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    < Flilix posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    What's up with all these people getting unbanned?

    Wha? This is kinda weird. Haven't noticed it with any other accounts tho.

    on 12 October 2018

    VGP got unbanned twice recently, AhsMilk too.

    on 13 October 2018

    Hm. Twice eh? I was aware of the first one. Strange days.

    on 14 October 2018

    RIP 2016-2017. Certainly won't be missed.


    Thought this would interest you.

    that's a very cool website. I love maps quite a bit!

    on 24 December 2016

    I'm off to bed though, will check the thread tomorrow in case you think I ran off after you replied! Good night Professor!

    See you later!

    on 22 December 2016

    Before 2017 begins btw, you never said if you accepted that bet and the terms btw? :D it would be a hard one to nail down on which year is going to be "worse" I feel so I'm okay with not doing the bet!

    on 24 December 2016

    I'll happily do the bet. We can do a poll to make it fair. Let's just see if I'm permabanned by then or not lol

    on 24 December 2016

    Ah don't do that, if someone is being annoying to you on here just ignore them mate, you have nothing to gain getting yourself banned, you'll just give them the last laugh if you do.

    Make 2017 a ban free year!! (if for no other reason, it will make 2016 seem worse for you and you might vote against your year for our bet haha)

    Mind yourself man, and I hope you have a nice day tomorrow!

    Merry Holidays :)

    on 24 December 2016

    If you didn't realize, I sometimes get banned for questionable things...heh. Happy holidays to you too.

    on 24 December 2016

    Carrie Fisher and George Michael just joined the people 2016 has taken from us, You best be off to a costume shop lad.

    on 27 December 2016

    Pretty sure we'll get a new war in 2017, which is far worse than the deaths of celebrities :)

    on 27 December 2016

    No it isn't... fucking Princess Leia man, do you know how many nerds have her and her posters as their first crush?

    I know that death happens every minute and every day, but the thing is, humanity while we might not care to admit it require role models, we need people to look up to and people to be better for, while admittedly her drug abuse is nothing to look up to in the slightest, it is celebrities far more than politicians who impact on humans lives, as a general rule of thumb we don't care about which ministers are the ones who foot bills which allow things such as same sex marriage, but we celebrate news of our LGBT celebs being able to get married.

    Humans need role models... we've lost some good ones this year, war is timeless, it's eternal, it isn't even a human trait, bacteria is at war right now on your keyboard, it exists through time and space forever, But there will never be another David Bowie, he is lost to 2016, war will continue until the universe has no more atoms in it.

    on 27 December 2016

    good point, good point.

    We'll just have to wait and see. I have a Trump card that'll bring me to an advantage

    on 27 December 2016

    Due to a great personal loss yesterday there is no way I can ever compare another year to 2016 in terms of what happened during it. Sorry to say I'm going to have to bow out of this bet but cannot say what happened to me, but no year could ever take what 2016 has from me.

    on 31 December 2016

    Forget the stupid bet :( it'd be petty of me to keep it going. I'm sorry for your loss, and hope for the best.

    on 31 December 2016

    Could not have foreseen such a thing happening, literally blindsided me completely, saddest I've ever been in my life.

    on 31 December 2016

    We've all had those time ganon. :/ best advice is to do what you enjoy. Spend time with family, and try to just remove any stress you got.

    on 31 December 2016

    < BasilZero posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    Damn son, you got conefished.

    < Final-Fan posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    Hey you're from Minnesota? So am I.

    Nice! Hope you're enjoying the decent weather:P

    on 26 November 2016

    < spemanig posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    VGChat wasn't actually my first article lol check my writer bio if you want to see other things I've written!

    I just read your comment to my two year old post on the "Why is there no more females here"-thread :P You mentioned Ryu as being portrayed as sexy, but that's not actually the case. He's being portrayed as powerful, muscular and manly. A lot of this has to do with the pose each character takes/has. Female characters quite often high lights their ass or another body part, while this very rarely is the case for male characters.

    Idk. Batman's tights makes his ass really pop out( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

    on 09 August 2016

    2nd place on the points chart. You'll never beat me...

    what points chart?

    on 02 August 2016

    Go to the home page when you're logged in.

    on 02 August 2016

    actually just realized that. Never payed attention to points.

    on 02 August 2016

    < jason1637 posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    I enjoy your post

    thanks :P first time I've ever heard that

    on 31 July 2016

    < Fei-Hung posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    Your name needs to change. I look at it and think of Hersheys chocolates. Then I start craving chocolate. Then i hunt for chocolate. Then i feel guilty.


    on 27 July 2016

    < Fei-Hung posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    Your name needs to change. I look at it and think of Hersheys chocolates. Then I start craving chocolate. Then i hunt for chocolate. Then i feel guilty.

    < Roketan posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    Thx for accepting my friend request!

    no problem. I hope you have a great time on vchartz

    on 23 July 2016

    Thanks, i hope so too.

    on 23 July 2016

    So you said i upvote my own comment but this is so easy to prove my friend with 2 print screens , i take them and just show you :D BUT after you do the same :D cause i am sure it was you and then said it was me :D thanks for this i laughed hard at your comment xD

    I was just teasing ya 😂😂😂 don't slaughter me.

    on 08 July 2016

    < hershel_layton updated his status:

    I say dumb things. Goddamit people, I'm not actually Hershel Layton.

    There is a real life Hershel Layton?

    on 07 July 2016

    Oh.....professor layton.

    on 07 July 2016

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    "Always wondered the same for the rest of the middle eastern countries. I also wonder what ethnicity Middle Easterners would be. They're certainly not Asian, but they're not caucasian or african."

    Technically speaking, Caucasian :P (Semites)

    Ah yes, that's true. I always forget that semites are caucasian.

    on 28 June 2016

    < hershel_layton updated his status:

    "Smoketh the weed" 4:20

    < XanderXT posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    Who is that cosplaying?

    Lmao I don't know. It's a picture from filthyfrank's weeaboo song

    on 27 May 2016

    < Acevil posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    Honestly, if you liked the second Captain America movie, you will like this movie. Most people are doing the popular thing to hate on whats popular.

    That is true. I generally don't like to nitpick, which helps me enjoy movies more

    on 20 May 2016

    < Turkish posted something on hershel_layton's wall:

    Trump is a racist, worst (potential) leader since Hitler. Remember how Hitler started, well Trump is much worse, who knows what he will do once he gets power.

    Please don't misinterpret me. I despise Trump and Hitler. All I said was that he CURRENTLY is not as bad as Hitler. He can easily do much worse if he becomes president.

    on 07 February 2016

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