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    EA: The Wii is a legacy now

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 March 2011

    NYANKS said: Galaki said: z101 said: EA know whats going on ... oh isn't EA the publisher who make big losses in the last years and fired over 1000 employes. It's the American way. Top execs never make mistakes. No, it's the way of bad business.  Apple seems to be okay.  Berkshire Hathaway and Johnson and Johnson seem to be fine.  Activision just doesn't do...

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    7th Gen and "The Daddy"

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 March 2011

    I stopped reading after "bundled titles will be included". That just makes it pointless IMO. ...

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    Next generation predictions.

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 March 2011

    I think the Wii 2 will sell amazingly well for the first 6 months or so (on hype alone) but after that it depends on the quality of games the system has and what kind of media attention it is getting. The PS4 should crush the PS3 in sales because I'm expecting the PS4 to be $299 at the most, just like the PS1 and PS2. And hopefully the PS4 will be BC with the PS3 which will help PS3 software...

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    Homefront has the best multiplayer I've played since COD4.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 March 2011

    I haven't played it yet (my box is currently in repair) but by the sound of it its really good. I'm looking forward to dedicated servers and the Battlepoints system. About time a game rewarded players for playing the damn objective and not just for kills. The only way I see Call of Duty returning to its former glory i.e. Call of Duty 4, is if they get dedicated servers and do some sort of...

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    will gt5 reach 7 million before 2012

    in Sales Discussion on 16 March 2011

    1 million sales in the remaining ~40 weeks of the year is only like 25k per week. It'll easily do that especially with the holiday boost....

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    Sony's subpoena to obtain information on George's Hotz's PayPal account

    in Sony Discussion on 16 March 2011

    LivingMetal said: Galaki said: If you're in California and donated to Geohot, Sony now has your info. source This guy needs to shave.  If anyone donates aything, donate this: Shick sucks. Gillette is wayyy better. ...

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    What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

    in General Discussion on 16 March 2011

    Smoke and/or drink...

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    How Did You Choose Your Vgchartz Name?

    in General Discussion on 15 March 2011

    I'm the bad guy from Rush Hour 2...

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    A hardcore PS3 supporter bashes on Nintendo!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 March 2011

    He's like 30, wearing sunglasses, and ranting about a video game company. Can't really respect/take this guy seriously.  I'm neither agreeing nor disagreeing with what he says though....

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    Review scores should changed to an 1-2-3 system

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 March 2011

    I like it best with ratings of 1-10 in increments of 0.5 I think they just need to change HOW they review games, as opposed to changing the scale. People call a game a flop if its highly hyped and gets under a 9, and that's not really fair. ...

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    Jaffe: Xbox 720, PS4 Will Mark The Last Console Cycle

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 March 2011

    Physical disks might die in favour of Digital Download, but no way do home consoles die. Handhelds WILL NOT replace home consoles. ...

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    So, have YOU donated to the Japanese relief effort yet?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 March 2011

    Nah I probably won't donate to Japan. I wish Japan the best but there's other causes out there that I have higher in my priorities. ...

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    Stuck on an island...

    in General Discussion on 15 March 2011

    A solar powered flashlight. ...

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    VGC Official L.A. NOIRE Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 March 2011

    Hell yeah! Looks like an awesome game!...

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