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    SMACH Z. A Nintendo Switch with(out) Nintendo games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 November 2016

    hershel_layton said: Knitemare said: ^This... would be the main reason for this device to fail even with better specs than Switch and Vita and the WiiU... But I have to say it, the buttons and joysticks distributions are far better than those of the Switch. I never liked Nintendo Controls, with the exception of SNES' ones. Not even the Wii u pro controller? Nah,...

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    SMACH Z. A Nintendo Switch with(out) Nintendo games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 November 2016

    onionberry said: I think this is a waste of money, not because I hate the design or anything, looks kinda cool but judging by the video, games are not optimized for this thing and I would not expect a lot of support like patches or updates from developers, $300 or $500 is too much for what it is. better buy a Switch or a 3ds+Vita Combo if you need portability. For $199 I would think about...

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    My Big Butt.

    in General Discussion on 01 November 2016

    Nice you kept your word. And very nice butt btw. Tbh i expected a different type of thread, but it caught me off guard for my amusement ^^...

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    Is no 4K Bluray on PS4 Pro the biggest BS Sony pulled yet?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2016

    1. they dont "own" blu ray. 2. then why are they releasing dedicated players if there is no market for them? 1.- They are the ones who put it on the market, so they have the numbers... 2.- Maybe in those numbers, they already know that the kind of people who would buy the PS4 Pro is the kind of people who already own a 4k player... Time will tell, if they made a mistake or not....

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    Is no 4K Bluray on PS4 Pro the biggest BS Sony pulled yet?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2016

    Since they own and license the technology, Sony probably know a thing or two about Blu-ray's market share in the consumption of 4K content. This... I was on the "Sony failed" boat, but with this reason I think I will disembark now......

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    Nintendo has pulled the Ultimate middle finger to their core fans for the last 3 generations.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 June 2016

    I dont think that the reason the do not make high end hardware is because they dont want... mostly because they cant... They dont have the Tech, nor the engineering to surpass MS or Sony in hardware terms... Good thing is they can make awesome software to be competitive even with lower Hardware. Bad thing is that the third parties like to go with better hardware......

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    Is Killer Instinct the Arcade Fighting Game this gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 February 2016

    Azzanation said: Since the departure of Double Helix, many including myself went on to think that KI would drop from its outstanding quality. Knowing Iron Galaxy was going to take charge I had many doubts on KI’s future. Seems to be one of the best moves I have seen so far. Not only has Iron Galaxy continued the amazing quality that KI has, its surpassing what Double Helix...

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    XboxOne loses many exclusive games again. Your thoughts?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 February 2016

    Yeah, I am kinda dissapointed, since I have almost no reason to buy it, and I was excited lately for the game Layers of Fear, and now, itll come to PS4, so thats another game that I will buy in PS4 instead of Xbone... I just have 2 games, Halo MCC and Rise of the Tomb Raider, which if I waited I could have bought in ps4 as well... Shyte Micro$oft, you sold me a lie >.<...

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    VGChartz Greatest Video Game Character Tournament 2015 - Stage 1, Round 9

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2016

    4p Scorpion 3p DK 2p pikachu 1p Layton...

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    It's November 21st 2016. The NX is out and on par with PS4. Are 3rd parties on board?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 December 2015

    Everyone will wait out for the Nintendo exclusives and 3rd parties games wont sell as good, and then 3rd party leaves the big N again......

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    Is the gaming community excited for NX or just Nintendo fans?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2015

    Im a hard to the bone PS fanboy... Being said that, I have Xbone (for MCC) and just got WiiU for SSB4, and have a gaming rig with al kind of games, but I use it mostly for RTSs and mobas... and yes, I am excited because before being a PS fanboy I am a gamer, and its always exciting when new gaming devices see the light... I want to know whats cooking in Nintendos kitchen, maybe it can make me...

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    Opinion: PS4 will blow away the XB1 with better games in 2016

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 December 2015

    NobleTeam360 said:I haven't even seen any fanboys say "PS has no games in quite a while". Maybe I'm just not paying attention. Maybe cuz it aint true anymore......

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    "We will make you buy your favorite PS2 games that you already own" - Sony

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 December 2015

    Rob5VGC said: Signalstar said:If you already own them then you can already play them... on your PS2. These are updated remasters specifically configured for the PS4. I should report you for thinking logically and trying to mindfvck people. Yes, report him, he doesnt belong on this community with his thinking before typing......

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