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    Belgian man convicted for sexism, will be jailed if fine isn't paid, Under new law.

    in General Discussion 8 hours ago

    John2290 said: The driver was found guilty of three charges: contempt of a police officer, making threats and sexist remarks in public, and a serious violation of another person’s dignity because of her gender. Whoa whoa whoa... did they just ASSUME someone's gender??? Add another €3,000 fine on top of that for the crime of gender assumption!  GUILTY!!! No...

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    Tomb Raider (2018) reviews and Box Office- 46 Metacritic, 50% Rotten Tomatoes, $33.7m

    in Movies Discussion 9 hours ago

    Mortal Kombat still the top videogame movie huh? I thought GoldenEye was the best videogame movie of all time......

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    The Tragedy of "Annihilation"

    in Movies Discussion 4 days ago

    arcaneguyver said: The RLM review was the first I heard of this film, and I really want to see it now. Most criticism I hear is "it's too slow" or "I could't follow it." That's because it wasn't a big dumb action / superhero flick designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator of movie audiences.  General audiences would rather go see Black Panther for a 5th time....

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    The Tragedy of "Annihilation"

    in Movies Discussion 4 days ago

    I find it highly ironic that an original, somewhat big budget film starring mostly female leads that isn't a dumbed down, lowest common denominator schlock fest like the 2016 Ghostbusters she-boot got hardly any press or mentions from the feminist / SJW crowd. They'll prop up the latest Amy Schumer / Melissa McCarthy crap fest and tell us that if we don't like it it's because we hate women, but...

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    RUMOUR: Pokémon switch to be a reboot of the franchise

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

    This would be the smart thing to do, a reboot of the Gen-1 Pokemon games with all 151 Pokemon (and maybe a few extras) and environments in full 3D with an open world structure and Pokemon that can be observed in the wild and approached / battled at will instead of random encounters. Plus this year is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon's release in the west, so Nintendo could tie into that as well....

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    TOYS 'R' US is considering closing all of it's U.S. stores

    in General Discussion on 09 March 2018

    RIP my childhood if that happens. It was already a bummer after they closed down their flagship Times Square store, was always fun to walk in there and check out all the exclusive LEGO sets and other stuff they had....

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    What is Sony's biggest Mistake?

    in Sony Discussion on 09 March 2018

    Their biggest mistake cost FIVE HUNDRED NINETY NINE US DOLLARZ!!!...

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    What could the rest of the 2018 Release Schedule for the Nintendo Switch Be? (Predictions)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 March 2018

    PAOerfulone said: Mainline Pokemon had never been made for a console, but there's a first time for everything.  Well technically the Switch is also a handheld sooo... But you're right and it's about time that a Nintendo home console got a mainline, fully 3D Pokemon game instead of the Stadium / Colosseum type games or other spinoffs.  They have no choice now that the...

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    UPDATE: RUMOR: PS5 Dev Kits Sent Out This Year. Launch 2019. BC With PS1/PS2/PS3. Sony acquires Silent Hill. Blade Runner PS5 Game At PSX. And More.

    in Sony Discussion on 08 March 2018

    It's a little early for April Fool's, isn't it?...

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    Any gun nuts in here?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 March 2018

    GoOnKid said: I wonder. If guns truly are meant to rise against a tyrannical governement, why the fuck did nobody rise against Ajit Pai and his idiocy? His stupidity would cause severe damage to one facet of freedom of all US citizens and might even affect the rest of the world as well. Yet nobody stood up against him. So is it all talk and nothing more? Please do not interpret this as...

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    Most nostalgic games

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2018

    Lately I've been very nostalgic for the 5th gen of gaming, specifically N64/PS1 and some mid-late 90s PC releases that I barely got to play or missed out on at the time. I've played the hell out of my favorite NES / SNES / Genesis games and while I'll always love them there's only so much left in the way of nostalgia for that generation of gaming at this point....

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    Delta and United join list of companies to cut ties with the NRA - maybe this truly is the end of gun rights in the US?

    in Politics Discussion on 25 February 2018

    Right, because the NRA is to blame for the mass shooting in FL last week, not: -The deranged psychopath himself, who has a long, LONG history of violent outbursts and behavioral issues that were so bad he was not only kicked out of multiple schools but also outright banned from the campus of the school he eventually shot up and was NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY A BACKPACK ON CAMPUS!!! -The incompetence...

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    Idea Discussion: Wii/Wii U disc reader for Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 February 2018

    There's no point in this because any Wii U game worth playing will be ported to the Switch in some form or other, and top Wii games like Galaxy 1+2 will most likely get the remastered treatment.  C'mon, you KNOW Galaxy 1+2 HD will be brought to the Switch at some point, as will LoZ TP &SS....

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    NPD sales: Switch (2018) VS Wii (2008)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 February 2018

    It all depends on if we get a big Pokemon release this year. Pokemon will put Switch sales through the roof....

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    Square Enix: Fans will decide what next Remake will be

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2018

    Rad Racer remake + new Power Glove that actually works so everyone can be just as cool as Lucas from "The Wizard."...

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    The Fans Have Spoken, Last Jedi Drops A Massive 68%

    in Movies Discussion on 18 February 2018

    People quickly figured out after release that this is not the SW movie they were looking for. Also having a new movie released every year (we're already getting a new one just 5 months after TLJ!) is obviously wearing down the franchise and giving general movie goers fatigue. This isn't the Marvel Cinematic Universe... we don't need movies for every main and side SW character every single...

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    Video: Bayonetta 3 is more important for sales than Pokemon Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 February 2018

    Uh, no.  Bayonetta wasn't even that big of a seller when it was originally released on the PS360.  It's LTD sales across both platforms (with a combined install base of over 170m WW) is a little over 2 mil, and Bayo 2 on Wii U did less than half that at 850k. The Switch's larger install base and the fact that a good chunk of its audience skews older than recent Nintendo consoles is...

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    Why have the Avatar sequels taken so long to release?

    in Movies Discussion on 17 February 2018

    Is anyone really clamoring for a sequel to Aliens Vs Pocahontas?...

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    Favorite movie soundtrack(s)

    in Music Discussion on 15 February 2018

    Anything with John Williams is great obviously (Star Wars, ET, Jurassic Park etc), as are the soundtracks to the Disney "renaissance" movies in the 90s like Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and of course The Lion King. Beyond that, so many 80s films have amazing soundtracks.  Legend is one of my all time favorites, as is The Dark Crystal and The Neverending Story....

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    Obama's presidential portrait revealed (with controversy)

    in Politics Discussion on 14 February 2018

    Haha I didn't even notice the "sperm" on his forehead (although he was known to some as "Bathhouse Barry" back in the day, so maybe a little facial isn't that far-fetched for him.) Aside from looking like he's situated in front of the outfield wall at Wrigley, the other thing everyone started pointing out after the portrait was unveiled is what looks like an extra finger on his left...

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