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    I'm 3 Collosi in and hating Shadow of the Colossus - should I persist?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2019

    I would recommend God of War, Horizon, UC4+dlc, Hellblade, Bloodborne to start with. The last guardian is good too, but I never finished colossus because the horseriding just made me seasick....

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    Anthem Review Thread - MC: 61 | OC: 60

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 February 2019

    It is a sad story indeed, such a waste. I only played the demo but was frustrated with loading screens already at that point. I think Anthem would have received much better reviews had they managed the loading better. But I suppose this is the trade off when using a common game engine like Frostbite. It is designed for certain size of maps, and this just is too much. Compare this to for example...

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    Sam Harris Drops Patreon - Other Creators Follow

    in Politics Discussion on 25 December 2018

    My take on this: I do not consider Patreon to be any kind of threat to free speech. ...

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    Which developer should Sony acquire?

    in Sony Discussion on 25 November 2018

    From Software Insomniac Chrystal Dynamics...

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    Why sony is leaving e3 in my opinion

    in Sony Discussion on 24 November 2018

    My opinion is that e3 and some other events have become so crowded with announcements that it is hard to capture the attention of the audience. Since today there are so many more effective ways to reach the audience and get you story heard, there is no longer need to participate in e3's or other events. I think it is actually better for the industry if there is a steady stream of announcements...

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    Advice on PS4 pro

    in Sony Discussion on 30 September 2018

    The main benefit of Pro is the resolution improvement , so you really need the new screen. In some 3rd party games there is option for higher framerate (like Hellblade or Tomb Rider), but my personal preference has always been higher resolution.    My Pro is also noticeably more silent than launch PS4, but I believe Slim is the most silent of all PS4 versions.    The...

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    Sony Boss: Fortnite On PlayStation 4 Is The Best Experience For Users

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 September 2018

    Sony/Yoshida did not say that other consoles have inferior experiences, this is just a clickbait from from Independent/Griffin. My personal view on the cross play is that it is highly unbalanced, and I do not see how cross play would promote a good user experience overall. But of course, money is the main driver, and it is understandable that Epic wants to cash in on Fortnite....

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    Sony is losing playstation console exclusives left and right this 2018.

    in Sony Discussion on 24 August 2018

    Hellblade developer being bought by MS is a loss for Sony as they will not make PS versions for future games....

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    How is the Switch going to sell 20M when it only sold 1.88M this quarter?

    in Sales Discussion on 04 August 2018

    Nintendo relies on 1st party games to do system selling, so if they have some BOTW type game coming out for holiday season, then maybe. But I think the xonsole sales will be lower this year because the expectation of the new Sony and MS consoles is starting to build up, and folks wait....

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    Do the console makers games count as triple A?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 July 2018

    In credit rating Triple A represents the highest level in terms of safety/security of the investment. In other words Triple A has least risk. If we use this as the basis for triple A definition in gaming, I would say that exclusive games are all triple A as there is very small risk that they are worthless....

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    PS5 launch game lineup

    in Sony Discussion on 20 July 2018

    They will all be cross gen. and I believe Sony wants to keep the PS4 base connected for many years. I would see PS5 more as a PS4 Ultra....

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    God Bless Sony For Supporting Singleplayer [Amy Hennig]

    in Sony Discussion on 15 July 2018

    I was so looking forward to the Viceral Star War game that Amy was working on, but sadly EA killed it. Anyway I wish Amy gets an oppotunity to make some amazing single player exclusive for Sony....

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    Why console crossplay will mean nothing in the long run

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2018

    The potential market access has big implications, and I dont think crossplay will bring benefits to consumers, especially console gamers. The 3rd party companies will not put the same effort on games with smaller gamer base and this just leaves the consumers in unequal position. I still remember the PS3 era when 3rd party games where very poorly implemented ports  for PS3 and the reason was...

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    Confirmed: Next Gen Xbox Codenamed Scarlet.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 June 2018

    Maxosaurus-rex said: shikamaru317 said: Well, now that Starfield is announced by Bethesda and confirmed to be a next-gen game, maybe next gen consoles will release by Holiday 2019 instead of Holiday 2020. We'll have to see. Either way, I'm hyped as hell for next gen. A title screen makes you speculate that a game is coming out next year?  The XBox One X is in...

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    God of War Exhaustive (100%, 150+ hours) Review (MILD SPOILERS)

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 June 2018

    I think it is not possible for one single game to  be perfect in all aspects and to meet all personal preferences of millions of players. But fior me, GoW 4 comes out as best overall game experience I have played so far, and therefore desrves the highest score. But games evolve and surely there will be a game that exceeds GoW eventually....

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    Beating A Dead Horse But God Of War Is Freaking Amazing

    in Sony Discussion on 14 May 2018

    I havent finished the game yet but I can say this is the best game ever. Story, combat, exoploration and graphics are all awesome. The high res 30Hz mode on Pro is so well implemented....

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    Question for GT Sport players

    in Sony Discussion on 26 April 2018

    For me GT3 was all about trying to master Nurnburgring, perfect my laptime as much as possible. I loved the S Vettel challenge in GT5 with the GT monstercar, and especially Nurnburgring. I had stopped playing GT for a long time but with GT Sport what I discovered is that the sensation of driving is superb. It feels right. Absolutely amazing. I drive with Thrustmaster wheel, but also with the...

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    Xbox One is the best console if you don't care about exclusive new games - The Verge

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2018

    Discs? BC? Why look back?. I hope next gen has no disc players....

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    PS4 and Xbox One exclusive titles aren't that impressive

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 April 2018

    Game reviews sort of lost their purpose when review  sites started to use low scores as clickbaits. This  was especially bad at the time of current gen launch.Also the player scores were being manipulated by extreme opinions rather than objective ones. Personally I see no valuee in metascore. Fortunately nowadays you can watch lots of gameplay in YouTube to make up your mind before...

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    Phil Spencer Respond About The state of Xbox One First party Exclusives and The Answer is Sad

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 April 2018

    What Phil is essentially saying is that XBoX fans need to wait. ...

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