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    < COKTOE posted something on The_Yoda's wall:

    Thanks for accepting The.

    But of course, thanks for extending The.

    on 05 June 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on The_Yoda's wall:

    Thanks for accepting!

    But of course, we don't see eye to eye on everything but big deal, it keeps life interesting and gives us something to argue about LOL. I look forward to being able to splat with you.

    on 20 March 2018

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    < The_Yoda updated his status:


    < Bandorr posted something on The_Yoda's wall:

    Interesting thoughts all around. you mention granting people the benefit of the doubt. So when someone loses that "benefit of the doubt" would you find yourself assuming they are including an "all" even when they haven't?

    If say someone were banned for making racist comments before - would they lose their benefit of the doubt?

    There is a good argument that I have lost faith in humanity in general and thus give no one the benefit of the doubt when they lack clarity and context. Having experienced many racist in my life.

    If they had lost that "benefit of the doubt" due to previous statements that have no wiggle room then I would still not want to assume for sure that ALL is what they meant but I would find it VERY likely. As for being banned for racist comments I would want to see said comments for myself, not blindly subscribe to what someone else (Mods or not) deemed racist.

    Perhaps you were spot on with the poster I just try very hard to look at things from as many perspectives as I am capable and it typically leads me to giving people that benefit and sometimes they don't deserve it.

    As for losing faith in humanity, that is kind of easy, taken as a whole we aren't that great. Redemption for humanity is most easily found in some of the individuals that make it up (and I really wish I could have said "most individuals" but then i wouldn't be being honest)

    on 14 March 2018

    Perhaps I can work on not jumping "steps" when considering what people say. I jump from "stereotype" to "racist" fairly fast.

    Some people are just lazy and ignorant. And not really racist. I will try and keep that in mind.

    on 14 March 2018

    Very cool attitude. MAYBE you called it correctly and the guy is racist (I'm not super familiar with his posting history) . As for FatSlob he was walking right up to the line but not crossing it (from my perspective), perhaps VGP is right and he is racist, perhaps he is just pushing boundaries, or playing devil's advocate, I don't know the guy personally so I can't say with any level of accuracy what brought him to said line.

    on 14 March 2018

    Oh and thanks for talking it out with me and I'm sorry if my post in the thread was too harsh.

    on 14 March 2018

    You post wasn't harsh at all. Better than the others that seemed to assume things I never said. I didn't report kirby, Nor am i looking to attack people over political correctness.

    If someone gets moderated for what the mods consider racism, then I'm not going to question WHY they were moderated, or if it is in the rules.

    Good conversation though.

    on 14 March 2018

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    Jranation said: It seems like they are running out of themes for splatfest..... or they purposely did this soo its hard to know which one will be the most popular This is the first Fest that I didn't try to figure what would be most popular and just went with my personal preference (no pulp)....

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    Sony refuses to fix out of warranty PS4 without paying a $99 service fee.

    in Sony Discussion on 14 June 2018

    Ganoncrotch said: The_Yoda said: I can't remember which size it is but they are security torx.  Without removing the heatsink about all I think you can get to is the power supply, the hard drive and the disc drive.  I was lucky enough to get to take mine apart when I bought the GF a physical copy of GOW only to find out her 2 year old had fed the drive a little plastic...


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