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    AngryLittleAlchemist If this site continues to not put an importance on actually thoughtful interactive game discussion,
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    Missss you! Since you're on RE now, tell Anita Sarkeesian I think she nailed it on the Colbert Report, and say hi to Kerotan.


    If this site continues to not put an importance on actually thoughtful interactive game discussion, then I will slowly phase out into a Resetera only user.

    That sucks that you're finding the site deteriorating to such a degree that you may leave. Don't know what to say, but if you do vanish, I'll drop you lines on PSN to keep in touch.

    on 28 September 2019

    I'm in the same boat. I don't enjoy visiting the site anymore because I can hardly find any constructive and worthwhile discussions.

    on 07 November 2019

    I'm prepared to be disappointed Friday. Happens every time.

    I quiver at the thought of playing Astral Chain

    So what's up? I've noticed you haven't been very active lately? Hope it's all good!

    Hey man. Sorry it took me a while to respond. That was rude of me! I have been going on the site less, but I still have gone on occasionally, and I should have responded then.

    Yeah, i'm on the site a lot less. But I'm also playing a decent amount. Really addicted to Mario Maker, my first Switch game to have 100 hours of playtime. Also kind of not doing good at "completing" games though, haha, need to get back to the singleplayer titles.

    What's up with you?

    on 22 July 2019

    No worries. I took a bit of a sabbatical for a few weeks too.

    As for what's up, I'm moving on Aug 1st. Nice new place.

    Trying to drink less. Ha. Doing good. Exercising more again.

    A friend I was at odds with died before there was any reconciliation.

    I bought EDF:Iron Rain. I might try to like it again later, but it's wildly inferior to EDF 5 IMO. Decent chance I fully bail on it. Playing Hotline Miami 2 currently. It's a really good game, but quite challenging. It makes me angry. Often.

    on 23 July 2019

    That's so sad about your friend. I'm sorry :( I can't imagine how that feels.

    I started on Fire Emblem Three Houses. It's pretty good so far. I wonder if you'd like it? Have you played Strategy RPGs before? I guess Disgaea counts.

    Nice to hear about your new place. The closest thing to an exciting new element of my life is that i'm starting college around late august, but being that I've become an introvert in the past few years, I can honestly say i'm not that excited, lol. Feels like i'm going just because I have to and I don't know what the fuck I want to do.

    I'm super excited for Astral Chain though, lol. Almost to an unreasonable degree. That's the new PlatinumGames Switch exclusive. Think the only game I've been more excited for was DMC5. I just really want more action games to play, lol.

    I've never played Hotline Miami. Very famous series though!

    on 31 July 2019

    Fire Emblem is still an all-time favorite series for me, even though I haven't played it since Gamecube. I even almost did full run on hard mode without a single character death. Had to abandon that goal to preserve my sanity. I'm a fan of JSRPGS in general. FF Tactics is another favorite. The original especially.

    Wishing you the best in college! I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer in regards to your feelings about it. You're probably settle in quickly, and if you end up being a bit of an lone wolf, so be it. I mean, it might be good to push yourself a bit on the social front though...... As long as you're making moves you're comfortable with. Just please don't do anything to compromise yourself, :)You're a bright guy,

    on 02 August 2019

    Thanks for the kind advice! We shall see, I hope you're right lol.

    Time to buy a Switch now??? Lol Jk Jk I know you're busy with your backlog.

    on 04 August 2019

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    Of the Highest Rated New Releases of 2019 Which is Your Favourite?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 December 2019

    Super Mario Maker 2 and Devil May Cry 5. One unleashed a love of level editing and 2D Mario I didn't know I had. The other is the best action game I've played since Bayonetta 2. ...

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    [Update] Tumor hasn't spread; radiation therapy underway

    in General Discussion on 23 December 2019

    Sorry to hear the update. Thoughts are with you Curl. Hope you get better. I'm rooting for the best. ...

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    Death Stranding Review Thread - MC: 82 / OC: 83 / GR: 83.17%

    in Sony Discussion on 01 November 2019

    John2290 said: Days Gone got a 71 MC, that was an almost great game. This must be a damn masterpiece. What was it that was said in the Days Gone thread? You can't win them all!  ...


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