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    Nintendo's install base shrunk from 250 million in Gen 7 to ~80 million in Gen 8

    in Sales Discussion on 19 May 2017 by IglesianiManalo

    I see a lot of triggered Individuals, stay on topic boys....

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    What are your fears/phobias?

    in General Discussion on 17 May 2017 by Ka-pi96

    JRPGfan said: Ka-pi96 said: dogs. So... dogophobia? :-P Cynophobia (fear of dogs)   And we share a phobia..... *high five* Keep a eye out for angry dobbermans with me? *high five* And sure, I'll keep an eye out with you :-)...

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    Anyone liked the Don Mattrick era better than Phil Spencer?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2017 by Turkish

      Azzanation said: I had nothing agaisnt Dons vision. If it went his way we would have gotten a digital world like Steam with no Discs required and newer innovation with Kinect 2.0. Unfortunately now, all we have is two identical consoles that offer nothing but the same things apart from there 1st games. 1 main reason i like the Switch is because its different and is taking risks....

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    Hardest game you've ever beaten?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 May 2017 by finalrpgfantasy

    Call of Duty World at War on Veteran. The last part of the game was brutal. ...

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    This generation - Best story

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 May 2017 by xl-klaudkil

    Life is strange was awesome indeed, but there is one story this gen who captivated me soo much, thats horizon zero dawn. ...

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    PS4 worldwide shipments top 60 million

    in Sales Discussion on 01 May 2017 by KazumaKiryu

    i think: 108 million lifetime :) ...

    Write 121

    How Sony could counter the Switch!

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2017 by KLXVER

    Barkley said: KLXVER said: Well if any of them do, then the Switch is pretty much their only option at this point. I dont think Nintendo would mind helping them out. That would require the Switch to get the games that these people actually want to play. Maybe the Switch will get CoD this year. wow burn!...

    Write 98

    This is what Xbox games look like on 'Project Scorpio,' - windowscentral.com

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2017 by eva01beserk

    darkenergy said: Dark_Feanor said: Why people insist in bringing "exclusives" in every thread about power or performance? Let's keep each subject reserved to a especific type of thread. Some will try anything to grasp at straws. ironmanDX said: There is no if. Pretty tempted to go digging. I still remember all the Ryse threads. Quite a few members here will have...

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    Saudi Arabia was elected to the U.N. Women’s Right Commission, and 5 EU countries voted in favor

    in Politics Discussion on 28 April 2017 by Stefan.De.Machtige

    My country voted as a loyal vazal of USA like our masters wanted. The Petrodollar must survice at any price :-(....

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    Did Sony make a mistake by be first to release an upgraded console.

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2017 by GoldenHand80

    I don't think it is fair to compare the PS3 situation with the PS4. PS3 had a lot of problems due to its unusual CBE which put many developers off. However, some games did run at 1080p/60fps on PS3 so in a way they deliverd what they promised, partially. PS4 pro is not meant to be a true upgrade, it's basically a PS4 that is capable of playing PS4 games at 4k resolution so it's not meant to...

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    Has PS4 officially passed 60 million WW sales?

    in Sales Discussion on 25 April 2017 by Rem87919394

    TheBlackNaruto said: Wiibaron said: What does it matter to anyone here if they sold 59 or 61 or any number at all? And by April 1st or May 6th or Easter Sunday? It matters not one lick. Well you are on a you know.....sales site right? And aren't you the same guy who was complaining/downing the Switch portability and talking about having a mature life? And the same guy who was...

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