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    Is PS3 Slim & price cut going to smash the Wii hope to reach 50% share?

    in Sales Discussion on 20 August 2009

    superchunk said:Depends.If Nintendo doesn't get a big jump in sales this holiday from new colors/new games/potentially a price cut, then yes, Wii may never reach 50%.Kinda sucks, but, as long as it is still comfortably outselling PS360 individually, no big deal. Nintendo doesn't need marketshare to make money. Marketshare is a much bigger worry for MS and Sony, who are both still...

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    Mark Rein continues to anger Nintendo fanboys

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 July 2009

    Epic's games are overrated crap anyway. ...

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    Jeff Gerstmann reviews The Conduit (40%)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 June 2009

    _RKO_ said: Shanobi said: RolStoppable said:LOL at that video. I didn't think it would be possible to suck that hard at a game. And yet, he does. I think he has blubber on the brain. So because he gave your new favorite game a low score, that gives you the right to make fun of him?   Grow up. The fact that he is fat and lazy gives them the...

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    Best E3 Conference Vote!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 June 2009

    Nintendo was plain vanilla, but a very high quality vanilla. Simple. Sweet.Microsoft gave us a little spice, but you end up thinking, "These are habaneros from Atlantis? I don't think habaneros grow there."Sony Bought a pie from a store, claimed they made it, then ate it all in front of us to destroy the evidence. It was a perfectly good pie, but nothing we haven't seen a thousand times. I think...

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    Best and Worst Parts of Microsoft's E3 Conference

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 June 2009

    EaglesEye379 said: kitler53 said:best: alan wake - pure awesome.worst: facebook/twitter. seriously - just put in a web browser already or is big plan to just piecemeal the internet onto the 360 a little bit each year and call it an accomplishment?!?laughable: natal. the way some 360 fanboys turned from making fun of the wii to championing the natal is just priceless. the only thing...

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    Nintendo is trying to do for games what Osamu Tezuka did for manga.

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 January 2009

    In my mind, Miyamoto is closest to Jim Henson. ...

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    Whats your favorite game everyone seems to hate?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 August 2008

    ET The Extra-Terrestrial....

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    What is the best laptop brand?

    in PC Discussion on 29 June 2008

    The most important quality in a laptop is durability. It isn't like a desktop where you can replace most of your parts if one goes bad.Historically the most reliable PC laptops have been ThinkPad and Toshiba. Dell is supposed to be OK too. I don't know about Asus.Avoid Compaq, HP, Gateway, and even Sony. Sonys have a lot of features, but they just don't hold up.This is based on a Consumer Reports...

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    Has anyone played Family Table Tennis from WiiWare?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 June 2008

    I have played it. The controls are good. A little better than Wii Tennis, because you don't mess around with spins that really don't work. There still is a problem with the backswing being picked up as a full swing at times (for example, if you swing back to execute a forehand the game can register an early backhand as you swing back), but it isn't a show stopper. The timing is good and after...

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    Is Nintendo driving a wedge in the core gaming community?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 June 2008

    It is ridiculous to think that Nintendo is splitting gamers apart. Before the DS and Wii were released Iwata constantly spoke of the stagnation of the industry in Japan and the phenomenons of the non-gamer and the lapsed gamer. He asked aloud, why weren't they playing?If there was a wedge driven in the video game industry, it happened years ago and favored the "core" gamer almost exclusively....

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    Where do you work at?

    in General Discussion on 17 February 2008

    I am a tutor, a temp, and a stand-up comic....

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    What Is Your Favourite Piece of Videogame Music

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 February 2008

    Lonely Rolling Star. - KatamariMetal Man Stage - Mega Man 2Sunny Day - Vib RibbonXpander - Wipeout 3...

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    Best game opening

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 January 2008

    I think that the greatest 2 openings were made by Namco. #1 Soul Edge #2 Katamari Damacy   ...

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    Who will win the Stanley Cup?

    in General Discussion on 06 January 2008

    It will be the New York Islanders. They will be the first team to win a seven-game series in only 2 games....

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    Do you think it is normal having firearms?

    in General Discussion on 04 January 2008

    Where I grew up, the public schools would get the first day of doe season off. Many kids hunted with their parents. ...

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    Can anyone tell me whats so great about the Wii?

    in Sales Discussion on 04 January 2008

    The controller might be nifty and the price relatively cheap, but if it wasn't for Wii Sports and the Mii Channel in tandem, the Wii would never have seen success like this. So yes, it is the games.Credit the DS too. It helped create a ton of Nintendo goodwill. ...

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    Obama wins Iowa

    in General Discussion on 04 January 2008

    Maybe it is his broad smile or his talk of compromise, but I can't believe Obama is really taking this seriously. I also wish he had been a leader in the senate the past 2 years. While you can question whether or not he will walk the walk, Edwards is the only one at least talking the talk. In 2004 I wanted angry. In 2008 I want angry. Edwards sounds angry--angry at Bush, angry at Iraq, angry at...

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    The Iowa Caucases: What do you think?

    in General Discussion on 02 January 2008

    Auron said: I predict that whoever wins, we are still screwed.  The only question is, do we get to take it in the ass, or will they be allowed to carve a new hole in the location of their choice. ...

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    The Iowa Caucases: What do you think?

    in General Discussion on 02 January 2008

    I support John Edwards. But like with Bradley in 2000 and Dean in 2004, I expect to be voting for someone else in November.I hope Edwards can pull off the upset. I know that talk is cheap for politicians, but he is the only one that seems to understand what is going on around him....

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    What is the first videogame you played in 2008?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 January 2008

    ESPN flash hockey game. It stunk....

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