xbone's combined (UK)

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 July 2019

    Here I was playing this game on PC not even really knowing it came out on consoles until a couple days ago when I checked to confirm a suspicion I had. I finished it yesterday and managed to get 100% map completion, though. There was one part of the game that I got stuck, and otherwise didn't use any guides. If you're interested, it was the part where Spoiler! you find the aegis armour to...

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    Which early 3D "look" stands up better to you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 June 2019

    Ganoncrotch said: fatslob-:O said: Is this supposed to be secretly a N64 vs PS1 thread ? If so then only multi-plats are valid for hardware 'comparisons'. Not fair at ALL to use exclusives ... Let's just keep to the likes of RE2, Tony Hawk, and the others. I think the reason why the N64 looked 'blurrier' is down to the possibility that it had a shit memory system and it's low...

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    Bloodstained Ritual of the nights, deal? ... Pretty damn good.

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2019

    I got one crash while playing this game, and it was at a time when I found a breakable wall with an Max HP Up inside, and I think I picked it up on the exact same frame as I got a shard from a demon. It was very early on that it happened, and ever since I've been very cautious while playing, but it hasn't happened again. I've also been softlocked multiple times while swimming in the water....

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    FINAL FANTASY X fans ... i need some help and convincing !

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 June 2019

    Having already been a huge FF fan by the time X released, my impressions of the game were pretty good. I remember being astounded by the amount of voice acting in the game. For me, at least, it was maybe the first full JRPG I played that was almost entirely voice-acted. From a technical standpoint, the game/engine is quite a mess, but the story-telling is top-notch, especially for it's...

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    Has anyone noticed that a surprise Zelda Game has been revealed at the end of all three Directs this year?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 June 2019

    PAOerfulone said: There’s still hope for Skyward Sword HD! I'm strangely comfortable with that. I played through the game on two separate occasions but have still never finished it to this day, despite coming very close both times. Since then they haven't released another 3D Zelda that's followed on the traditional formula. ...

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    Breath of the Wild 2 will take place in the same Hyrule.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 June 2019

    Probably not the first person to say this, but I'd like it if they brought back traditional Zelda dungeons into the world. I know BotW is something original, and strays far from the Zelda formula (although some might say otherwise), but I think they could use the massive world in BotW to make a non-linear Zelda game. Although I'm not sure how it would work with the lore, it would be cool to go...

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    How physical are you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2019

    WoodenPints said: Varies quite a lot per platform for meSwitch: 98% physicalXbox: 50%PC: 0%The massive size of my PC library out weighs the other platforms pushing me well into a higher digital %. Hot damn. So what Switch digital game did you end up getting? I'm assuming it's just one, as you'd need 49 physical and 1 digital to hold that percentage. If you have more than one digital...

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    Nba2k19 is 3 dollars on the eshop

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 June 2019

    Ganoncrotch said: Darwinianevolution said: They really want people into the microtransactions, don't they? just go Free to Play.Also, are there sales in the european eShop? No, in Europe this version is marked down to 29.99 rather than 2.99, also in the US the digital deluxe version is 40 while the standard version is marked down to 3dollars, it's fairly clearly a mistake in...

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    Nvidia or AMD?

    in PC Discussion on 12 June 2019

    The last two cards of mine have been Nvidia. Currently, I have: CPU: Intel i5 6600k GPU: GTX 1070 (SC Gaming 8GB) Memory: 16 GB DDR4 2133 I got a pretty good deal on the card during Black Friday last year. I don't remember exactly what I paid, but I think it was under $400 with a free copy of Monster Hunter World. I'll have to check, as now I'm curious. ...

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    Sony's E3 2019 happened without You Noticing (Engadget )

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2019

    Train wreck said: Sony skipped E3 to allow third parties (especially Square Enix and FF7) to shine, simple as that. Not trying to be sarcastic or condescending, but do you think that's the actual reason? To me it seems like maybe that would be a good reason to put out in a PR statement, but as a company, it doesn't make sense for them to decide to just let others have a turn just to...

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    We live in a world where Nintendo gets better support from Microsoft than EA

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2019

    Interesting topic. Would Microsoft be happier in a world where Nintendo is the market leader, or Sony? I'd have to think that more support for Sony would also mean more cross platform support for Microsoft, but perhaps Xbox consoles fare better in a market that is lead by Nintendo. ...

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    Google Stadia conference with pricing, games, and release details set for June 6th at Noon EST/ 9 AM PST

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 June 2019

    Super freaking hyped for this. I have a 250 Mbps connection, and every year or two the speed seems to double. Google is just being smart and getting to the market early.I haven't looked into all the details yet; do you need a Stadia controller or can you use your own? If you could use your own, the barrier of entry would be just the $10 then, right? Also, is this expected to sell out? I'm trying...

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    Switch overtakes total PS4 sales in Japan, in less than half the time

    in Sales Discussion on 07 June 2019

    0D0 said: I may agree or disagree with that notion but in my case I just agreed that Wii U games did wonders to Switch regardless. One of the reasons that Switch got a superior library in two years was because Wii U games were on this library. To make MK available for the Switch audience Nintendo had just to port a title. MK alone is huge. Another factor is that many skipped Wii U. So...

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    Retro system sales - how to count?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 June 2019

    thetonestarr said: RaptorChrist said: I don't disagree that probably every title within the mini-console had it's share of buyers that wouldn't have otherwise purchased the item without said game, but that's not quantifiable. If it was, it could make for interesting data, as I'd really be interested in seeing how many people bought the SNES Classic for Star Fox 2, among other...

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    Retro system sales - how to count?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 June 2019

    thetonestarr said: I would argue that every game on it has people that bought it for them. Some games likely had more people with them in mind than others, I'm sure, but I'm confident that every game has its reasonable percentage. For me, Star Fox was absolutely one of the titles in question (in conjunction with Star Fox 2).I did also buy it with the intention of hacking and adding a few...

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    Retro system sales - how to count?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 June 2019

    Counting SNES Classic sales towards the original SNES number is not a good idea in my opinion. People use sales statistics in many different, unique ways, and the only person that this benefits is the guy who just wants to say that the SNES outsold the PS1. More people want to know how the SNES fared against the Genesis without those numbers being obscured by a mini console released decades...

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    japan Sales week 21, May 20 - 26 2019, Famitsu

    in Sales Discussion on 29 May 2019

    I hope to one day see Japan putting up numbers like in the glory days (DS vs PSP). ...

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    Trump's new tariff proposals include a 25% tax on video game consoles

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 May 2019

    sethnintendo said: Well there aren't many products left to threaten tariffs. He said he wanted tariffs on all products and we are about to get there. In a full blown trade war now. I'm going to take half my money out of 401k with loan because here comes the correction. Plus I will prob die before retirement. I plan on working till I die Totally feel the same way. But at least if you...

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    Guess Who's Back? Back Again...

    in General Discussion on 29 May 2019

    I believe you are a girl, but just happen to also have trust issues besides. ...

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    First look at PS5 vs PS4 Pro performance test

    in Sony Discussion on 24 May 2019

    0D0 said: As long as it's better than Witcher 3's, I'll be glad. When I compare Witcher 3 with Horizon Zero Dawn, on PS4 Pro, it's quite nuts. Although it's a current generation game, it's still a comparison. We can see, based on that current generation game, how much faster is the loading times. Even though next generation games will be heavier than that, it's still a technical...

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