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    Hablemos en Español

    in General Discussion on 15 May 2019 by JEMC

    Muy buenas. Es triste, pero no, ya no van a haber más listas de ventas de juegos semanales (excepto cuando alguien cree un hilo sobre las de alguna región específica como Japón). Decidieron dejar de hacerlas a principios de año y, aunque es triste, la verdad ese que es comprensible. Los números nunca fueron más que una aproximación (buena en algunos casos, mala en otros) y, con el auge de las...

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    Games You Love But Didn't Think You Would?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 December 2018 by Shiken

    I gotta say Warframe right now. I tried it on PS4 when it first came out and it failed to keep .y attention for too long, but recently gave it another chance on Switch. Holy crap this game has come a long way! Even if it is just here and there, I plan to keep playing this one alongside whatever my main game at the time happens to be....

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    E3: Name One Game You Want To Be Announced At E3 More Than Anything Else.

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2018 by Pemalite

    Fable 4....

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    Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 October 2017 by SpokenTruth

    Lauster said: SpokenTruth said: Nothing announced yet but that doesn't mean they are no longer on board either.   And it's way the hell better than many of the predictions which prophecized that practically all of those developers/publishers would back out before the year is over. Sure, I didn't know if I had missed an announce. According to the latest news I read...

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    Prediction: Zelda UNX will be the best exclusive of the 3 consoles according to metacritic

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 September 2017 by Oneeee-Chan!!!

    irstupid said: Oneeee-Chan!!! said: Zelda    :  97 UC4      :  93 GOW4  :  84 Are those the highest rated exclusives of each console? Surprised GOW4 is the highest One game. Woudl have thought they would have others higher rated. Don't mind. I just tried to reply the vote....

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    Best game ever made? Here's a poll. UPDATE.

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 July 2017 by JakDaSnack

    Kyuu said: JakDaSnack said: "Best game ever made" is a very generic term that can be interpreted in any number of ways.  We have lots of top 100 lists from numerous websites, and to my knowledge all of them use nostalgia and influence in their arguments.  I'm saying, for once, make a top 100 list of the "true" best games as they stand today.  If you think zelda oot...

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    Which is the most significant (important) console in history?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 July 2017 by Hynad

    Atari 2600 by 2 country miles. But since Nintendo created existence itself, the NES is the answer by default......

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    Eos could be the new Ivalice in Final Fantasy

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 July 2017 by COKTOE

    I have yet to play FF XV, but I like the idea of exploring more of the various FF worlds more. Especially if it net's us a new FF Tactics!...

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    The turn-based strategy thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2017 by Jumpin

    Haha, do a part 2 and base it around games like Tactics Ogre, FF Tactics, FF Tactics Advance, Disgaea, Jeanne D'Arc, and others that are RPGs with strong strategy elements. Fire Emblem is more of a strategy game with strong RPG elements. So while they're all "strategy RPGs" there's a distinction. I am not saying Fire Emblem has a weaker story or characters (Fire Emblem games generally have...

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    Xbox, Gamecube, or Dreamcast?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 July 2017 by curl-6

    bonzobanana said: curl-6 said: The issue here is textures though, not resolution, so whether a screen is 480p or 1080p doesn't matter for the purposes of this discussion. Prime's textures are not low resolution by the standards of its time and hardware. It certainly is unfair to use images from an emulator and you should always use images from real hardware. Clearly we...

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    Best new IP this generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 June 2017 by TruckOSaurus

    Overwatch then Horizon: Zero Dawn...

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    Who WON E3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2017 by gatito

    sethnintendo said: I wanted to vote for Ouya or Oculus Rift. Did you travel to the future from 2013?...

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    PlayStation 4 - Review from a "Hardcore Xbox Fanboy"

    in Sony Discussion on 25 June 2017 by cesarmgc

    A review of a second hand console?! This world just lose his mind!...

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    Ori is the most powerful game series ever made

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 June 2017 by SvennoJ

    mZuzek said: SvennoJ said: Ugh this game is definitely making me emotional. DS4Windows (to fix controller mapping issues) has somehow disabled all controller recognition after reboot. Windows still recognizes the DS4 when connecting and disconnecting yet only charges it. I'm trying to uninstall the driver which doesn't seem easy, the website wants me to install more dodgy things to...

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    Spider-Man (PS4) Was The Most Watched Trailer of E3 2017

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2017 by Lawlight

    caffeinade said: Lawlight said: The Switch reveal one? The one in January, were they revealed ARMS.The Switch reveal trailer got over 31 million views on Nintendo's channel. So not just a Mario trailer then? ...

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    Killer instinct is coming to Steam later this year.

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 June 2017 by Azzanation

    Awesome news. best fighter this gen. cross play is a must or it will be a waste....

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    How would you rate PlayStations E3 Press Conference

    in Sony Discussion on 13 June 2017 by Luke888

    7/10, almost no first party titles for this year and very few surprises, the biggest of which (MHW and SoC) were leaked, but that wasn't their fault......

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    How sony could beat microsoft @ E3 2017

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2017 by bananaking21

    bananaking21 said: announce exclusives. Haa!!!!   disappointing show sony. disappointing show. just wow. ...

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    ARK Devs Talk About Difference Between the XBX and PS4PRO Version of the Game.

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2017 by Chazore

    Captain_Yuri said: Goes down to 40 fps? Jesus Christ, is it trying to cure cancer while playing the game or wut? 7700k as well: It actually gets worse when you try to lower some settings, which tbh sounds like pure backwards cancer right there.  I gave up playing the game when the updates kept rolling out, my 980 couldn't cut it either as well as my 4670k. I...

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    Rate the XBox E3 Press Conference

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 June 2017 by pitzy272

    XBO's conferences the past 2 years were pretty good. Even though they didn't fit my personal taste, I could objectively say they did a pretty good job. This year, though, I was kind of shocked at how underwhelming it was. I kept waiting for big new AAA exclusive announcement(s), but there wasn't even one exclusive, let alone several. Anthem looks great, as well as some of the new indies shown...

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