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    Potential/Current PS3 owners: Does b/c matter to you?

    in Sony Discussion on 17 July 2008

    I have 40 ps2 games and a broken PS2so YES, PS3 BC is a must for me.No BC=No PS3 for me atm...

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    GOD Of WAR 3 -- New DETAILS....Refining the Genre?

    in Sony Discussion on 09 June 2008

    I've never bought a GOW game, but this might be my first...

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    40 GB PS3 to be Backwards Compatible in Oct. through Firmware???

    in Sony Discussion on 04 June 2008

    I think Sony will release a new SKU when this happens. Probably a Slim.This is because a lot of people will see the 40gb as still not BC. Unless they stick a huge 'NOW BC WITH PS2!' on the front of the box. Edit. This is the only thing stopping me buy a PS3 (i have 40 ish PS2 games and a broken PS2).So thats me sold, if its true of course. ...

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    Getaway 3 and Eight Days are cancelled

    in Sony Discussion on 04 June 2008

    This is not sinking in.Getaway 3 was a first day purchase for me. I didn't buy any of the other Getaways, but this one had my attension.I don't think Sony realises how many people wanted this game. This was one of my most hyped games....

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    MGS4 Installation is not a one-off deal?

    in Sony Discussion on 25 May 2008

    That's good, as it breaks up the time for the install.For example, i would much rather have 10 3minute installs than one 30minute one.Even better, it means the install file will be much smaller....

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    in Sony Discussion on 23 May 2008

    This is 3 weeks old, but i hadn't seen it until just now, so maybe other people havn't.   IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ANOTHER LOCATION IN THE GAME, STOP READING NOW    HUGE TEASER 1:20 into the video. The special effects of the snow and wind are amazing Will there be a remake of MGS1 built into the game though dreams?Because if you look, it is Young...

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    is mgs4 getting more hyped than halo 3 was?

    in Sony Discussion on 13 May 2008

    Nintendo Zealot said: Not unless MGS gets its own soda flavor  Look in Snake's Hand  ...

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    Has anyone ever found all hidden packages in a Grand Theft Auto

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 May 2008

    I got 98 in GTA3, I couldn't find the last 2.I heard a false rumor that you unlock Caster City, if you find all 100 hidden packages.This made me search for hours straight....

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    GTAIV Sales Drop This Week

    in Sales Discussion on 13 May 2008

    EU THIS WEEK1Grand Theft Auto IV300,2112Grand Theft Auto IV262,5323Wii Fit251,1174Wii Sports164,1865Mario Kart Wii93,387Last Week 1,211,749___(-75.2%) 979,832____(-73.2%)  US THIS WEEK1Grand Theft Auto IV799,7532Mario Kart Wii415,3203Grand Theft Auto IV359,1334Wii Sports129,9195Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon 2: Time / Darkness Exploration Team112,176Last Week 1,386,032___(-74.1%)...

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    GTAIV Others Numbers Up!

    in Sales Discussion on 06 May 2008

    User Base............Sales(%)..........................A.RatePS3 10.28Mil........2.614Mil(44.29%)............25.43%X360 18.12Mil......3.288Mil(55.71%)............18.15% Huge week1 attach rate for PS3, X360 isn't bad either ...

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    GTAIV Others Numbers Up!

    in Sales Discussion on 06 May 2008

    @ToastyJaguarI was only comparing it to Halo3 because it previously had the best week 1 numbers ever....

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    GTAIV Others Numbers Up!

    in Sales Discussion on 06 May 2008

    It has smashed the Halo 3 WW numbers of 3,788,992And It hasn't even released in Japan yet (not that it will sell much there)...

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    GTAIV Others Numbers Up!

    in Sales Discussion on 06 May 2008

    EU1Grand Theft Auto IV1,227,9412Grand Theft Auto IV970,3513Wii Fit324,1314Wii Sports199,8955Mario Kart Wii117,869 US 1Grand Theft Auto IV2,317,7742Grand Theft Auto IV1,386,0323Mario Kart Wii1,231,2644Wii Sports398,7105Super Smash Bros Brawl196,946 World Wide GTAIV Week1 SalesX360 3,288,125PS3 2,613,973 TOTAL 5 902 098 ...

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    PS3 outsold 360 LTD in Europe

    in Sales Discussion on 06 May 2008

    VGC Europe NumbersPS3 4.5 Mil (+200k ish for this week =4.7 Mil) 5 Mil shipped seem spot onX360 4.8 Mil (+150k ish for this week = just short of 5 Mil Maybe slightly overtracked, but not by much....

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    Prototype Gives Up On 2008 Release

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2008

    I really wish games would stop cutting local multiplayer. IMO there is nothing more fun than having mates round and playing co-op or competative with them split screen.One of my favourite series is Dynasty Warriors, and i love destroying entire armies co-op split screen with my brother....

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    Updated Sales Comparisons

    in Sales Discussion on 30 April 2008

    Some nice info in there.It would be nice to have this attached somewhere to the site for future reference....

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    Would you bet real money on GTAIV's sales?

    in Sales Discussion on 29 April 2008

    I am not a gambler, but i would stick £10 ($20) on Gta being replaced by MGS4 in week 7 for fun....

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    Would you bet real money on GTAIV's sales?

    in Sales Discussion on 29 April 2008

    ^i agree, it will drop to second spot in week 7 (MGS4 week) Edit. Are those real bookie odds? because I wouldn't mind betting on that. ...

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    SDF GTA4 Review

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2008

    Xbox360 version score 3.5 "Itís just not quite GTA4.0Ö.more like GTA3.5"That Phrase made me laugh, very clever....

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    UEFA EURO 2008

    in Sony Discussion on 25 April 2008

    A list of all 52 teams in the game1.Czech republic2.Portugal3.Switzerland4.Turkey5.Austria6.Croatia7.Germany8.Poland9.France10.Holland11.Italy12.Romania13.Greece14.Russia15.Spain16.Sweden17.Serbia18.Finland19.Scotland20.Ukraine21.Norway22.Bosnia - Herzegovina23.Ireland24.Slovakia25.England26.Israel27.Northen...

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