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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion 2 hours ago by Oneeee-Chan!!!


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    Cross-play on PlayStation 4 is now available for all developers to use in their games

    in Sony Discussion 8 hours ago by DonFerrari

    Cerebralbore101 said: @LudicrousSpeed I'll get to your post on monday.  Azzanation said: Comparing Days Gone, made by one of Sonys AAA devs team with a massive AAA budget behind it, to a game that was made by a small indy team with alot less budget behind it is not a fair comparison. Its like comparing Mario Odessey to Knack or Luckys Tails. Also 71 to 66 to me is only 5...

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    Joker: Your Take

    in Movies Discussion 20 hours ago by EricHiggin

    COKTOE said: I still haven't seen it, and will be waiting for it on blu-ray, so this parody from SNL lacks context for me. I still liked it though, and after seeing it on TV last week, was happy to find an official youtube version that was playable in Canada. This is from the network that carries SNL here. The official SNL YT channel won't allow Canadians to looks at skits for around a...

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    in Politics Discussion 23 hours ago by S.Peelman

    Brexitís still not going to happen. :-) ...

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    The Fall of Xbox - Video by Videogamedunkey

    in Microsoft Discussion 23 hours ago by Chazore

    KazumaKiryu said: I find your comment very interesting. I understand it a little, but accept it. Personally, I see it differently.Next month comes Death Stranding (kreativ) and Shenmue 3, early 2020 The Last of Us 2(Meisterwerk), Persona 5 Royal (bestes jrpg ever, vielleicht), Ni-Oh 2, Yakuza Collection and more. How can you do without it? Thats insane, in my opinion. Is your taste so...

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    How bout dat Blizzard!? UPDATE: Blizzard responds with "China isn't involved please believe us!"

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by Spike0503

    SvennoJ said: It's funny that when Sony announced the ps5 to be a greener console everyone was up in arms to leave politics out of games. Not so easy now. Self censorship has been going on for years when it comes to the Chinese market. Odd place to make a stand now. Not really that odd actually. I've heard about Chinese censorship for a while now but most people didn't care about...

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    PS5 Early Announcements - Most Anticipated New Feature

    in Sony Discussion 3 days ago by KratosLives

    the load times are fast already though.. ...

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    When are you buying the PS5?

    in Sony Discussion 6 days ago by BraLoD

    DonFerrari said: BraLoD said: Not getting the day one LoD Remake bundle? I may pick an early flight to be there on launch them =p That's more like it! ...

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    Games you have a love-hate relationship with

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 October 2019 by Snesboy

    Bofferbrauer2 said: Ganoncrotch said: Need a Mario Kart 8 DX.... no items, Fox only.... FINAL DESTINATION. version of MK8D. Great game though, Go for that full Golden Mario/Kart/Glider it was very hard to get but very fulfilling to have it online in games. So, how about: No items, standard kart only, Rainbow Road. Change that to the flattest, most boring course....

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    Football Thread 19/20 Doods kicked a ball (probably)

    in Sports Discussion on 10 October 2019 by kirby007

    Fuck me i went despair to feelsamazingman within 10 mins ...

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    Movie & TV Chat: A entertainment discussion thread ~ Live, Love, Enjoy movies! - Endgame..so sad...What was the first movie you saw in theaters this year? 2019....

    in Movies Discussion on 09 October 2019 by SvennoJ

    The movie thread is back! I'm watching The Break season 2 atm, Belgium French police drama. Waiting for Picard and season 4 of the Expanse. The last movie I watched was erm forgettable. I can't remember. I usually have sci-fi channel on at night while racing which is now showing Xena warrior princess all the time, blergh. ...

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    "Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker" Trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 09 October 2019 by Pavolink

    Looks better than TLJ, at least. ...

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    What's the single best game Nintendo has ever created?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 October 2019 by Pavolink

    Jumpin said: I sort of see Galaxy 2 as an extension of Galaxy 1 in a similar way to the Star Road section of Super Mario World - those levels are my favourites of the game. While they are separate from the rest of the game, the rest of the game still exists — Star Road is not satisfying outside of the existence of Mario World. My favourite 3D platforming is from Galaxy 2, but Galaxy...

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    PS5 Coming at the End of 2020 According to Analyst: High-Spec Hardware for Under $500

    in Sony Discussion on 06 October 2019 by BraLoD

    Nate4Drake said: [b]PS5 (2020) - Revealed in Sony Patent![/b]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOwdpfSl8Q4 They rendered "PS5 concept" based on the Sony PS5 Patent Leaks.  That has been out for a while now. Apparently it's the dev kit, called prospero. Which plus AMD gonzalo and some others is pointing the PS5 project uses codinames from Shakespeare's The Tempest. It's...

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    Overwatch announced for Switch! Launching October 15!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 October 2019 by KLAMarine

    Radek said: 2 years too late, No crossplay, 30 fps and releasing on the same day as Switcher 3.... yea that game will be dead come October 15th. No crossplay or 60 fps sucks but still very much looking forward to it. Hopefully crossplay/60 can be implemented in the future. ...

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    New War of the Worlds TV adaption

    in Movies Discussion on 01 October 2019 by curl-6

    HoloDust said: I remember watching old one form 50s on TV as a kid and liking it, but honestly, haven't seen it since then. Didn't care for Spielberg's version much, though it was not so bad. This one looks pretty good in traler. Of course, for my taste, all adaptations should have this soundtrack, in one form or the other: Ah yes, the Jeff Wayne 70s awesome musical version;...

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    Final Fantasy VII new TGS trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 25 September 2019 by DonFerrari

    Bristow9091 said: Keiji said: I think you confused him with his son. ... That sounds about right, my bad lol You could have made a 10ft long rant complaining about the game because of it like some of our colleagues do =p ...

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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will release Worldwide March 3 2020; New Trailer!

    in Sony Discussion on 24 September 2019 by JamesGarret

    Love that box art, just like the original...though they should put "Part 1" there..  ...

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    "Big in Japan Sale" in PlayStationStore for Fans of japanese Games

    in Sony Discussion on 20 September 2019 by KazumaKiryu

    method114 said: KazumaKiryu said: its the darkest Tales of-Game in my opinion, have fun :) Tales of Vesperia is my favorite Tales of Game too :) Love the new Remaster (funny is.. the game looks wonderful, but the cover ugly) and saved all beautiful cutscenes with the PS4 Share Button : D what do you think about the remaster-cover? The game does look gorgeous. The...

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    What is Porking?

    in NSFW Discussion on 20 September 2019 by Jumpin

    I won't post the clip from Deliverance, but perhaps that scene this clip is discussing is what is meant by porking. ...

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