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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion on 05 September 2019 by Shadow1980

    Farsala said: Toonami definitely started my liking of anime, and Adult Swim solidified it. They were my favorite shows to watch closely followed by Hannah Barbera shows. I miss 90s shows eh. The 90s were such a great decade. Probably the last great decade. The Cold War had ended, 9/11 hadn't happened yet. The internet was in its infancy and still hadn't become mainstream, which I...

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

    in Sony Discussion on 27 June 2019 by DemoniOtaku

    Kresnik said: DemoniOtaku said: Damn, been so long since I visited here... thanks for keeping it alive, kresnik! lots of thing happening for Vita this year, most of them not that good, but glad to have formed part of this community. I´m loving Vita despite not having one right now, but if everythings is ok for end of year, will try to clear some of the my backlog list,...

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    Japanese Developers are totally destroying Western Developers in Quality titles so far!

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 April 2019 by Replicant

    AngryLittleAlchemist said: Replicant said: 1. Oh, I see how it may sound like that. No, it's definitely impressive that a single country manages to give us as many great games as the entire remaining world. 2. That's true. There are some ports from last gen. I think 6, right? GTAV, TLOU, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Diablo 3, and Rayman Legends. 3. Good point. Yet another game...

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    Japan Sales- Switch Year 1 vs 3DS and Wii U

    in Sales Discussion on 20 March 2018 by pastro243

    RolStoppable said: pastro243 said: What were the final numbers? Wii U is displayed in the OP already, so 1.2m. Switch finished at 3.8m, the 3DS got slightly above 5m. Thank you! ...

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    Prediction: Uncharted 4 will sell 10 million

    in Sony Discussion on 29 January 2018 by DonFerrari

    mjk45 said: JRPGfan said:                                             So many people doubted it would happend :) I am here to defend those that obviously can't defend themselves they might not have a leg to stand on, but I will defend them on...

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    Some Americans Calling for Death of Woman Who Urinated on Flag

    in Politics Discussion on 20 July 2017 by SpokenTruth

    bigtakilla said: SpokenTruth said: No one is arguing for your point because it's irrelevant.  By the way, there are literally thousands of laws still on the books that have been ruled unconstitional.  Repeals take time and cost money.  Why bother going through all that when the Supreme Court effectively nullified it for you anyway? If you think people...

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    Sony: 60.4 million sold through to consumer (ps4)

    in Sales Discussion on 10 July 2017 by KazumaKiryu

    peterdavid12345 said: Amazing sales, but i still believe it can still be better when God of War, Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II come out. Those 3 are the biggest PlayStation game since Uncharted 4 imho. 2018 is the biggest and best Games-Year with 2017, that is sure. God of War, Spider-Man, The Last of Us 2 - its a dream! And Detroit Become Human, FF7 Remake, Yakuza 6, Shenmue...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2017 by superchunk

    Own as soon as it launches: Nintendo Switch Currently Own: WiiU Xbox One PC Have Owned:Atari 2600 NES SNES N64 NGC Wii Gameboy NDSLite PS3 ...

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    Is 720p still acceptable to you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 December 2016 by SamLeheny

    It depends on the game (and the size of the screen) but generally no. Granted, I work with graphics, so I'm more sensitive to this stuff. I can't NOT tell the difference between two resolutions at a glance....

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    Nintendo Just Did What Microsoft Did.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 November 2016 by zorg1000

    Magnus said: Microsoft didn't port Halo to Xbox 360 at launch so no, you cannot compare what Nintendo did with the Wii U with what Microsoft did. Kameo: Elements of Power & Perfext Dark Zero were both supposed to be Xbox games but they were instead switched to launch games for Xbox 360....

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    Last gen, did you survive YLOD and/or RROD?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 November 2016 by DannyDesario

    December 2006 PS3 broke around 3 months ago, so I did survive during that gen. Sold my 360 so idk about that one,...

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    Finding Dory to be yet another billion dollar film for Disney this year? 1 billion! Eat it haterz! If there were some.....

    in Movies Discussion on 14 October 2016 by Boutros

    Chris Hu said: Well it actually did a bit faster then I thought it would do it for a while it also looked like it wouldn't do it. The next animated movie that is pretty much guaranteed to make over a billion is Despicable Me 3. The last three animated movies released this year Trolls, Moana and Sing all should do better then Storks but will come nowhere close of making as much money as...

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    COMPLETE: First 10 Weeks: Uncharted 4 vs Other popular titles

    in Sales Discussion on 09 September 2016 by Swordmasterman

    foodfather said: The complete lack of competition helped a lot. I thought hitting 4 mil would be tough but it should reach that by the holidays and then 4.5 mil in the holidays should be easy.  The original PS4 (with discount) and the main PS4 Slim's bundle is Uncharted 4. So, it can sell more than 4 Million on VG Chartz before the holidays....

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    Are Sony or MS capable of creating a cultural phenomenon like Pokemon Go?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 August 2016 by Mnementh

    Nogamez said: "Can Sony or Microsoft create a cultural phenomenon like pokemon go"? A: yes they already have with PS and Xbox.  Do you understand what a cultural phenomenom is? Yes, XBox and PS are popular consoles and brands, but cultural phenomenoms are different. Do you see much T-shirts with funny PS or XBox related themes? What is with Pokemon? Or an Playstation...

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    Bold Prediction: Uncharted 4 won't be as good as Rise of the Tomb Raider (Metacritic)

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 August 2016 by Lrdfancypants

    Uncharted cheated obviously. I don't know how and I can't substantiate my claim. I know it's true though, because if video games didn't cheat so much I wouldn't die all the time. /s...

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    Are You Buying No Man's Sky?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 August 2016 by SWORDF1SH

    IDOLxISxDEAD said: SWORDF1SH said: 50% are buying it. That's pretty good since about 50% of the VGC community is PC and/or PS4 owners. Also, how about the fact that probably only 25-40% of the people registered on the site actually voted. I imagine it's only people who know what the game is who voted, others could care less or are too lazy to even bother voting. Laws of...

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    Nintendo Shares Level Out After $4 Billion Drop in Company Value

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2016 by spurgeonryan

    Necro bump confirmed. 4 billion was a lot, but then so was there recent gain.....and then loss.....

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    PS4 Neo presentation leaked

    in Sony Discussion on 20 July 2016 by DonFerrari

    Pemalite said: DonFerrari said: Perma, you never explained how better transitors would be cheaper. If you say better transistors... As in transistors that operate at a higher operating frequency, then I actually already have. So I'm lost. I haven't seem tou explaining where a higher quality transistor is cheaper to produce (considering we are looking at both...

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    Windows 10 for Business to Introduce Subscription Fee

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 July 2016 by AsGryffynn

    Chazore said: AsGryffynn said: I'd rather have a close competition with one side having an slight advantage. I just despise the idea that Google, Sony,  LG or Samsung should rule...  I'd rather no form of lockdowna nd no defacto OS. Also what other close comeptiton has there ever been in the past 10-20 years in the OS space?. We can say Mac OS but lets be real,...

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    Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness Metacritic Review - (60 Meta Rating - Gabriel Celeste May Cry Edition)

    in Sony Discussion on 17 July 2016 by rutea7

    im enjoying the game, it's pretty good :)...

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