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    Uk has adopted Black Friday!

    in Sales Discussion on 28 November 2014

    Its been here in the UK for some time in an online capacity. The media aren't the brightest of animals so it takes a while for them to catch on. Bit like the Internet and the World Wide Web. Around since 1992 but only reported in the National papers around 1996. It takes em a while, bless ! ...

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    What's Your View On Communism?

    in Politics Discussion on 31 July 2014

    I remember being told many years ago. Capitalism succeeds while Communism fails for the same reason. Human Greed ...

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    Which is your favourite Open-World Sandbox game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 June 2014

    Elite. No question, nothing else ever came close....

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    Question regarding Xbox 1

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 June 2014

    Guys how is the Xbox at dealing with European TV, specifically the UK Does it integrate well with all services or is it essentially a straight pass through experience ? Does the TV guide get imported to the Xbox1 and is it searchable ?  Are there any other integrated TV services like in the States ?...

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    PlayStation 2 - Best Console Ever Released!

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 June 2014

    Still remember the Atari 2600 with great fondness. The first and still the best in my eyes. Blazed the trail for all future generations....

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    WatchDogs - Am I being really dumb OR

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 June 2014

    Does the WatchDogs Universe really provide you with the worlds only Smart phone without a clock ?????? Seriously Ubisoft !!!!...

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    Pachter goes berserk. Insults questioner. "scumbag" "Idiot" "bastard"

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2014

    I agree the question was a dumb one BUT I use ad block. NOT because I am a Scumbag lowlife etc I use it because many of these ad infested sites cripple my PC rendering the site unusable if its not enabled. What was wrong with the old fashioned static banner adds ? Even a supercomputer would struggle to render some modern sites....

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    Name the big game franchises that were released in your year of birth!

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2014

    1973 PONG (It was a slow year)...

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    so much negativity... i think it's a good move from microsoft.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 May 2014

    I think some of it has to do with their inability to admit wrong doing. The video which accompanies the decision is a bit like "Oh yeah, we always planed to do this coz we get gamers and by the way the Kinect vision is totally uncompromised. We just like choice" When i think most people would have preferred "We completely mis read the market and our hand has been forced" That said an...

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    Is the Titanfall review embargo a bad sign?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 March 2014

    I think people are expecting too much. I think 7/10. Anything higher then that is a really solid score...

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    Gravity Deserved Best Picture at the Oscars!

    in Movies Discussion on 03 March 2014

    America is still furiously wringing its hands as the last supposedly advanced society to realise that Slavery and Discrimination are not acceptable. Probably the safest bet in the world that 12 years would be recognised as best picture...

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    What would get you to buy the Wii U as is?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 February 2014

    Price drop plus a top rated Zelda game + a Metroid game Big Price drop...

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    Your top ten games for your favorite system

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 February 2014

    ZX Spectrum 1. Manic Miner 2. Alien 8 3. Head Over Heels 4. Atic Atac 5. Kokotomi Wilf 6. Star Quake 7. Jet Set Willy 8. Elite 9. JetPac 10. Skooldaze...

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    Sony: PS4 in limited supply until April

    in Sony Discussion on 21 February 2014

    Had sporadic supply in NW London. Now sold out. If this doesn't run out of steam could we see an early X Box One price cut to 399 bucks to try and stem the tide ?...

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    what is the most glitchy/buggy game u ever played?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 February 2014

    frontier first encounters...

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    PlayStation 4 sales still screaming, Sony says PS4 ‘generally sold out at all retailers’

    in Sony Discussion on 11 February 2014

    London UK Xbox One stock seemingly plentiful PS4 in and out of stock on a daily basis for bundles. Console only far far harder to secure...

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    Sony May Gross About $100 Per Console, Teardown Shows

    in Sony Discussion on 16 November 2013

    Does the teardown include Dualshock cost Packaging Shipping I also note that the 100$ gross appears dependent on the Retail price not the wholesale price. Possibly breaking even but more likely modest loss per console...

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    Now that next gen is here, diminishing returns is a real problem

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 October 2013

    Nothing to worry about here. AC4 is not a next gen title Its a current gen title running on next gen hardware with a few bells and whistles tuned up. ...

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    Saints Row inching closer to GTA in quality? - SRIV = 86 on Metacritic!

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2013

    I thought Saints Row was great. I thought SR2 was amazing. However SR3 was the biggest let down Ive ever played. The storyline was a total and utter mess. May give SR4 a chance when its in the bargain bucket...

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    How do you feel about each of the next gen systems?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2013

    PS4 - My console of choice for Next Gen. Sweet price point and Hardware. WiiU - Arrghh Nintendo no ! Not happy about this. I love Nintendo but this is a massive mis step IMHO. Xbox One - Broken in Europe, so wont be purchasing. Kin expensive to boot....

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