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    Bethesda E3 Conference

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2019

    0D0 said: I'm thinking about trying out ESO. Don't know if i should get into it. I'm playing it my second time.   The first time I played on PS4 for 11 months.  3 months playing it like a single player game and 8 months doing the multi-player campaign.  I started from scratch May of last year on Xbox and have only been playing the game as a single player style to knock...

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    May NPD 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 10 June 2019

    Tagging in. ...

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    Bethesda E3 Conference

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2019

    vivster said: Next year will be better if they shut down Fallout 76, Blades and ESO by then. Though not to sound too negative I still got my so far highlight out of their show and that's Ghostwire. I hope they'll get that one done before TES6. I've been playing everyday for the past year, trying to get all the achievements, and ESO is always packed.  So much so that it...

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    Official Nintendo E3 2019 Thread!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 June 2019

    Taggi tag t tic ticket. ...

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    VGC Board Meeting: Post Your Thread Ideas

    in General Discussion on 04 June 2019

    I have occasionally thought about beginning a year long thread that begins each New Year thats a Dead Pool. Not the Super Hero. It's kind of morbid but at the beginning of each year we would all put in a list of 10 people that we think won't make it to the end of the year. I'm talking celebrities, actors, politicians, musicians, big youtubers, anybody famous. The old and ill would be worth the...

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    Official Xbox E3 2019 Thread

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 June 2019

    Official tag. ...

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    Will PS5 ever catch up to the Switch in lifetime sales?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2019


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    April NPD 2019 thread

    in Sales Discussion on 11 May 2019

    Tagging. ...

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    Sony: PS5 not due out before April 2020

    in Sony Discussion on 28 April 2019

    I was hoping for an earlier launch, new hardware always gets me amped....

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    What happened to the weekly software chartz?

    in Latest Charts on 27 April 2019

    I think they stopped until they can track digital sales....

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    How can we best improve VGChartz?

    in Website Topics on 23 April 2019

    super_etecoon said: Sometimes I think people wish for the golden age of VGC and don't realize that that time has come and gone, and it doesn't have to do with numbers, users, image, or console wars.VGC came into existence when we were still using MySpace, flip phones, and landlines. I spent hours and hours refreshing the front page. At that time I spent hours and hours in front of my PC....

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    Where did the site go

    in Website Topics on 02 April 2019

    Help your digestive health as you pay your taxes. ...

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    What is everyone's Internet speed like? (In relation to Google Stadia being announced...)

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2019


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    UPDATE: Toei Denies Rumors. RUMOR: Dragon Ball Super Returns July 2019.

    in General Discussion on 17 March 2019

    I thought it was going to be Dragon Ball Heroes based on the game. ...

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    Is something wrong with youtube I try signing in it briefly signs in then logs me out?

    in General Discussion on 28 February 2019

    dx11332sega said: are you having problems? Just checked.  It is happening to me as well.  ...

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    PS4/XBO/NS - 2017 vs. 2018: Final Results!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 07 February 2019

    PAOerfulone said: Just posted and adjusted the numbers for the PS4 comparison. I will follow up with the adjustments for the Xbox One, and then finally, the Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, I have a new poll posted. Would you guys be interested in a brand new thread with a 2018 vs. 2019 comparison for all 3 systems? Absolutely....

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    Xbox Empire - Double Fine Joins XGS | Gears 5 Launches September 10th | Ori and the WotW Launches February 11th | Bleeding Edge Announced | Flight Simulator Announced |

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 February 2019

    Barozi said: Damn, big news for classic WRPG lovers. Baldur’s Gate Baldur’s Gate ll Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Icewind Dale Planescape: Torment Neverwinter Nights will be ported to consoles this year! All of them will be available digitally and...

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    Dragonball Project Z (Action RPG) Announcement Trailer [PS4, XBO, Steam]

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2019

    "Well, I'm like a turtle and you're part fish, so what do you say you and me go inside and learn more about our species."...

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    December NPD 2018 thread

    in Sales Discussion on 20 January 2019


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    Xbox One demand will surpass supply (Poll included)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 January 2019

    The excitement I had for new powerful hardware apparently wasn't shared. PubG did well on the console, but I'm not sure how close it got to the 10 million. The 4K points I made had little to no impact on sales. Sales jumped for a little bit, but overall sales remained the same for 2018 that were shown in 2017. I was clearly wrong about closing the gap in the US sales against PS4. This I...

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