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    We live in a world where Nintendo gets better support from Microsoft than EA

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 June 2019

    People need to stop and think before bashing on EA (I know it's fun guys, and in most cases they deserve it) Porting EA's biggest franchises into a Switch would require much more resources and money than porting a game like Minecraft, that can run on a toaster. ...

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    Tales of Arise Officially announced! New beginning for the Tales series

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2019

    After hearing that they chose Yusuke Tomizawa to lead the team, I'm almost certain it's going to be another mediocre Tales game. It's going to be like Jump Force, where the game looks pretty, but pretty much every aspect of the game comes short. But hey, I hope I'm wrong. I don't mind throwing more money at good games. ...

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    Stadia is Everything Money Grubbing "AAA" Publishers Could Ever Ask For

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2019

    If Google decided to continue with their Google Fiber Program, this would be a good buy. But considering that IP's like Comcast still exist with their cuckery of bandwidth caps, I'd probably have more time enjoying playing with my toaster than the 12 minutes I can stream a game....

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    I barely play my switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 March 2019

    I haven't touched my Switch in about 3 months, Super Smash was a pretty let down for me, and before Super Smash, I barely touched my Switch for a year. When Fire Emblem comes out though, I'm not letting my switch rest. ...

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    Why bother buying consoles next gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2019

    COKTOE said: With Sony pathetically continuing down the path of censorship, the likelihood of me going PC next gen increases. What's happened with Devil May Cry 5 on PS4 is grotesque. I don't even own it. The very idea though. The only hangup will be selling my account, which I really don't know much about, or even if it's doable tbh. Sony keeps saying they'll censor games, but I...

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    Capcom Says They Might Consider Porting Devil May Cry 5 to Switch if Dragon's Dogma Sells Well

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 March 2019

    This is a losing battle from the start Dragon's Dogma has been out for 7 years, and it's been on pretty much every major platform. They're pulling a Ubisoft with Watchdogs. "we'll support the Wii U only if this game, that doesn't have it's DLC and it's been out on every major console out there for a year now, sells really well." ...

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    LABO VR Kit - Video Overview released

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2019

    HylianSwordsman said: Liquid_faction said: No I don't have proof, but obviously if you're going to spend money on one thing, you'll have less for other projects. And of course I'm bashing them for it, Labo was a cute little project that flopped, it has little value (unless you like paying $100 for some cardboard and mini-games).   I mean Labo is approaching 2...

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    LABO VR Kit - Video Overview released

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2019

    Nuvendil said: Liquid_faction said: I see, instead on investing on more IP's, they decided to keep pushing with this cardboard nonsense........ They literally opened E3 2018 with a new IP, revived Marvel Ultimate Alliance at the game awards, and announced another new IP last month.  Nintendo is invested heavily in a wide range of IPs stretching across numerous...

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    LABO VR Kit - Video Overview released

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2019

    SpokenTruth said: Liquid_faction said: I see, instead on investing on more IP's, they decided to keep pushing with this cardboard nonsense........ So you have proof that money they were going to use on investing in more IPs as redirected for this project instead?  Or are you just mad and want to come up with something to bash them for? No I don't have proof, but...

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    LABO VR Kit - Video Overview released

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2019

    I see, instead on investing on more IP's, they decided to keep pushing with this cardboard nonsense...........

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    Dead or Alive 6 has a $93 Season Pass

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 March 2019

    A man will go the distance for his anime titties. ...

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    New Fallout announcement apparently coming soon for PC, PS4, XB1

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2019

    Fallout 76 GOTY Edition, calling it now....

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    Would you kill baby Hitler?

    in Politics Discussion on 20 January 2019

    No, like it or not WWII gave us brilliant inventions. Computers, Jets, life saving penicillin. It brought us to the nuclear age. As much as it was a horrible time, there's a high chance we'd still be living like the early 1960's-1970's if WWII didn't boost up our technology. I don't think I can kill baby Hitler if it meant killing 70 years of progress....

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    Game protagonist's who's Character you played whilst wishing all the while you could beat them with a big stick

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 January 2019

    9S from Nier: Automata. I bought that game so I can play as waifu A2, but then i got cockblocked by 9S. Not to mention that during 9S final boss fight transitioning into A2, it glitched, making the boss unkillable. 4 hours of playtime was lost, so I had to continue playing as him for another 4-5 hours just to get to best girl. 2 years have passed, and I still can't finish Nier: Automata because...

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    Are you getting Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 December 2018

    I might not even touch the game on any platform thanks to that stupid trailer....

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    What is the Dumbest Reason You Ever Bought a Game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 November 2018

    I bought Asterisk War Phoenix Festa on the PS Vita because we had just moved, and none of our stuff was going to arrive until another two weeks. Internet also won't be installed for another week, so I thought the game could keep me company. Oh boy was I wrong..... game's barely 2 hours long. Should have bought food with that $40....

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    Just had an embarrassing moment.

    in General Discussion on 26 October 2018

    Your store puts condoms in an anti-theft case? Must be crazy over there where you live....

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    Help cant connect online games but I'm connected to PSN

    in Sony Discussion on 16 October 2018

    All of PSN was having issues an hour or two ago, I could connect to one game, but couldn't to another. Couldn't connect to PSN store as well. Right now, there's still some issue according to PSN Network Service Status....

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    Black Ops 4 is the Highest Reviewed Call of Duty Since MW3.

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 October 2018

    Well, after 4 entries of trash, and Infinite Warfare, you can only go up from then....

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    Only 1.33% of steam users play in 4k

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 October 2018

    Megiddo said: If anything posting this survey just shows little OP (and the folks over at ResetEra) understands about basic PC terminology. Primary Display Resolution is your Windows Display resolution. There is a reason why not many people have their Windows display at 4k. I'll show it in a picture. There. See that lovely Windows 10 (I hate it, 7 for lyfe) GUI on a 4k resolution? Can...

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