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    Sony should buy some Cloud service: I found a good one.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2019 by fordy

    Cerebralbore101 said: fordy said: Virtual Networks/Machines are the cloud based alternative to their physical counterparts. There are thousands of businesses that use Azure, or services like it, and they all use it for different purposes. Your question is like asking what Sony would do with a new computer: it's really up to them.  As I mentioned before, Azure is made to...

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    Is becoming a vegetarian/vegan worth it?

    in General Discussion on 15 December 2017 by scrapking

    Mr Puggsly said: I've been vegetarian for about a year now. I shit better, like warm stick of butter. Its been pretty easy once I got past the first few months and discovered new foods like canned beans. My only concern is potentially lacking nutrients found in meat. Vegan is a bridge too far for me though. You're in luck, every nutrient found in meat is also found in plant...

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    The state of illinois issued lay off notices to hundreds of employees because the sweetened beverage tax was delayed

    in Politics Discussion on 04 August 2017 by spurgeonryan

    Has not caused too many problems, just more soda returns at my store. ...

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    Anyone else regret voting for Trump?

    in Politics Discussion on 05 July 2017 by SpokenTruth

    Cyran said: Superman4 said: Increasing the tax burden based on income puts the middle class in the worst situation of the three especially if you are at the bottom of the top percentage. You will end up paying the most tax even though you barely met the tax bracket.  When I read this it makes me think there a miss udnerstanding of how the tax brakets works.  You...

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    Turkey bans Wikipedia

    in Politics Discussion on 09 May 2017 by Pemalite

    Aeolus451 said: Trying to protect your borders from illegal immigration and potential terriorists (nothing wrong with throughly vetting people who come from countries where terrorists are active) is not far-right. To the left's pov maybe but not in general. I never specifically said that protecting your borders was a far-right mentality.  But the xenophobic approach that is...

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    Why the U.S. pays more for health care than the rest of the world

    in General Discussion on 09 May 2017 by Rab

    Are Republicans lying about Health Care ...

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    DNC election was a huge fraud including Bernie Sanders, an insider perspective

    in Politics Discussion on 08 May 2017 by TargaryenVers2

    Sanders was and is a bad candidate, period that wouldn't have gotten anything done and is well known not to play well with others in government. The Republicans went way easy on him in the primaries because they knew they had a lot of dirt they could use, whether justified or not (rape essays, USSR Honeymoon, Venezuela comments, the pipeline to poor Mexican communities, etc) as well as the fact...

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    There is a bill that will provide universal healthcare for California residents.

    in Politics Discussion on 08 April 2017 by Aeolus451

    Good luck with that. I'm all for California putting some of their ideas to the test. ...

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    President Duterte decreased Crime Rate in the Philippines by 13%!

    in Politics Discussion on 10 March 2017 by MarkkyStorm

    Puppyroach said: MarkkyStorm said: Keep thinking legalizing everything will stop narcotic traffic. Also, keep thinking that all drug dealers will suddenly become good persons just because drugs are legalized. It would just increase violent crimes, because they would go after the money in other, and probably more violent, ways. About the use of the word "fascist"...

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    Late shows on Trump's first solo press conference

    in Politics Discussion on 26 February 2017 by thranx

    Scoobes said: thranx said: I can attest to how bad the school systems are in the US. Just look at the riots in the University system reecently. Its better to riot and cause turmoil, and to shut down free speech, than to have an open debate. Its their way or the highway, and all they want is free, free, free. Everything is a right and neccesity to college students now. But it starts...

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    Donate for Trump to fight the media!

    in Politics Discussion on 20 February 2017 by VGPolyglot

    ClassicGamingWizzz said: i have no doubt in my mind people like this will https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPYXy7hmbj0 sell their houses to support him against the evil media overlords xD CNN and Donald Trump, I know that no matter who wins out of those two, we lose....

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    Rapists can now sue victims seeking abortions

    in Politics Discussion on 16 February 2017 by thranx

    VGPolyglot said: thranx said: Can't help those that choose to be in that situation. They shouldn't marry people they think will rape them. I sure know it was one of my criteria. If they feel they raped them while in marriage, they can choose to divorce them, and than they can get their abortion. the law covers this scenario and allows abortion after divorce. So, you're...

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    Betsy DeVos confirmed as Education secretary after Pence breaks 50-50 tie.

    in Politics Discussion on 11 February 2017 by deskpro2k3

    guys listen, look we got to post in all our Betsy DeVos jokes in before people forget how to read....

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    Solar Power Is Becoming The World's Cheapest Energy

    in Politics Discussion on 10 February 2017 by EricHiggin

    psychicscubadiver said: How would gas/oil prices spike if a part of the population stops using it? You have the same supply at a lower demand. Basic economics says that costs should decrease it that situation. Unfortunately nothing in the world today is simply just basic. The gas/oil companies are not going to sit back and just watch it happen. Every little event that happens in...

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    Meet the new US Budget Director

    in Politics Discussion on 31 December 2016 by UnderstatedCornHole

    Torillian said: So a bunch of generalities and bullshit as a response? No specific examples of what you are talking about. No conclusion on how what I do is being turned into dishonest conclusions. I have to agree with the poster above that said that your comment that conservative science is just science means that you aren't worth discussing things with. I know scientists hate...

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    Trump: 'Nobody Really Knows' If Climate Change Is Real

    in Politics Discussion on 30 December 2016 by Chris Hu

    Lafiel said: thranx said: the universe must revolve around us. All people believed this at one point in time. it must be true. Science is now a majority vote not based on facts and reason but on the community agreeing to it. Very Democratic and all. But what a load of BS. Science comes from the dissenters who question. By your standards there would be no advancement as we should...

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    Why Trump supporters stand by debunked claim

    in Politics Discussion on 30 December 2016 by AsGryffynn

    SpokenTruth said: AsGryffynn said: I am more concerned by how California issues Driving Licenses in two different formats for no good reason...  The upright style are for provisional or Under 21 cards.  Makes it easy to recognize that someone is under 21 for liquor purchases or is using a Learners Permit.  Look at the blue and red blocks to the right of the...

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    Funny pictures

    in General Discussion on 28 December 2016 by JEMC

    Only a couple of gifs: ...

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    What do you think would be the best outcome for the US Electoral College?

    in Politics Discussion on 07 December 2016 by pokoko

    BVick said: pokoko said: lol. That's just a bullshit political scapegoat term, same as "red wall", which people parrot because they can't build their own arguments.  lol.  Tell me, instead, how many recent Republican Presidents have won the Electoral College but not the popular vote?  lol.  Okay, now tell me how many recent Democrat Presidents have won the...

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    Trump is aiming for two-terms. Yay?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 December 2016 by thranx

    SpokenTruth said: thranx said: I remember when Obama got elected the first time. I took to the streets. I rioted for days. Idestryed stuff. I disrupted the flow of traffic. Then he got elected a second time! Bot howdy did I go and riot again. I was upset. I did not get MY way. Oh wait, nevermind it must of all been a dream. There were no riots. Property was not destroyed. I didn't...

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