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    Why did Jesus Christ sacrifice his self for you?

    in General Discussion on 02 March 2019 by Immersiveunreality

    potato_hamster said: Anyone who still believes there is a god out there who loves you and cares about you hasn't seen a loved one in the final stages of cancer like I just watched my mother endure and lose her life to. Her funeral is in two days, in a church, so I'll have to endure all of the praising and glorifying of an apparent loving god who ripped the life of one their supposed...

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    Sony is losing playstation console exclusives left and right this 2018.

    in Sony Discussion on 04 September 2018 by method114

    estebxx said: Great thread Ive seen it happening and it doesnt seem like it will stop. I think persona 5 is next. EDIT: Let me give more context to my post. Im sure OP is likely talking about (or at least mostly about) all the "niche" japanese exclusives that Sony used to have, which indeed alone they dont push many units but the combined forces of all of them should not be...

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    Fake news: shooting survivor tries to frame CNN

    in Politics Discussion on 04 March 2018 by JustcallmeRiff

    This is Trump 101 lie while accusing other people's of lying. The sad thing is most Fox viewers never saw  the retraction or didn't care about it. Trump will never retract or correct his statements about it....

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    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Mayweather won!

    in Sports Discussion on 28 August 2017 by Azzanation

    I should have put money on Mayweather. I knew he would kick his ass....

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    Are people inherently evil?

    in General Discussion on 04 August 2017 by Dark_Lord_2008

    Evil men being elected as leaders of nations around the world including the notorious Donald Trump. Trump is a terrible role model leader running the most powerful nation in the world. The future looks very bleak under Trump's reign of tyranny. Trump has a notorious reputation of evil deeds and actions. Trump's endless rants on social media portray him as an evil megalomaniac. Hopefully when...

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    In my opinion Xbox one X will be a good thing for sony

    in Sony Discussion on 03 August 2017 by DonFerrari

    ArchangelMadzz said: History shows a $400 PS4 has no problem going up against a $500 Xbox One.. I see what you did here...

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    Are you Married, dating, single or...other?

    in General Discussion on 03 August 2017 by Kamal

    Been single for nearly a now from a committed relationship and finally to enjoy the freedom/flexibility of being single :)...

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    Do You Accept Evolution as a Fact?

    in General Discussion on 24 July 2017 by WolfpackN64

    Nem said: craighopkins said: Jesus is the Truth the way and the Life. Jesus knocks you just have to open your hearts to him. Too much evil in the world to live without him Well... i really wish i sprouted wings so i could fly and the world would be so much nicer. Yet... it's very unlikely that will happen. What you say though, is the exact reason why religion worked so well....

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    Yes, I give up, Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing.

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 June 2017 by squibbfire

    i think you are exactly right...

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    Colin Moriarty is back

    in General Discussion on 02 April 2017 by WolfpackN64

    Aura7541 said: Remember when I said that the term was coined by a Muslim and you said you didn't care? Perhaps you should read the second paragraph of the same page. WolfpackN64 said: That is ideal in an early stage of capitalism, but capitalism inevitably leads to monopoly and concentration of wealth, in which case your meritocracy has largely ceased to exist. Which type...

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    News Outlets Dissatisfied With Trump Administration Banned From Press Briefing

    in Politics Discussion on 26 February 2017 by JWeinCom

    Mr Puggsly said: JWeinCom said: So far, school choice hasn't done those things.   School choice, in the form of charter schools, has been rife with abuse.  The oversight has simply not been there, and competition hasn't done anything to help.  Competition between schools, whether public, charter, or private, has mostly served as motivation to fudge numbers and to...

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    Nintendo Switch Will Not Support a Web Browser at launch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 February 2017 by TomaTito

    The NX leak has shown support for web applet "to display specific websites within their game/app". No worries guys, you can still connect to public wifi. Still no Netflix :-P...

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    Discuss: Harsher rules on non-gaming threads

    in Website Topics on 31 January 2017 by Zkuq

    ClassicGamingWizzz said: The other day a dude was " hail Hitler " " hail my fuhrer trump" , got banned for like a couple hours, a dude who more than once made racist comments, he was not joking. In neogaf he would be permabanned probably. If we're talking about the same person, I think he was banned for a few days, and he admitted to joking. Perhaps it's a different person then?...

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    PS4: Horizon Zero Dawn Has Gone Gold

    in Sony Discussion on 31 January 2017 by JustcallmeRiff

    Great! now they can focus on what I'm hearing is a Co-op Arena dlc...

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    Trump winning is to be blamed only on the left

    in Politics Discussion on 29 January 2017 by UnderstatedCornHole

    The left would blame anyone, never happy with anything even when they get their way as they have been for years. That's why they are all moving to the "progressive" ideology. "progressive" sounds great, sounds positive. What it really means is "we are never fucking happy with anything" and look to "progress" and disregard and refuse to compromise with those that disagree with us. It's...

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    PS4: : The Lost Legacy ‘Tonally Different’ To Uncharted 4

    in Sony Discussion on 23 January 2017 by TheBlackNaruto

    Another buy for me.......perfect lol...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2017 by superchunk

    Own as soon as it launches: Nintendo Switch Currently Own: WiiU Xbox One PC Have Owned:Atari 2600 NES SNES N64 NGC Wii Gameboy NDSLite PS3 ...

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    Sony Innovation and Power in one

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2017 by dahuman

    Consoles don't have innovation these days, well, Nintendo has some but Sony and MS have shit for innovation this gen, or last gen, or the gen before that. It's been a power race for awhile now. VR is NOT an innovation, they basically just took PC tech and made it shittier and cheaper. I haven't seen much in software innovation with SONY either, only recent ones are Gravity Rush 1+2, rest are...

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    Is Sony throwing a punch at Microsoft over the Scalebound cancellation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 January 2017 by Wright

    Bandorr said: And maybe it is a reference to Drakkengard which has dragons - and is what nier spinning off of. Yeah, but it's weird you'd say "Dragons" in plural. According to Nier lore, only one dragon was ever present in our (Nier's) world, the one you ride in Drakengard, in which you're riding while also fighting the final boss after swapping dimensions so that Drakengard's...

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    "We live in a post-factual world."

    in Politics Discussion on 04 January 2017 by thepurplewalrus

    Ka-pi96 said: RolStoppable said: Take a sports team that suffered a brutal loss. When the coach or players get interviewed and asked the simple question "Why did you lose today?", the ensuing answer is commonly as blunt as "We seriously sucked butt and we did not deserve any better for this poor showing." Which sports have you been watching because that`s far from the case...

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