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    Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

    in PC Discussion 25 minutes ago by JEMC

    Part two of the news: Football Manager is getting rid of plastic packaging https://www.pcgamer.com/football-manager-is-getting-rid-of-plastic-packaging/ Football Manager developer Sports Interactive isn't happy with the size of its carbon footprint and has announced that it will be rectifying that by doing away with plastic cases for boxed games, starting with Football Manager 2020. Destiny...

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    VGShare: Post your screenshots, gameplay videos, and more!

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago by EricHiggin

    GOW PS4 ...

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    PS5 Coming at the End of 2020 According to Analyst: High-Spec Hardware for Under $500

    in Sony Discussion on 03 July 2019 by Nate4Drake

    [b]PS5 Uses AMD New Hybrid Ray Tracing Technology ![/b] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBrviW9wFe8 ...

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    Why haven't they made this obvious game yet?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 June 2019 by John2290

    CaptainExplosion said: Gonna bump it. Why haven't they made a Looney Tunes fighting game? I see your bump and I raise you one more bump.  Why havn't they made an over the shoulder point of vuew snooker game.  ...

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    HDR is mind blowing (Digital foundry best HDR games)

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 May 2019 by John2290

    Chazore...what I mean is watch a HDR film/game on an SDR screen the watch it on HDR...you'll get it. ...

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    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Official Story Reveal Trailer

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2019 by Darashiva

    Well, it's EA so I don't trust anything about this game until it releases, but if nothing else getting Respawn to make this is probably the best possible option for EA at the moment. Titanfall 2 was awesome, so at least for the moment I'm cautiously optimistic about this one....

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    Borderlands 3 PC is releasing exclusively on the Epic Store in September

    in PC Discussion on 14 April 2019 by BasilZero

    think-man said: Alright guys, enough arguing. I just caught the tail end of this and it looks like you guys are done scrapping it out. Let's leave it at that :) 10-4...

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    If the PS4 wins this gen, consoles will become obsolete

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2019 by Immersiveunreality

    Zoombael said: Dark_Lord_2008 said: The PS4 winning the console war has been the highlight of my life so far. I thought the PS3 coming back to overtake the X360 was the greatest moment in my life. The PS4 to smash its rivals in the 8th generation console sales war has been the highlight of my entire life. I literally live for console sales wars. You re a mighty weird...

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    Have You Signed up to the Epic Games Store?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 April 2019 by Kagerow

    Once they offer service better than steam, people will consider using them. But as of it now, they are the only company that managed to offer worse experience than Nintendo back in Wii U era....

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    Games you put down after a significant time investment. Have you ever successfuly returned?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 April 2019 by jigokutamago

    I put down Hollow Knight after 200 hours to play Sekiro. Will come back to it eventually to finish the last two Pantheons. ...

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    Your biggest wow moment of each gen you've lived through

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2019 by RaptorChrist

    Mario 64 was the biggest upgrade in gaming that I've felt, where I went from playing Donkey Kong Country (which was top-notch SNES) to Mario 64 (which compared to other N64 games doesn't have the best graphics), and I was a kid, so those moments are few and far between. I don't think anything else has ever had that "wow" impact on me; maybe World of Warcraft. Uncharted comes to mind as an...

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    40 percent of Epic Games Store users say they don't have Steam

    in PC Discussion on 25 March 2019 by Chazore

    The_Liquid_Laser said: Look at the post I made before this one. I saw, and again, that's old data from 4, enarly 5 years ago, compared to now. This is the same as Tim comparing Metro LL sales from a 2013 game to a 2019 release and 2019 market, compared to the 2013 market 6 years ago. Unless you have current sales data, there is no "I'm right, it's fact", happening here. Also,...

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    Google Stadia will succeed... and here is why

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2019 by 0D0

    I need to see price model and thirdie support first, but it's an interesting experiment that I believe Sony and others will take notes and offer some option like that. Still, consoles are the best option for most people due to the fact that they don't need to be online all the time. Perhaps this will target youngsters from big cities with fast internet to waste that don't own any console....

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    What is everyone's Internet speed like? (In relation to Google Stadia being announced...)

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2019 by DonFerrari

    about 50Mbps with 0Mbps that will be dedicated to Stevia or even PSNow....

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    (Update) Rumor: PlayStation 5 will be using Navi 9 (more powerful than Navi 10), new update Jason Schreier said Sony aim more then 10,7 Teraflop

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2019 by BraLoD

    errorpwns said: BraLoD said: People tend to forget Sony/MS will be buying components in the millions of units from the get go. If I buy 3 of something in the market I can already get a discount. Imagine if I buy 5 milion units at once and the vendor knows I may be needing to buy up to 100M in the next five years? Sony and MS probably gets massive amounts of discount on anything...

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    PC Gamers, Show Me Your POWAH!! (Spring 2018 Edition)

    in PC Discussion on 12 March 2019 by Marach

    So, i upgraded my computer from my I7-920 first gen with a 660 ti video card to this : CPU : I7-9700k Mobo : ASRock Z390 Pro4 Video : Asus RTX 2060 memory : G.Skill 16 gb DDR4 3600 ram boot drive : Samsung 970 EVO M.2 PCIe Gen3 500gb so far it rip through everything i throw at it. ...

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    Looking for a gaming laptop

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 March 2019 by Cobretti2

    Interest temperature results. I am having similar issues with mine and also a 3DMark score that should probably be quicker. From what i gather, i need to add another stick of ram to get it to dual channel mode, that is meant to help significantly. People suggested I undervolt it by 100mV and maybe add better thermal paste as manufacturers generally go cheap. ...

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    Re2 would've been better with the classic camera

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 January 2019 by V-r0cK

    d21lewis said: I've been playing RE since the beginning but I was tired of the old school style during RE3 and especially Code Veronica on Dreamcast. I admit I had fun replaying REMake and Zero in recent years but I don't want to go back to that. Especially the inaccurate aiming system. It's just harder to get your bearings in a game where left turns right, forward is backwards,...

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    Nvidia Gets SALTY

    in PC Discussion on 19 January 2019 by KingofTrolls

    Pemalite said: Not really contradicting my statements though. Sure, just adding to the discussion. I want to explain the base I have build my prediction on, not contradicting every words others said. This is not Switch will fall of the cliff talking, thats my point.. Thanks for contrubuting, the more eyes look the topic the better, lets meet at the middle of the road, I dont...

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    I am underwhelmed by my 4K TV and maybe X1X already has the GPU power for 9th gen.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2019 by Mr Puggsly

    Screenshot said: Mr Puggsly said: Not sure what that means. My 1080p 40 inch was much cheaper by the way and a less notable brand. My Vizio is 50 inches and has quadruple the pixel count, Im saying the difference is relatively minor unless you're looking closely for differences. But the objectively noticeable improvment is what the X1X does on any screen. The higher native...

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