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    < Spike0503 updated his status:

    Just another lurker

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Spike0503's wall:

    I do love this avatar!

    < Wright posted something on Spike0503's wall:

    Just a heads-up, the gameplay on the DLC is the same but different altogether. Extremely stealth oriented. The first DLC doesn't give you a firearm, at all, aside from a scripted sequence.

    Thank you for letting me know. I've heard about it. I love stealth games so I don't really mind. Does the new gameplay style work well though?.

    on 14 May 2015

    Yeah. It's solid, although there are certain types of enemies that are a waste (the ones that are blind and follow sound are so easily avoidable I wonder why they're there in the first place xD). Not too long, but hey, it was a nice change of pace.

    And the equivalent of Akumu mode in the DLC is even more awesome, called Kurayami mode. Erases every single light in the game, and so you have to work in complete darkness.

    on 14 May 2015

    Very interesting.

    To be honest, I haven't even gotten through the game a second time. The list of trophies seems daunting, specially the speedrun thing, the original RE games had that but I always sucked at it. I'm not great at rushing.

    Anyway, I'll probably give it a shot eventually. The DLD, I mean.

    on 14 May 2015

    I could give you some advice for the speedrunning thing. I've got every single achievement/trophy out of The Evil Within and I didn't do it for getting them's sake, but rather, because I truly loved the game.

    on 14 May 2015

    Any advice would be more than welcome. To be honest, I've been thinking about giving the game another go on one of these days.

    Also, glad to hear that you loved the game. I did enjoy it quite a bit as well and I have even defended it from time to time. It's a flawed experience but I think it got too much flack when it was released, maybe because it didn't follow the trend of being a first person horror game like everyone else and instead chose to be third person.

    on 14 May 2015

    < Spike0503 updated his status:

    Recently played Breath of Fire IV, so boring. I haven't beat a J-RPG in years and years.

    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on Spike0503's wall:

    top 5 exclusives, u only listed 4.

    It's cause I haven't beat UC3 or TLOU and I think one of them will probably get a slot. Aside from that, I haven't played any other exclusives that I would put in a top, like:

    Killzone: Don't like FPS games
    Gran Turismo: Don't like racing games
    Infamous: Just not a lot of fun for me.

    That's why.

    on 02 December 2014

    ok lol. you don't have 1 you could show some mercy to? a little pity.

    just curious lol.

    on 02 December 2014

    Haha, I'm not that cruel!. It's just that my collection ain't that big. If pressed, then I guess spot number 5 would probably go to Uncharted 1.

    on 02 December 2014

    ok lol no pity party. my list isn't big either. I haven't got pass the stage where Drakes a kid in UC3.

    my PS3 had had a piece of hair on the lens no bigger then a pinky toenail, so I had issues with my PS3 playing select games.

    took it apart and next thing I knew, I need a new 3.

    on 02 December 2014

    Ouch, sorry to hear that. I got in waaay late to the party, bought mine in 2011 and I haven't had any issues so far. I'd like to play GoW Ascension eventually even if it's just a copy and paste job, so maybe I'll get that one in someday. Your list is pretty interesting, is TLOU that good?, I'm quite hyped for whenever I get to play it. Oh and what's "M.N.R"?.

    on 02 December 2014

    Mod nation racers. loved it. second best racing/kart racing game i've ever played.

    haven't played TLOU yet. the gameplay looks solid so I know i'll enjoy it.

    on 02 December 2014

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