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< Marth updated his status:



3 days ago

:D Its the amout of items left on my VGC To-Do list

3 days ago

Ohh. Well crap you have a lot

2 days ago

< Marth updated his status:


< Marth updated his status:

Less than 200 games left...

< Marth updated his status:


< Marth updated his status:

And now back to my lovely 412 games with no boxart. Should be done by the end of may.

< Marth updated his status:


RIP :(

on 03 May 2019

< kirby007 posted something on Marth's wall:


Well not anymore xD

on 21 April 2019

< Marth updated his status:

And now I am in 3rd place. Only spurge and oliist ahead of me.

! Geez Louise. Well, you've certainly earned all those points. Plus, now I know who to shmooz if I need a loan.

on 01 April 2019

< Masked_Muchaco posted something on Marth's wall:

Are you collecting tags like Machina? ;P

Not really, but I just like doing things :D

on 24 March 2019

< LittleSnake posted something on Marth's wall:


Heyyy :) How are you doing? New avatar?

on 22 March 2019

I'm okay, and yourself? Yeah, thought I needed to change (:

on 23 March 2019

I am doing pretty well. It looks good. :)

on 24 March 2019

Glad to hear. And thanks

on 25 March 2019

< Machina posted something on Marth's wall:


That was a trainwreck of a match :(

on 17 March 2019

I don't understand why they don't just pick for even lanes against teams like that, then win by being the better players and team. Bah.

on 17 March 2019

Yeah. They seemed off the whole tournament. I had high hopes after MDL but damn that was a disappointing performance.

on 17 March 2019

< uran10 posted something on Marth's wall:

Final round out now: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=239268

< Marth updated his status:

300.000 points! And that right before the 2nd anniversary of my account.

< OTBWY posted something on Marth's wall:



on 28 January 2019

< Marth updated his status:

4th place now. But this is getting absurd now. The big 3 are left. darthdavidem 350k, spurge 715k and Oliist 918k...

< Marth updated his status:

Ahead of Rol. 4 people left :D

You will pass oliist in no time :P

on 03 January 2019

Yeah only need around 4 years :P

on 03 January 2019

< Marth updated his status:

Wishing you guys all the best for 2019!

< Marth updated his status:

2019 might be a weird year for me and I don't now how much time I will have for the DB. But I will try my best.

< Marth updated his status:

Seems like I leave around 540 games on my DB priority list for the next year. Not optimal but also not too bad.

< Marth updated his status:

Now ahead of Boutros and Seece :D Next up is Rol

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