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    Permaban - Flaming (It's cleawr that you're only here to take shot after shot at those who are theists. We've been through warnings and bans and threats... so it's time for you to leave. A bit of advice: all your demeaning and degrading posts have only delegitimized your posts and stances. Treat others with more respect going forward. Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.) ~ Smeags [7274759]

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    < super6646 posted something on ZombieJesus's wall:

    Final warning... its very harsh. But you got to face the music. I remember toastboy's final warning. He didn't listen; he's gone now...

    < Esiar posted something on ZombieJesus's wall:

    Trolling makes no sense dude.

    I know. The moderators are trolling me hard.

    on 03 May 2015

    < Esiar posted something on ZombieJesus's wall:

    Wouldn't it make sense for you to be 2015 years old? Your username is ZombieJesus...

    Pretty sure there is a hard cap near 100 as per the logic of the code.

    on 09 February 2015


    on 10 February 2015

    I don't understand.

    on 10 February 2015

    When you register there is some javascript validation which prevents you from selecting an age over 100. I distinctly remember this.

    Apparently the coders were quite lazy as there is no such validation through settings.

    Cool idea! Unfortunately, it requires a year in the format (YYYY) and it does not recognize 0s as placeholders, so "0001" really translates to "2001".

    on 11 February 2015

    Put the year as "-1"

    on 16 April 2015

    Aha, clever you, pi guy.

    on 17 April 2015


    < Nintentacle posted something on ZombieJesus's wall:

    I don't think Zombies ascend to Heaven.

    Seems to be a grey area.

    on 21 December 2014

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    Write 114

    Any theist around here?

    in Politics Discussion on 10 May 2015

    You scared OP? ~Mod Edit~ Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. -Smeags...

    Write 65

    How should I help my friend who is getting bullied.

    in Politics Discussion on 06 May 2015

    Suggestions: 1. Get him a hot girlfriend. 2. If it's just smack talk, find a way to win. Since this is stereotype school, jocks will be dumb right? Should be easy to win a battle of wits. 3. Make sure he's always with at least 1 friend so he has some confidence that someone is there to back him up. 4. Ignore it...if it's just verbal it's basically like internet trolling...get over...

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    First Game You Regretted Buying

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2015

    Seriously awful. Painfully boring game. Followed very closely by Fallout New Vegas. ...


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