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Ps4 @100mill shipped!

in Sony Discussion 6 days ago by JRPGfan

John2290 said: I was just about to make a tread betting who would reavh 100m first, Pewdiepie or Sony. Sony, always winning. Pewd actually did reach 100m too right? (which btw is insane) ...

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Director's/Extended Cuts that massively improved a film?

in Movies Discussion 6 days ago by Immersiveunreality

d21lewis said: Watchmen. Loved it so much more after the Director's Cut. Still a product of its time and a Snyder film but I didn't want it to end. One of my most beloved super hero movies is watchmen,it's different,it's daring,gritty and it stands above much of the more generic/safe superhero movies. Doctor Manhattan would also wipe the floor with most of the Marvel heroes ...

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Why do I keep getting badges?

in Website Topics on 15 August 2019 by Machina

trunkswd said: Machina said: Clear your notifications guys. This. Also Machina, so many tags with your name. Are you even missing any? XD  Had to hide the Beta Tester one ^^ ...

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This place is getting deserted, and we have to do something about it

in Website Topics on 15 August 2019 by Replicant

SwitchUP said: Hi everyone. New to the website, happy to be here. I've been a very long time fan, but this topic made me join. One thing I'd like to say, my 2 cents, for what it's worth, about the situation..... from an outsider looking in, the responses, and many threads, seam toxic. Please, dont vilify me for what I'm saying. But, for the longest time, I think, just from what I've seen,...

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Can Avengers: Endgame take the #1 spot beating Avatar? ...It just did !!!!

in Movies Discussion on 06 August 2019 by elazz

It turns out more people saw Endgame than Avatar as well due to Avatar having 85% 3D admission and Endgame only 50%. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxmN2Ga1p34 ...

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Nintendo quarterly results (Switch 36.87 million)

in Nintendo Discussion on 06 August 2019 by curl-6

HylianSwordsman said: curl-6 said: Looking at those tie ratios I must be one of like 6 Switch owners who doesn't own BOTW, Mario Kart 8, or Smash Ultimate on it, lulz Wait, what? You don't own BotW? Do you own the Wii U version or something? Yeah, got it on Wii U as I was far from sold on Switch at the time. I wanted to wait and see if the Switch was going to...

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Global Hardware 13 July 2019

in Latest Charts on 02 August 2019 by NathanSSSS

colafitte said: Bofferbrauer2 said: I don't question the PS4's sales, but I do wonder a bit where they are being sold. My guess is that the RoW is getting more and more important and the big 3 (Japan, the US and Europe) getting less and less of the global sales share. Yes, probably. I feel the same. I miss the old days when you had "others" on the sales page. You still...

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Xbox Scarlet 2020 Wish List

in Microsoft Discussion on 30 July 2019 by Replicant

An exclusive Perfect Dark, Alan Wake or Quantum Break sequel would make me buy the next Xbox in a heartbeat. If they're also on PC I'll most likely just buy them there but Microsoft benefits either way so I don't think they care. ...

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Most Anticipated New Release of August

in General Discussion on 30 July 2019 by Barkley

Age of Wonders. Though I'm not buying it at full price. ...

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the semi official VGChartz Minecraft thread

in PC Discussion on 28 July 2019 by goddog

IllegalPaladin said: That would be awesome, I actually recently purchased Bedrock edition too. Cool will PM you to try and find out how to add you also although cramped right now normal servers are up.... I have one more move planned in the next 3 months so there will be another down time... edit forum updates are no longer alerting me, but PMs do seem to come through ...

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Astral Chain previews are coming out and things are looking very good

in Nintendo Discussion on 24 July 2019 by Sunstrider


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Global Hardware 6 July 2019

in Latest Charts on 23 July 2019 by CrazyGamer2017

JRPGfan said: CosmicSex said: All of this End of Life PS4 predictions has me wondering when Sony's Q1 results are due. They already shipped 100 million so folks saying that it will top out at 110 are crazy. They are almost guaranteed to be over that by the end of Q4. Going under 120 is like implying that Sony will stop shipping them. They will keep selling them into 2021 or...

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I figured out why the Switch Lite is pointless.

in Gaming Discussion on 15 July 2019 by vivster

Everything has a point if you're brave enough. ...

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Global Hardware 22 June 2019

in Latest Charts on 05 July 2019 by curl-6

Bofferbrauer2 said: curl-6 said: I can see Xbone falling below 40k over the next few months, but sub-30k? I dunno, that just seems too low. That feels more like something that'd happen next year after Scarlet's fully unveiled. In any case, below 40k would be Wii U level of weekly sales. And that's with near-constant promotions. Oh it's definitely selling poorly,...

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Global Hardware 27 April 2019

in Latest Charts on 23 May 2019 by 0D0

TheBlackNaruto said: Switch still staying up there despite no releases NICE!!!! PS4 just wow....nothing more need to be said and XB1.....sad......hopefully Next Gen is better system wise and game wise for the XB1 I wonder what can they do next generation to improve sales. Will they come out with online-only again? ...

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Global Hardware April 13th 2019

in Latest Charts on 14 May 2019 by 0D0

People still buy 3DS ...

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Global Hardware 6 April 2019

in Latest Charts on 13 May 2019 by colafitte

0D0 said: Please, keep posting. I sympathise with you. You're going to have a hard time saying anything negative towards Nintendo here. I've seen it here on a regular basis. You will also probably get more moderated when going against Nintendo than any other company here. Indeed. He already apologised in another thread and we moved on in good terms. So everything is...

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Is the market ready for a $500 console yet?

in Gaming Discussion on 26 April 2019 by VAMatt

The_Liquid_Laser said: $500 is too expensive. If PS5 releases at that price (or higher), then it is going to get spanked again. With Google coming in and Switch already selling well, the competition looks even tougher this time around than it did in generation 7. And...I hate to say this...but we are kind of due for a recession. The business cycle is called a "cycle" for a reason. I hope it...

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VG$ Store Opened

in Website Topics on 21 April 2019 by outlawauron

Echo_Djinn said: Hello, world! I like the progress on this site, so it's time I joined in the fun. Welcome! Time to start earning your dollars!...

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VGChartz's logo has a new font

in Website Topics on 19 April 2019 by TalonMan

COKTOE said: kirby007 said: Eh i dont see it, The only place I see it is if I go to Browse Members. I've fluttered around most of the site and it's the old font everywhere but there. That's because that page hasn't been moved to the new "responsive" layout - as you'll note the old Forum Buddy on that page, too. There are a few other pages scattered about that haven't...

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