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    Nymeria's Wall

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    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    So who's the girl on the right in your sig? Her action at the end is kinda unexpected and cute.

    Lidia Valentin - Spain - She won bronze this Summer in Rio in weight class.

    on 10 September 2016

    Thanks, looking at the other winners at Rio I didn't realise weightlifting was so dominated by Asia. Can't say it's a sport that I've really paid much attention to.
    I guess from your regular use of weightlifting sigs you lift yourself?

    on 10 September 2016

    Yes, we discuss it in the fitness federation thread. Been in some competitions and improved my various lifts.

    on 11 September 2016

    Competitions even? That's quite impressive, good luck for future competitions then!

    on 12 September 2016

    Yes. They are open events meaning if you have the entry fee you can compete. I haven't won one yet, but had some solid finishes. More about self improvement than anything. Just like lifting stuff.

    on 12 September 2016

    < Ultrashroomz posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    The woman in your sig looks like Zarya from Overwatch.

    Haven't played it yet, but definitely a goal to look that strong.

    on 07 September 2016

    < Wright posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Wassup, Nymeria?

    Enjoying life, looking forward to some rest and relaxation on vacation in Florida in a couple weeks.

    on 25 March 2016


    on 25 March 2016

    The Sunshine State, it is to the far south with beaches, which I love and don't have where I live and I loved Hawaii for my honeymoon.
    Spain sounds lovely as well, would love to see those beaches someday.

    on 25 March 2016

    < Wright posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    I plan on it! Happy New Year Wright!

    on 29 December 2015

    < The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    You're back?

    For a bit at least. Thought I'd check in on VG Chartz.

    on 07 August 2015


    on 07 August 2015

    < XanderXT posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Hey Nymeria! Question, who's the avatar?

    Lagertha from the show "Vikings"

    on 04 March 2015

    Vikings? That's a show on the history channel, right?

    on 04 March 2015

    Who is your sig?

    on 04 September 2015

    Sorry, I didn't see this. I don't know what channel Vikings is on, I watch it on Blu Ray so I tend to be a season behind.

    My signature is "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey, she is a UFC fighter and current Women's Bantamweight Champion.

    on 04 September 2015

    Well I know it's on History Channel now. I sometimes watchrm reruns of Ancient Aliens. That show is absurd. I didn't recognize her in monochrome. I know her from Fast & Furious 7 and The Exoendables 3.

    on 04 September 2015

    She is going to be starring in her own biopic so I am excited to see that.

    on 04 September 2015

    < padib posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Hey, here I am with my regular Nymeria music update. :)

    So, for today's digest, we have artist Songe on youtube. Check him out he's amazing.

    Dragon Roost Isle:


    Megaman 2 Wiley Stage:


    I have lots to share about music, I'm thinking of starting my own music thread with regular updates, what do you think?

    Starts going away the newcomer spreadable

    on 23 February 2015

    Your legs are spreadable MBP.

    on 23 February 2015

    Always appreciate the links padib

    on 26 February 2015

    :) always a pleasure

    on 13 March 2015

    < Nymeria updated her status:

    Sorry I am not on often. My job keeps me very busy these days so feel bad if have not responded to people.

    As someone who posts regularly on your wall I'll say "No worries Nymeria!" ;)

    on 11 February 2015

    It's ok!

    on 12 February 2015

    < padib posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Sorry for spamming you with music, but here is a really nice interpretation of Gusty Garden Galaxy by some musicians on youtube.


    Holy cow, she makes music too :O Check out this awesome tune:

    on 28 January 2015

    Great songs, thanks for sharing.

    on 11 February 2015

    < padib posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Happy New Year.

    Hereīs a new music thread I posted. Itīs an artist I didnīt know about before.


    Am I missing much in the T.E.C.H. thread? I kind of got lazy with it, regretfully.

    I stopped following it as updates were too infrequent.

    on 26 January 2015

    Are you still into Irish music? If so, here is a really nice tune I thought you might like.

    It's not one of those tunes I hear at the sessions, nor like those I learn in class, but it's beautiful and I heard a less commercial irish artist sing it so it seems legit.

    on 27 January 2015

    Quite beautiful, thank you for sharing.

    on 27 January 2015

    My pleasure, anytime.

    on 27 January 2015

    < Wright posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy New Year!

    on 31 December 2014

    < padib posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    You might like this


    I finally understood your avatar name. You and Augen both are big fans of ASoIaF

    Sorry for the late response, this time of year work is crazy. Thank you for the link. Yeah, he got me into it, cannot wait for Book 6.

    on 22 December 2014

    No worries Nymeria, I figured as much.

    on 22 December 2014

    < padib posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    I went to a ceili (irish music event) on saturday. No harps but lots of fiddles and whistles. It was fun, the dancing was great as always.

    Nice! Did you join in the dancing? Bit of whiskey helps in that regard for me, or at least not care what a fool make of myself.

    on 02 December 2014

    I did, the great thing about ceilis is that it's folk dancing which is really jovial. There's also a caller that tells you how to follow the movements and so you can dance the same moves as everyone else.

    I didn't make use of whiskey but I did enjoy some Alexander Keiths beer. :)

    on 02 December 2014

    < The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    The roleplaying thread is back.

    I just back here today, will try to join in tomorrow.

    on 13 November 2014

    < Wright posted something on Nymeria's wall:


    Yay! Hope it goes well.

    on 08 September 2014

    < Augen posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Accept my friendship, people are starting to talk.

    Oh. All right.

    on 06 September 2014


    on 03 October 2014

    < Wright posted something on Nymeria's wall:


    Sorry, was out last night enjoying myself with friends. Try to wake up and join now.

    on 06 September 2014

    No hurries!

    on 06 September 2014

    Did a profile now

    on 06 September 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Welcome to VGC.

    Be wary of that Smeags fellow. He's always watching...

    I heed your warning. Also, what a cute kitty!

    on 02 September 2014


    Unfortunately :(

    on 02 September 2014

    < Smeags posted something on Nymeria's wall:

    Welcome to VGC! Hope you enjoy your stay here. :D

    Watch out for that Augen guy though, he means nothing but trouble.

    Thank you. He's weird, but he did give me a big shiny rock so I put up with him. :P

    Like your raccoon.

    on 28 August 2014

    Thanks. He's a bit out of control with the ban hammer at times, but for the most part he's cool.

    on 28 August 2014

    The what? So mild in real life, he being a tough guy here. Have to give him a hard time about it.

    on 28 August 2014

    Hey welcome to the site!
    And hey smeags, why on earth i have this weird feeling that your'e not what u pretend to be?! :-I

    on 29 August 2014

    Because it's true.

    I'm not really a raccoon.

    I'm a human.

    on 29 August 2014

    Gasp! The raccoon's out of the bag now!

    on 29 August 2014

    I guess sorry Nymeria idk why im talking to Smeags here but it will be my last! Smeags u know what i mean! I may repeat this and never say it again, you're not what u pretend to be! and only me and maybe some others know this top secret! so muhahahaha!!!!!

    on 29 August 2014

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