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    Anyone still playing The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2015

    Played it about a week ago. I had no problem finding any matches...

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    Mad Max was a bit meh

    in Movies Discussion on 10 June 2015

    WHAAAAAT?! IT WAS AMAZBALLS!!!!!!!!! Best summer flick so far! ...

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    Has 'Gaming' got better or worse since 2006-2008 era?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2015

    It has has gone a bit down hill. But, it's not a judgement day scenario a lot of people are making it out to be. ...

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    PlayStation @E3 2015 We got FFVII remake, Shenmue III & The Last Guardian, E3's Over Go Home

    in Sony Discussion on 10 June 2015

    Who wouldn't vote on surprises?!...

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    Why is Sony winning the console war?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2015

    Microsoft's DRM fumble, Nintendo being Nintendo, and Sonys Marketing is on point...

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    Your Top 3 Gaming IPs and your favourite character(s) from them?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2015

    Red Dead Redemption John Maston Last of Us Joel/Ellie Halo Master Fudging CHIEF ...

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    Your Most Anticipated E3 Announcement

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2015

    STAR FOX! Also Bloodborne expansion, and for microsoft Gears of War!...

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    games getting boring?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2015


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    [Game Theory: DEADLOCK] Does Dark Souls ACTUALLY SUCK?!?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2015

    Bloodborne was the first From Software game i have ever played. I loved it so much possibly my game of the year! So when Darksouls 2 came to ps4 i was so on board! When i got it, i just couldn't get into. It sadly sits on my shelf and collects dust on my shelf. Hopefully over the summer i get to play it and actually get into it....

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    Splatoon Digital Sales in Japan? UPDATE: Splatoon Digital 43k+ Under A Week? (Over 187k+ Sold Excluding 2nd Week Retail)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2015

    Im very pleased to see that this game is selling so well. This game is amazing!...

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    Splatoon a system seller? End of the Year conclusion JAPAN-Hell Yes!!! NA-Slightly EU-some countries barely

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2015

    I picked up Splatoon for my podcast to review last week. I was apprehensive when i purchased it. Yet, i am pleasantly surprised at how great this game is. I played it on my brothers wii u, in all honesty if i didnt own a wii u i would totally buy a wii u for Splatoon... and smash of course!...

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    Zombie U currently in development for Xbox One and PS4!

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2015

    I highly doubt that this is true. They would have to change the games name and how the game functioned as a whole....

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    What happened to N4G?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2015

    N4G is a site i frequent to upload my podcast and check out some news stories. I was hoping on my computer to upload an article and the site just wasn't connecting. It was giving me an Error code 502. SO my question is, did N4G shut down or are they down for Maintanance? I know i am not the only one have this problem. But, theres no communication on N4g's end on what exactly is happening. What...

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    E3 Week Who Won?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2015

    Hey gang! So E3 just ended and there were a ton of confreneces this year. This E3 had to be arguably the best E3 we've had in years! But the question i ask you all is who "won" E3. Was it Bethesda with Fallout 4, Microsoft with Backwards Compatibilty , Sony With The Last Gaurdian, nintendo with...stuff? If you want to listen to my opinion Click this link...

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    So... Who won E3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2015

    As much as i actually wanted Microsoft to win and how good the Microsoft conference was, Sony had them beat again. Yes, sony didn't show us as much or as many exclusives. But, what they did show had more wow factor, at least in my opinion. The Last Guardian, Horizon, Uncharted gameplay, and hell even PlayStation vue was pretty awesome. For Microsoft's Recore, BC, and Gears had me pretty excited...

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    Xbox One Backwards compatibility with Discs. Isnt that DRM?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2015

    The details about the consoles limitations on backwards compatibility. The more skeptical i become :(...

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