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    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (Updated to October 4)

    in Nintendo Discussion 10 hours ago by dx11332sega

    Dragon ball fighter z digital ...

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion 3 days ago by The_Liquid_Laser

    I've got two songs stuck in my head right now.  This is the one from the band that I actually respect. ...

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    What Do You Most Want to See Next from the Resident Evil Franchise?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 April 2019 by CaptainExplosion

    To answer your question: Bring back the scariest Resident Evil monster ever known! :D...

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    Capcom Says They Might Consider Porting Devil May Cry 5 to Switch if Dragon's Dogma Sells Well

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 March 2019 by routsounmanman

    kazuyamishima said: Why don’t Buy the game in another platform? I am an adult trying to juggle work, gym and Japanese classes at the same time. I have ample time to sit in front of my TV and use my PS4 only about 10 hours per week. The Switch is much more optimal for me, solely due to the portability factor. I have no affiliation to any one company....

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    Smash Brothers Ultimate Graphical Downgrades

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 November 2018 by JWeinCom

    Obvious joke topic aside, I like the changes made to Zero suit. I don't know if they were trying to sexualize her or try to show off her chozo flexibility, but she had some really awkward looking animations in Smash 4....

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    MH Generations VS MH World.

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 September 2018 by Yomieeee

    Iím playing both of them simultaneously and I like Generations a bit more than World. World does have a lot of quality of life changes that I wish were present in world but Generations has way more options and gets to the point quicker. Iíve never cared about the story in MH, I just want to get into the action. Both great games though....

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    Sony Boss: Fortnite On PlayStation 4 Is The Best Experience For Users

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 September 2018 by EricHiggin

    twintail said: Constantly and continually mean the same thing. And tbqh you said that Sony were constantly charging their customers. Not everyone buying a PS4 is an existing customer. You equate charging for cross-play as to charging for online, charging for a console and charging for digital content. The last 2 aren't even relatable since those arent previously 'free' services, as you...

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    Favorite albums of all time

    in Music Discussion on 20 September 2018 by Jumpin

    Yomieeee said:   Give this a listen: 80's stuff, but Kate Bush is virtually the root influence of all the music you like.   That goes double for you Outkast fans: ...

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    What's the dumbest video game cover you've ever seen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 September 2018 by shikamaru317

    flashfire926 said: Cerebralbore101 said: Orange on Yellowish-Orange? Great use of contrast! I love how EA throws it's logo right in the middle of their game. Imagine if all Nintendo games had the logo smack dab in the middle. The only way it works is with the Fifa Swich game, but that's because if mixes with the player's shirt.  Another example of a great use of...

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    [UPDATE: Confirmed Indie Presentation]Rumor: There could be a Nindie direct (or Mini Direct)airing later today.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 August 2018 by KLAMarine

    Mnementh said: KLAMarine said: That looks promising. Will keep an eye on it, thanks! Hmm, it seems there is one more interesting option. Soon releases Blade Strangers for PS4 and Switch. It features fighters from Gunvolt, Cave Story, Code of Princess (actually a lot characters from that game), Binding of Isaac, Shovel Knight and some stuff I don't recognize. Actually it...

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    Super Smash Ultimate: Is Goku Actually a Possibility? Like Is it Really IMPOSSIBLE?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 August 2018 by burninmylight

    mZuzek said: burninmylight said: The idea of Mario Kart games is that they involve Mario characters, duh. Did Link and the Inklings change that? It's still called MARIO Kart, right? You still see MARIO characters front and center on the cover. The "core identity" didn't change a bit. DId Link, Heihachi, Spawn, the female Spartan, Yoda, Darth Vader, Starkiller, Lloyd Irving, ...

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    Dark Souls: Remastered Switch and Solaire of Astora amiibo launching October 19

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 August 2018 by TomaTito

    Blight town was already seen in expos footage and it had no problems. The issue is another one, and I think network ones would not delay it 5 months....

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    Monster Hunter World announced for PS4/Xbox One/PC

    in Sony Discussion on 14 August 2018 by Azuren

    Man, some of you guys couldn't have been more incorrect. Fuck, I was wrong, too. Never thought this game would hit 10m....

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    DOOM Eternal show at Quakecon, coming to PS4, XONE, PC and Switch

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 August 2018 by curl-6

    https://gonintendo.com/stories/315657-doom-eternal-on-switch-planned-to-launch-alongside-all-other-vers - id currently planning to release all versions simultaneously - Will be 30fps on Switch like the first game, expectedly - Panic Button confirmed to be doing the Switch version...

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    Toilets in video games

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2018 by TomaTito

    Ka-pi96 said: TomaTito said: Why would you even say that!? :O Why's the tomato crying? Because it's weird. ...

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    Wolfenstein 2 on Switch is a good product if you don't care about resolution...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 July 2018 by captain carot

    HoloDust said: My main issue with this sort of ports is praise that Panic Button gets for them, when it, more or less, boils down to half the frame rate, lower resolution, and then start turning stuff off and optimizing thing or two. I have no doubt they actually know their job and that they could've actually made the game still look good by doing better otpimizations and...

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    DF analysis: Fortnite on Switch

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2018 by Pemalite

    Miyamotoo said: Ryzen and Navi are not mobile chips Well. Not entirely accurate. Those chips will be in mobile devices like 2 in 1 tablets/convertibles, notebooks and so on. Miyamotoo said: while Nvidia has great mobile technology and while Xavier is aimed on first place for auto industry could easily be used for Switch 2 (Xavier would gave them similar performance to...

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    Smash Bros Ultimate: How will you play?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 June 2018 by animegaming

    Gamecube when docked. ...

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    Which canceled game do you wish it was made.

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2018 by haxxiy

    Starcraft: Ghost and Silent Hills. The cancelled Donkey Kong racing game from Rare is also sort of a trauma from my late childhood....

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    Capcom and the Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 May 2018 by Miyamotoo

    NoirSon said: Miyamotoo said: Thats not full list: :D - releasing a port of SF2 of all games for $40 when the SFCollection was already in development for the machine at that time - not releasing Okami HD day and date - not releasing any old RE game port despite RER1+2 selling so well last year - localize MHXX one year later and 8 months after a better MH game released - not...

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