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    Nintendo E3 Predictions/Wishlist

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago

    Just give me Animal Crossing already Nintendo. ...

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    Sony first Party games sales, A huge leap from PS3 era. ( Entered Ninty Level ) Update: GOW at 10m & Uncharted 4 16M

    in Sony Discussion 4 days ago

    Still barely at 3DS era Ninty levels which was a lower than usual point for Nintendo like PS3 for Sony. Never mind Switch which is only two years old with well less than half the install base is outpacing these sales numbers. Don't get me wrong these numbers are great for Sony, obviously a leap from PS3 but as for the topic of the thread, they're not big enough to convince me anythings changed...

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    Nintendo anounced Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers (Buy 2 Nintendo games for $99.99, Nintendo Switch Online Members only)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 May 2019

    think-man said: Nintendo should really slash their game prices by more, and more often. I still find these prices too expensive given how old these titles are now. Nintendo likes to retain the value of their games even years after their release as they keep selling at or close to full price regardless. I wouldn't expect any major game discounts until/if they bring back Nintendo...

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    Post Editing

    in Website Topics on 16 May 2019

    adslife said: How do I delete a post?, I meant to add a quote but missed it so did it again. I was to delete the first post but there's no option anywhere. How do I delete my post?  You cannot delete posts. You can erase the post's content if you like so it's blank, but the post will always remain. In this case, if you only made a mistake you didn't have to create a whole...

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    Will PS5 ever catch up to the Switch in lifetime sales?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2019

    The Switch will probably be retired by the time it does, but ultimately I don't see why it wouldn't sell on par or more. The offset between Sony and Nintendo's console cycles means that the Switch successor will likely have released a couple years after PS5 and then we will be asking if it will catch up to PS5 and so on. ...

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    What reasonable changes do you want to see in Pokemon battle animations for Gen 8?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2019

    I just like having nice visual effects for each of the moves. I think it would be nice if the Pokemon's base movement animation was a little more lively (instead of the similar gentle bobbing up and down) it doesn't look to be the case for this game, maybe the third version/next gen? It's not a deal breaker but maybe something to look to forward to for improvements in future entries. ...

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    Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Announced May 15th @3PM PT/6PM ET

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2019

    cycycychris said: Don't think I've seen this posted yet so, link to the full direct. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jPi-u0D8sQ4 Thanks, I forgot that I should of probably included that in the OP by now. ...

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    E3 2019 Floor Plans Now Available

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2019

    South Hall West Hall (Microsoft will not exhibit at the LACC during E3 2019. Instead they will be using the Microsoft Theater and the Xbox Plaza at LA Live)Source: https://ufzt347431.mapyourshow.com/8_0/floorplan/ ...

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    Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Announced May 15th @3PM PT/6PM ET

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2019

    Added a poll to rate the direct. I thought it was really great. A vast improvement over the original game, definitely deserving of the 2 in it's name. My favourite new feature has to be online multiplayer, that's a first in a 2D mario game. ...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion on 15 May 2019

    Maybe Super Mario Maker 2 will show some more movement on COMG tomorrow after the direct. Otherwise I would worry for COMG's business, but I suppose game pre-orders aren't where they make the bulk of their money from. ...

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    Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Announced May 15th @3PM PT/6PM ET

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2019

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPNS1Fb1l8c ...

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    Nintendo E3 2019 Plans Detailed - Nintendo Direct June 11th @9AM PT + Treehouse and Tournaments

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2019

    Jumpin said: Looks like the leak was absolutely true. They just happened to translate the month wrong. Or maybe as the leaker was leaking he had a brain issue when the information came to him, and he wrote April instead of June.Have faith in our Prophets my siblings! HAVE FAITH!http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=239829 Please tell me you're kidding right :-D ...

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    Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Announced May 15th @3PM PT/6PM ET

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 May 2019

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPi-u0D8sQ4 Tune in on Wednesday, May 15 at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET for a roughly 15-minute presentation packed with information all about #SuperMarioMaker2 for #NintendoSwitch. pic.twitter.com/YUEDCzKQO4 — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) May 14, 2019 ...

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    Looking for something to play

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 May 2019

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! ...

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    More Charts on the Front Page

    in Website Topics on 10 May 2019

    I think maybe having a pie chart or something to visually display the weekly hardware sales could be nice (maybe with the ability to toggle between each regions sales).But anything more might be going a bit overboard. The space on the front page is quite limited as it is trying to fit in sales figures, news/articles and the forums all at once. I think a bunch of randoms charts and graphs being...

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    Most Wanted June (Voting)

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 May 2019

    1. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield (NS) 2. Super Mario Maker 2 (NS) 3. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (NS) 4. Fire Emblem Three Houses (NS) 5. Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition (NS) ...

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    The "How's My Avatar?" Thread

    in General Discussion on 09 May 2019

    COKTOE said: Jranation said: SEXY AND HOT!  Never knew a thread like this exist lol  Yeah. There was a similar avatar thread in 2016. It has a link to every avatar in site history in the op. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=220404&page=1 Oh wow, I never knew that existed on this site before. ...

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    Nintendo E3 2019 Plans Detailed - Nintendo Direct June 11th @9AM PT + Treehouse and Tournaments

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 May 2019

    Join Nintendo for #E32019 starting on 6/8 with the World Championships for #SmashBrosUltimate and #Splatoon2. Then, be sure to follow along during the days of the show to find out the latest news for upcoming games on #NintendoSwitch. Check out https://t.co/0lcDwkB4FE for more! pic.twitter.com/39UaqVaF4i — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) May 9, 2019 Nintendo has...

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    The Animal Crossing Switch Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 May 2019

    Boy I can't wait for Animal Crossing Switch, it's just such chill game you can sink so much time into. I imagine it would sell 10 million at least, even more would be phenomenal. What I would also like to see is the series expanding into more fully fledged spin-offs and perhaps other forms of media like a TV show/anime post release. ...

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    Predict how much Fire Emblem:Three Houses will ship in it's first quarter?

    in Sales Discussion on 05 May 2019

    Maybe around 1.5 million in it's first quarter and 2.5 million lifetime....

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