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    Official My Little Pony Friendship is Magic/Equestria Girls Thread

    in Movies Discussion on 07 January 2018 by Alara317

    This thread is one year old......

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    Prediction: Wii U will sell under 40 million units

    in Sales Discussion on 19 April 2017 by StarDoor

    Sticky said: Turkish said: It will sell less than 20 million. Holy Sh** Oh yeah, I remember that. Turkish edited that post years later....

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    Official Super Mario Maker Thread - Mario Maker for 3DS has been released?! Ok...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 March 2017 by adrianweather

    Here are my newest levels: SMB. 3 Level 1-1 SMW. Version: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/2079-0000-0309-A905 SMB. 3 Level 1-1 Ghost House: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/3768-0000-0309-A8F1 SMB. 3 Level 1-1 Underground: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/D74A-0000-0309-A889 SMB. 3 Level 1-1 Airship:...

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    The BOX-OFFICE Thread. Disney having a stellar year, surpassing $1Billion domestic in just 128 days!

    in Movies Discussion on 27 February 2017 by Ljink96

    Yeah, I need to go to bed. I read 18 Billion. I was about to say......

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    Prediction: There won't be a proper Zelda game for Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 December 2016 by oniyide

    VGPolyglot said: Metroid33slayer said: You're just being irrational and totally pessimistic.Don't worry it will definately come out for wii u in 2014 or 2015 i'd stake my life on it. I guess that you've already been dead for almost a year now, R.I.P. lmao! He died from bad crow...

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    PS4 and Xbox One *True* Exclusive comparison

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 January 2016 by Normchacho

    Huge update! Added 9 games to the PS4 list and 2 games to the Xbox One list and changed the scores and totals to reflect the update....

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    Question for someone who has never played FF7

    in Sony Discussion on 31 December 2015 by Hiku

    ednice said: I'm sorry for calling you an asshole. Ok you're right I don't know that much about this game and the remake being better isn't a sure thing so there's a lot they might change but at the end of the day, and sorry if it sounds like I'm dismissing you cause I'm not I read all you wrote and while it's all valid, you don't in fact know that it's going to suck and neither do I and...

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    Most Wanted January Voting Thread!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 December 2015 by Keybladewielder

    Keybladewielder said: 1.-Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) 2.-Zelda HD (WIIU) 3.-FFXV (PS4) 4.-Persona 5 (PS4) 5.-Last Guardian (PS4) Let me edit my list: 1.-Kingdom Hearts III - PS4 2.-Zelda U - WIIU 3.-Final Fantasy XV - PS4 4.-Persona 5 - PS4 5.-Ni no Kuni II - PS4 I added Ni no Kuni II...

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    Which Sells More Uncharted or ROTR - Update: Decision - Uncharted

    in Sales Discussion on 22 December 2015 by CosmicSex

    Well it looks like we can call the poll now. NDC outsold ROTR in abundance. ...

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    Predict Xenoblade Chronicles X FW of sales in the west. Also global LT.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 December 2015 by Volterra_90

    Random_Matt said: I know it sold poorly in the UK, don't expect much WW. All Nintendo games have sold poorly in the UK. That's not a valid measure to know if they will sell well worldwide. It's a shame, but they aren't capable of reaching to UK people.  ...

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    I predict Xenoblade Chronicles X will sell NO MORE than 1 Million copes. (Sadly)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 December 2015 by bigtakilla

    Sales of Xenoblade X are actually 73% higher in the UK than the original, and the original wasn't rare like in the states. It's also the third best selling game on Wii U behind Kart and Splatoon according to this. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/12/xenoblade_chronicles_x_earns_modest_uk_chart_position_but_outsells_predecessor...

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    I never played The Legend of Zelda without a walkthrough before. Am I the only one?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 December 2015 by Pavolink

    archer9234 said: You know that marker wasn't always 100% useful. There are times you couldn't understand what part of the area you needed to be. Even the noise and glow circle for treaures didn't help you out all the time. You heard it. But for the love of god. Did I float around a lot. It kept fading in and out. When I was just mer inches from it. hehe I know, it was frustrating...

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    Man tells followers to kill PP(planned parenthood) doctors.

    in Politics Discussion on 02 December 2015 by hershel_layton

    ohmylanta1003 said:It's one guy. Who cares? Lots of individuals say pretty stupid stuff. Doesn't mean we should be making generalizations about an entire group of people. It's a man with 2+ million followers.   He even convinced his followers to give him 20,000 dollars for an extremely expensive camera. When there was only ~2000 left, he took off the donation thread, and no...

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    Project M (Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod) has ceased development

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 December 2015 by Exion8

    This is a real shame. BasilZero said:Sad to see it gone though never used it myself. At least we can still use the last update right? lol I'm pretty sure you can still use the last update....

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    Rumor: PS4 Sold Over 1M Consoles in November, Setting a Few Records on Black Friday

    in Sales Discussion on 02 December 2015 by KazumaKiryu

    we all on Vgchartz are insider xD but i think, "tidux" has right. ...

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    I'm not getting Xenoblade Chronicles X because it's too confusing.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 December 2015 by Maraccuda

    Boutros said: Maraccuda said: My advice? Try Tales of Graces/Xillia 1. These are really stock and standard (but still enjoyable) stuff of the JRPG genre, and they do a decent job at explaining all the mechanics. Errr... Really? Hmm. Been a few years since I played it but I think i found it easier to learn than Xillia 1. Or maybe the transistion from Symphonia to...

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    Will I need an external hard drive for my PS4?

    in Sony Discussion on 02 December 2015 by Ruler

    it doesnt support External HD for installing games only media files etc....

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    Halo Character Artist Gives Legend Of Zelda's Link A Realistic Makeover

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 December 2015 by Keybladewielder

    I don't like it...

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    No Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 localization to avoid possible "treatment of women" backlash

    in Sony Discussion on 01 December 2015 by Pristine20

    The irony of the anti-SJW whining is that they are the only group I actually hear whining on every gaming site I visit. Always throwing out names like "Anita Sarkeesian" who I never heard off till these whiners started launching their tirades everywhere. Many of you do not realize that you're doing more for the so called "SJW" movement than they could ever do alone....geez. Last I heard from so...

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    Stand-alone WiiU gamepads priced and up for purchase in Japan

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 December 2015 by episteme

    I wouldn't be surprised if that's related to Splatoon. Maybe there's a higher demand for GamePad replacements because people were raging in ranked mode. I'm not suggesting that he played ranked Splatoon, but I needed an opportunity to post that gif, lol....

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