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    GTAIV Owns Mario Kart Wii

    in Sales Discussion on 12 May 2008

    twesterm said: Dodece said:   Your arguments to the effect that are not the same genre are ridiculous. Mario Kart has no proper genre. How many Kart racers do you actually see annually for all platforms. You just want the game to be permanently safe from comparison. Mario Kart is a hybrid or racing, and third person shooter. Grand Theft Auto shockingly is about racing around and shooting...

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    CNET - "Why the 360 will Win!!" - Microsoft PR Working Overtime???

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 May 2008

     RPGJock said: You can say that about the whole Wii/Nintendo business model. While Sony and Microsoft are waving their collective penises at each other, Nintendo's K.I.S.S. strategy for the masses have garned them the "powerhouse title" of this generation. No graphics, online features, price drops, blockbusters games, or PR is going to change that. Its called popularity...

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    Some Korean Numbers

    in Sales Discussion on 09 May 2008

    BCNR34 said: wtf@360 numbers, koreans buying american products? does not compute. Maybe you're thinking about the wrong Korea....

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    Quaz51: Haze only 576p

    in Sony Discussion on 07 May 2008

    nordlead said: You can render a 1x1 texture in 1080p, but that doesn't take up all that much space. The information needed to render at high resolutions is rather small.The textures themselves are just images. You know how you take a picture with a camera and it takes ~4MB, Well, I can render that picture at whatever resolution I want (it may not turn out so great) but it still takes ~4MB. The...

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    Kojima Disappointed With Metal Gear Solid 4

    in Sony Discussion on 18 April 2008

    TheBigFatJ said: ChronotriggerJM said: @BigJ, I'm not programmer, thats for damn sure, but I've heard and read so many things about both processors, and from what I've seen of insomniacs work, the PS3 still has PLENTY of headway. I don't know much about the general purpose uses for gaming, but when I hear people dumping graphics, physics, A.I., framerate, etc etc onto the SPE's, it seems to me...

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    Shooters and RPG's are amongst the most popular genres of games on consoles

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2008

    MontanaHatchet said: "Amongst?"You need to be a bit more specific than that.Frankly, the 2 most popular genres are RPGs and Platformers, followed closely by Simulation. That statement is wildly inaccurate. I assume by 'simulation' you are referring to games like The Sims, in which case I would I have some difficulty in naming a single one that has been popular outside of the...

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    How many of you actually ever owned an Atari?

    in General Discussion on 30 March 2008

    @ radioioRobertThe game you are thinking about is probably Outlaw, although Gunfight was pretty much the same if I remember correctly.Enduro on the 2600 is one of my all time favourite racing games. Racing in the fog at night was a real test of the player's reactions. I'm going to have to disagree with people that have fond memories of Pitfall though. It was one of the most popular games on the...

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    What is your stance on hardcore pornography?

    in General Discussion on 01 March 2008

    I always assume the power stance....

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    Why I hate PS3

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2008

    He can't be banned. How can you silence the kind of wit that could come up with the "Bullshit3"?He may be the next Oscar Wilde....

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    The official January NPD Thread

    in Sales Discussion on 15 February 2008

    You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! No truth handler, you. Bah! I deride your truth handling abilities!...

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    Lol my ex sluts new bf threatening me

    in General Discussion on 11 February 2008

    I don't know you or your ex-girlfriend, and I don't know anything about you, but by the way you are whining and calling your ex a slut, it does make me wonder who the tosser really is in this situation.She obviously hurt you, but appealing to people on a videogame forum to help justify your thoughts of revenge is seriously not cool. The only people that really know what went on between you are...

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    Donít vote for Hillary Clinton

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2008

    @ mesotetoNot funny. You should ask yourself why that kind of right wing propaganda doesn't address policy issues to elicit it's "humour"....

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    Sixaxis Motion sensing support failed to impress.

    in Sony Discussion on 10 February 2008

    stephen700 said:Am So glad that Sony made a loss when i bought My 60Gig PS3 - they wont be getting it back from me untill i see an FPS game with motion pointing if ever that happens. Till then my PS3 is just a DVD/Blu-ray player. Why the hell would you want that? Personally, I think the IR pointing of the wiimote is a big enough step down from a lightgun or mouse. Although I've never actually...

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    Jaffe vs Miyamoto!

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 February 2008

    Sqrl said:In truth there is nothing to see here. Its pretty much par for the course on both counts, Miyamoto says something deep yet cryptic and Jaffe gives a chuckle and lashes out. Really I don't care if they become pen pals or butt buddies, so long as they both keep making games for me to play Deep yet cryptic? What he actually said was "Why put guns on cars? Don't cars crash into each...

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    My SMG prediction is looking grim...

    in Sales Discussion on 24 January 2008

    Mummelmann said: It seems I have grossly underestimated the legs of SMG, hat's off and congrats on a new hit Mario game! It will reach more than 7 million lt, perhaps closer to 10. Anyone else wanna fess up while we're at it? I knocked a kid off his bike once, and drove off without calling for an ambulance....

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    Spam Warning

    in Website Topics on 21 January 2008

    DKII said: The spam is getting out of control. If I see one more thread full of nothing but three- or four-letter responses ranging from QFT to WTF to LOL to ROFL, everyone posting such nonsense is getting a one-week ban. If you can't post anything and contribute to a thread, then don't post at all. This is a blanket warning for the entire userbase.PM me anything that is particularly stupid or...

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    Absolutely Terrifying!!! WARNING *Do Not Watch If You Are Scared Easily*

    in General Discussion on 21 January 2008

    Ha ha. That was really terrible.The kids just aren't putting enough effort into their hoaxes these days. A door opening and closing? That's just poor. Get creative, people!...

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    GTAIV is the most overhyped game ever!

    in Sony Discussion on 20 January 2008

    It will probably be the best game ever, so I'm not sure it can be overhyped....

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    Where do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will go?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2008

    dtewi said: Wiimote Motion- Keyblade (1:1 action would be freaking awesome)D-Pad- Move Through Action BarB Button- Select ActionA Button- Jump/Glide/Miscallaneous AbilitiesZ Button- Guard/Attack Abilities (horizontal slash) /Miscallaneous AbilitiesC Button- Center CameraC+ D-Pad- Manouver Camera1 Button- New Ability or Move such as a reaction command or a special attack2 Button- Same as 1...

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    in General Discussion on 14 January 2008

    Unfortunately, circumcision does make all the difference, as the foreskin is designed to help increase stimulation (that's why condoms are ribbed).It makes your dick look bigger when it's not erect though, so I guess it's swings and roundabouts......

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