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< Euphoria14 updated his status:

Nintendo is the best, Indie devs suck and 3rd party devs are biased. Amiright?

< Squeezol posted something on Euphoria14's wall:

Ohh, Brave Frontier.. Damn that game for not giving me any Dark units. I'm pretty much stuck. :P

Wait a second... we have a mobile gamer here? Wait a second, is this gamer also a Brave Frontier player?

There is a god!

on 29 June 2014

I'm sort of a mobile gamer? I play Clash of Clans and Boom Beach too! :P (I used to play Hay Day) I play the Sonic ports as well.

on 29 June 2014

Anyways, do you still play? I am currently level 104 and I still have trouble getting Dark totems so I can evolve my dark units...

They really need to implement the Dark/Light Totem dungeon like they do in Japan.

Been playing for about 6 months now. I love it, especially since their vortex events give units good enough for F2P gamers. Serin for example (The blue one in my sig). I still use her all the time as she is seriously strong right now and with great hit count and stats.

on 29 June 2014

If you want to get more into the game and want a great community, go here:

on 29 June 2014

Add me by the way. My 6-star maxed out units will help you out big time.

ID#: 89589649

on 29 June 2014

I'm only Level 26. I wish these kind of games were premium.. I'm sick of having to wait for Metal God parades etc. I'd rather pay for the game once.

on 29 June 2014

Also, your code doesn't seem to work properly.. I have the Europe BF, and I know there are some differences between regions, so maybe I can't even add you.

on 29 June 2014

Oh man, the Europe version is so far behind.

I play on Global.

on 29 June 2014

You are still early. You should try to switch to Global. We have events, tournaments, etc... all the time. Plus they have tons of exclusive units that are just awesome for F2P users.

on 29 June 2014

Ehehehh.. How do I do this? :P

on 29 June 2014

Android or iOS?

on 29 June 2014

If you are using Android just google BF Global APK. Download it with your phone and install.

on 29 June 2014

Just be sure to check off "Allow 3rd party install" in your settings.

on 29 June 2014

Oh, that's simple enough. I'll get to it in an hour or so.

on 29 June 2014

< Anfebious posted something on Euphoria14's wall:

I remember you requested a ban a long time ago. You wanted to take some "time off" this site. Am I remembering wrong?

I did take time off, but I never requested a ban.

on 24 June 2014

Hmm, my mistake then!

on 24 June 2014

No problem. :)

on 24 June 2014

< Xen posted something on Euphoria14's wall:

What is that in your siggy?

Brave Frontier for iOS/Android

on 18 June 2014

< Euphoria14 updated his status:

Ughh... almost 5+ months later and I am still hooked on Brave Frontier. -_-

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The Last of Us Remastered REVIEW THREAD, IGN / Gameinformer 10!!!!

in Gaming Discussion 12 hours ago

amak11 said: I think a good question would be is "what was the scores gamerinformer, IGN and gave the PS3 version and what warrants a perfect 10? I don't believe The Last of Us is a 10, 8-9 seems right for the game 10/10 IGN:...

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Digital Foundry The Last of Us PS3 vs PS4

in Gaming Discussion 12 hours ago

vivster said: walsufnir said: vivster said:Wow. Looks atrocious. Who are they trying to bullshit that they updated the textures? Looks as blurry as the PS3 version. Not even close to the best looking PS4 games. There are things that I just don't understand - for example take this picture (from dualshockers, surprised they released this pic...) What the hell went wrong...

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First World problems vs. third world problems

in Politics Discussion 2 days ago

#1.) Have to wash dishes because my sink is half full and I don't have a dish washer. #2.) Have to wait until 5pm EST to play Destiny so I can get my exclusive Beta item. #3.) Daughter wants to hijack my laptop so she can watch Youtube videos about toys. #4.) Damn batteries in my TV remote died. #5.) Forgot to cancel my Music Unlimited free trial and just got hit with a $9.99 charge. #6.) My...


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