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    ioi why did the software numbers come yet???(NA&JP)

    in Website Topics on 02 May 2008

    or complain when they say they are dedicated in offering sale data, o wait they have....

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    BioWare: Is the Wii Actually Gaming?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 April 2008

    so great games like pac-man, tetris, street fighter should not be considered games. Pac-man and tetris which I still play from time to time have no narrative at all, so they are not games, big surprise to me....

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    Relationship Help Please

    in General Discussion on 17 April 2008

    she is a liar and was playing with you, gotta confront her about the lying before that she went out with a other dude short after and wasn't her "true" love if you really want to be with her.Without much hassle I hope you don't REALLY want to be with her that bad and forget that girl (I wanna call her worse just cause of lying)...

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    **Official** 5 million Game Club Of All Time

    in Sales Discussion on 02 April 2008

    If you add gamecube Zelda:tp its near 6mil or even over it, pretty sure over it....

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    Gears of War 2= Epic fail?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 April 2008

    The other guy seems like a stupid jerk (dunno whats the policy on curse words yet or I would have used other words o.o), sounds so stupid and using noob like he does doesn't help. That guy needs a good pimp slap.I think that was one of the main points you were going for, gamepro people are stupid. I think both are going to be big games but Gears of War 2 selling little less then 1 and Resistence...

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    Pro Sony or Pro Nintendo?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 April 2008

    I am pro nintendo more then pro sony but still like sony. I think the underdog factor with nintendo helps, being that they are fully just a game company and not a huge EVIL organization >.>...

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    Why isn't Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz considered hardcore?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2008

    Never heard about hardcore gamers or hardcore games before ps2/xbox/gc time. Before people use to play pac-man like crazy and I thought they were really hardcore cause of the amount of time they put in playing a game, even a game simple as pac-man.I think hardcore came from xbox actually, some crap americans thought of so they can be cool playing halo and games with guns,gore, etc..and then put...

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    The Wii does not = , > the PS2,PS3,360 because they are NOT THE SAME!!

    in Sales Discussion on 26 March 2008

    lol a machine which plays games doesn't compete with other machines that play games. To this he is gonna say o what about pc games uh, what about cell phone games uh uh uuuuuh. Yea, check gamespot or ign and see what sections they have, a pc and mobile section. Anything that play games is competition for other things that play games. This is the gaming market, this site just so happens to gather...

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    Is every Link in each LoZ game the same person or a decendant of the First?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 March 2008

    I get vgchartz homepage with that link o.ogametrailers theory seems pretty right in most parts, minish cap does seem like the first followed by OoT then time split happens. Nintendo guy stated there was a split that happens after OoT so there are 2 timelines. Then the list of games they put in hyrule A and B are wrong then?...

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    Nintendo Domination Continues!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 March 2008

    The only way to expand the gaming market more is to get more people into gaming. As was said, the new people going into the gaming market will be casuals, thats just how people start, no way starting hardcore. This is just the casual phase that we all have to go through and just wait when the market expands so much that those casuals will then turn to hardcore gamers.At some point then, there...

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    jat li or jackie chan???

    in General Discussion on 23 March 2008

    Jackie chan all the wayAlso Jet li doesn't have a future, maybe even older then jackie chan. Both are accomplish action actors. Jet li even already announced his last movie, dunno why he is making more movies still....

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    Thanks to Brawl! Shovelware Machine passes RRoD Machine in Million Seller!

    in Sales Discussion on 19 March 2008

     Sullla makes up some of the points in this thread. Wii games are selling loads, more then xbox360 first year in first party and third party. Wii has more total units of million sellers sold. All this means $ for nintendo.This whole site is about $ , this is a selling chart site, what point aren't people getting? These are the kind of threads that should be made not what song are you...

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    How many VG Chartz members listen to Rush Limbaugh and/or Shawn Hannity?

    in General Discussion on 17 March 2008

    "There is no doubt that he is the most influential/successful person in media ever though."What media you talking about, news host or radio host? Not sure what he's job title is. Surprised some people here listen to him, never met anyone that ever talked about him. Well seems kinda funny for a news channel show....

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    Why do you think Microsoft is evil?

    in General Discussion on 15 March 2008

    Weren't they in courts a few times in monopoly charges.People hate them because they seem like a monopoly (not saying they aren't or not or not trying to be) and the constant charging for crap stuff (different types of OS-home,ultimate, etc.. and xbl)...

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    XBLA "full of crap" says Wii Software dev

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 March 2008

    BengaBenga: You made it very unclear that this is NOT someone from Nintendo speaking, but a 3rd party developer.This topic fails now?...

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    Why haven't Sony or MS copied Wii Play?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2008

    Maybe just wouldn't play as well as it does in the wii.And about why they haven't done a smash brothers, they have no famous, legendary cast of characters to work with. That anime fighter might have worked but anime isn't that huge here and people won't see it as a smash brother type game but more like a dbz fighting game and theres loads of those....

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    Reggie of Nintendo comments on 360

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2008

    I love that he responded to a question, if he didn't respond I would have lost respect for him for being scared to voice his thoughts. Also he didn't go into attacking mode, he just answered it shortly and clearly.People gotta stop being uptight pansies and scared and voice their thoughts more...

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    Oh oh! Microsoft's E&D unit earns $524 million

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 March 2008

    A complete turnaround like in this gen is maybe the most fun. Playstation bowing to wii and xbox, xbox 1st year lead not making it a solid win for them. Nintendo which started this whole new gaming market at top, etc..like waiting for playstation games to come out to see if ps3 can overcome their losses (mgs,final fantasy, gta and on). I don't see how next gen can top this one. Xbox all you can...

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    PS3 fanboys and acceptance?

    in General Discussion on 13 March 2008

    Someone said neutralizing effect, I think this is right.Both ps3 and xbox fans accept they can't beat the wii but also rather then admit losing to the wii and bow down they dismiss it and focus on xbox. PS3 fans know they can compete and beat the xbox fairly. Xbox fans know xbox still has millions more sold then ps3 in terms of hardware and software so they don't take ps3 that seriously.So its...

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    I know our rating system is Ridiculous, but this is... well... Ridiculous!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 March 2008

    This is the people's rating system, people are voting for the games. Lots of people may just hate brawl and with that hate they are more inclined to vote. Thus since they hate the game, they don't like the game, they don't think the game should be rated higher.Most of what you guys are saying is that people don't analyze the game and fully rate it based on gameplay,story,graphics,artwork,music,...

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