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    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Shikamo's wall:

    The U.S. sales ending September 2nd are up. I need a thread about it. My disappointment at Mario + Rabbids sales is at a all time high

    created and damn the numbers are so low :X

    2 days ago

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Shikamo's wall:

    A fellow FM fan huh?

    yeap i had stopped playing at FM 2008 and I ended up playing again in FM 2016, unfortunately 2017 is not selling in Brazil because of clubs' licensing :/

    2 days ago

    hmm, that's kind of weird. You'd think since the clubs now use fake names anyway there wouldn't be anything to prevent them selling it there.
    Still, nice to see another fan of an awesome game :)

    2 days ago

    what I know Fm used the clubs and players names and didn't pay any license, so they banned his sales here.

    2 days ago

    Not sure about the players (barely played 17 tbh), but IIRC the clubs name were all changed to 3 letter abbreviations such as SAN for Santos.
    Pretty naughty if they did still use all the real players though. Not as if someone wouldn't have released a mod with the real teams/players anyway.

    2 days ago

    What about 18? Is that releasing in Brazil?

    2 days ago

    nothing about pre order or release date yet :/

    2 days ago

    < caffeinade posted something on Shikamo's wall:

    Are you enjoying BotW?

    yeap easily one of the best games ever made, its not goty for me because this year had Persona 5 :P

    4 days ago

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Shikamo's wall:

    How do you like Chrono? Thinking of playing it. Inherited a copy of the DS game from my grandpa

    is one of my favorite games ever, I remember the first time I played on Snes, it was magic :p, on ds I finished the game only one time, so I decided to play again for simple nostalgia, not to mention the countless times that I played it again on the snes emulator :)

    on 09 October 2017

    Oh really? Nice! do you like handhelds generally? what other favorite games do you have?

    on 09 October 2017

    I've always played a lot in a handheld since I was a child, in 2014 I became a associate (I own 50%) of an imported and artisanal chocolate store, I take care of the administrative part so I stay at home at least 80% of the time and the other 20% I'm going to the store to annoy the girls (employess) :p, so I started to play a lot more on the pc and on home console and let the handhelds a little sideways.

    on 09 October 2017

    so ... this also explains my excess of free time haha

    on 09 October 2017

    and yet, i have more posts than you! hahaha, I wish i had a job like that!

    on 09 October 2017

    I'm always reading everything on the forum, I don't post too much just to avoid discussion, because i hate stressing myself for stupid discussion :P

    on 09 October 2017

    < Finale posted something on Shikamo's wall:

    Hey thanks for accept,i don't thought i would see another brazillian here of all places(tanto ้ que nem pensei em escrever em pt at้ agora haha)Anyway,are you enjoying chrono trigger?Is one of my favorites.

    tem varios brasileiros no forum, Bralod, Vini256, Lipejj, mzuzek, wagnerpaiva, ericfabian e outros, a e pode escrever em portugues na minha pagina, eu sempre escrevo na do bralod e na do lipe kk

    on 05 October 2017

    eu ja terminei chrono trigger varias vezes no snes e no ds, so estou rejogando :P

    on 05 October 2017

    Eu adoro chrono trigger tbm,zerei umas 20 vezes no ds.Foi ele e ffvi que me motivaram a ser game designer e tal(nas horas vagas).

    6 days ago

    daora, eu queria trabalhar com game design, infelizmente eu herdei um bom dinheiro e virei socio da minha mae, ela tem uma loja de chocolate artesanal que fica em um dos maiores shoppings da cidade e eu cuido da parte administrativa, entao eu fico em casa fazendo bons nadas na maior parte do tempo.

    6 days ago

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    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy currently listed for Xbox One and Switch on Keymailer

    in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago

    Keymailer is a company that connects YouTube and Twitch content creators to games publishers and developers via review codes. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is currently listed for the Switch and Xbox One on Keymailer’s site.   Source 1 amd Source 2...

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    Switch eShop adds Section for Games on Sale

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