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    3DS XL was only $60!!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 November 2014

    Not avalible to buy online, and can't find it in stores on the East Coast....

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    Can I buy a second MK8 for a free DL game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 July 2014

    Just make a second account and register the game there. It's not tied to the console so it doesn't matter. Used my friends that way!...

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    Anyone Here Live Near Nintendo World Store In NYC?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 May 2014

    I work in the city and am contemplating going. Thing is, I've been to these Nintendo events before and they're pretty dreadful. Even if you get there an hour ahead of time and get a good spot in line, it could take up to an hour and a half to finally get up to the counter to pay. So if I arrive at 7PM, I might not get out till 9 30- then I gotta take the train home, and then work the next day....

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    My girlfriend's art teacher said video games are not art. Do you agree?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 February 2014

    Which college? I went to SVA. Anyway, I had teachers before that didn't want to believe that certain mediums were considered art (comics, for example,) and all you can do is laugh it off. They think certain things, like video games, taint the word. They want to make it so art is only what they believe, which is totally anti-art. Sure, not all games are art- most of them aren't, actually-...

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    No Nintendo Direct This Month? <(T_T<)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 December 2013

    http://gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=219002 Somebody post an article about this, cause I gotta go to work....

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    so who's getting Pikmin 3?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 June 2013

    Definitely. Mark my words, the game is going to get 90s+ reviews. I feel like Miyamoto hasn't cared this much about a game in years....

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    Is the last of us a system seller?

    in Sony Discussion on 23 June 2013

    I'm actually surprised at all the yeses. If the game came out 6 years ago, definitely, it would be. But it came out at a time when most everyone who is ever going to own a PS3 already has one. I can't see the game boosting the sales of the system to a minor extent outside of the first week....

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    AC Wild World vs AC New Leaf Thread! AC NL Leads With Over 237k Against AC WW First Week (US)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 June 2013

    It supposedly sold more than 200k physical only, so not even counting digital sales. ...

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    What is the most expensive used game from the last generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 June 2013

    I came here to say Xenoblade lol. It goes for even higher on ebay. Are you considering like limited edition bundles too? Those are probably the highest priced games. There are some old DS games that are upward of $60 used....

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    Nintendo: We need to develop games 'quickly', we're 'too careful

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 June 2013

    They just need to hire more companies to make more games. I don't care about speed, but I care about frequency- I wouldn't of given one care in the world if I had 5 Wii U games to Play before Pikmin 3's August release, but I had 0....

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    Microsoft to Pull Complete Reversal on Xbox One DRM Policies..

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013

    Bonafide732 said: iceland said:Xbox can never win all I see now is "If they can take it out they can put it back in!!!" and "too little too late". I have a feeling most of these people were never interested to begin with. Ill agree with that/ alot of people were never interested in buying it in the 1st place And the people saying "now I'll buy one!" were likely to be...

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    Microsoft to Pull Complete Reversal on Xbox One DRM Policies..

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013

    Why are people congratulating Microsofting for "admitting their mistake?" Why are you guys saying that it was noble of them to do that? They don't give one crap about their mistake, they care about your money- they changed their policies so they can take more of your money, it has NOTHING to do with being noble. ...

    Write 12

    Xbox One will NOT Feature.....a Power Button?!?!?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 June 2013

    That has to be fake, considering they said you could turn off the voice commands....

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    Aldro - The Last of Us REVIEW (Spoiler FREE)

    in Sony Discussion on 14 June 2013

    All I saw was "the game isn't perfect" and then "11/10." I don't enjoy how people rate games on hype only....

    Write 72

    So about Wii U sales this christmas

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 June 2013

    Yeah, 2 big titles with some smaller ones like Pikmin 3 and wonderful 101 are going to give the console a huge boost....

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    Would it have been better if Nintendo had a conference?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2013

    Yeah, the streams were more than horrible. I hope they learned a lesson from this all.   And they had more than an hour of footage- and for whatever reason, they chose not to show it. New trailers for Mario and Luigi RPG4, LttP2 and others are popping up now......

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    Square Enix: Long Development Periods are “Dishonest” – and Unprofitable

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 May 2013

    It's cool that they realized that, so maybe we'll finally get some info on FF Versus 13, FF15, and Kingdom Hearts 3. Wait, let's not forget, they are still Square Enix. ...

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    Rumor: Retail sources detail how pre-owned sales will work on Xbox One

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 May 2013

    I'm sorry but how is this genius? It absolutely sucks for people who want to sell games by other means than a GameStop. Everyone knows that the money they give you is an absolute joke. So now I, the consumer, has to accept and suffer these prices? If I have a game I no longer want that would be worth $20 on ebay, I now have to accept $1.50 from Gamestop instead? ...

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    One Piece Romance Dawn being ported to 3DS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 May 2013

    Seems like it should of been on it to begin with....

    Write 35

    Project X Zone demo is up!!!! First impressions.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 May 2013

    It's not up for me? :(...

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