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    New (S)Witcher 3 gameplay, from Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 minutes ago by COKTOE

    For some reason it looks worse here than it did in the DF video, which I thought was pretty good. Weird. I even went back just now to skim the DF video. The stuttering in this vid is kinda nasty. ...

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    The Official US Politics OT

    in Politics Discussion 58 minutes ago by sundin13

    Bofferbrauer2 said: Snoopy said: Actually, it is pretty low when Republican controls both Congress and the presidency. As soon as Democrats touch anything, things go to shit. Just look at California. Yeah, as if the economic crisis hadn't been kicked of by and under a republican president and under a republican house and senate. It needed a democrat to pull the country...

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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion 2 hours ago by Trumpstyle

    HylianSwordsman said: Alright, the rich text reply editor still isn't working for me, so I can't quote people without it fucking up the formatting, but Bofferbrauer's response I can get behind. It is true that future gens of nuclear fission hold a lot more promise than the current gens, and are way safer. Fission isn't a long term solution though, even with the better plants. That Ted Talk...

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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion 22 hours ago by Mar1217

    We finally getting that Smash Bros. anime (by A1-pictures) woot woot ! ...

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    Splatoon 2 has sold nearly as much as God of War PS4 and Horizon Zero Dawn individually

    in Latest Charts 1 day ago by curl-6

    I love Splatoon's success in that it's such a classical rags-to-riches/ugly duckling story. The unknown new IP on a failed system that most people sneered at and expected to flop, only for it to become a surprise hit and blossom into one of Nintendo's prime franchises. ...

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    Microsoft should put Halo on Switch

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago by DonFerrari

    Not gonna happen http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=240802 ...

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    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (Updated to August 4)

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago by KLXVER

    Venture Kid - digital ...

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion 4 days ago by Smartie900

    Graduation by Kanye West. Really great album. Sounds super unique and different. ...

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    Walmart stops advertising violent videogames, but not Guns.

    in Politics Discussion 5 days ago by o_O.Q

    Jumpin said: Want to cut down most of your gun violence? It's obvious where the vast majority of US gun violence comes from. It's fairly easy. Just make up a set of rules that prevents the following sorts of people from having a gun license.1. No virgins.2. No one belonging to a loser/loner/antisocial movement of some sort (MRA/incel, 8chan, etc..).3. No one who without an active...

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    Rumor: Secret Email Hints At Huge PS5 Reveal In Feb 2020

    in Sony Discussion 5 days ago by Lafiel

    As long as no other official statements are made I'm expecting ~8 TF (RDNA) and together with the known specs (8c Zen2, SSD, full BC) I'm satisfied and rdy to buy in day 1 (for up to 500€). I won't let any of the "leaks" or "insiders" overhype me on this one. ...

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    Football Thread 18/19 Liverpool win the Champions League!

    in Sports Discussion 5 days ago by RolStoppable

    Bundesliga - Preview It's been a while since Bayern Munich has been openly challenged for the title at the start of a season, but Borussia Dortmund committed to it. Of particular note was the German Supercup where double winner Bayern had to play against the #2 of the previous season, so Dortmund. The Borussia was in control of the game and won 2-0, so the hype for the new Bundesliga season...

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    The hardcore console market seems to be shrinking

    in Sales Discussion 6 days ago by Jigsawx1

    No dont think so especially because Nintendo also got a bit more hardcore since 3 generations. ...

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    No Man's Sky on PSVR Is Incredible!

    in Sony Discussion on 16 August 2019 by DonFerrari

    Bristow9091 said: think-man said: I picked mine up brand new for 100 euro, so i didn't have much to lose. Plus already had some games to play since sony gave away a few on ps plus.  If I could get it that cheap I'd probably say fuck it and buy one too, but I just don't fancy forking out £200+ at this point (Starter pack is currently £250 on Amazon,...

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    "Leaving Neverland": Do you think Michael Jackson is Innocent?

    in General Discussion on 16 August 2019 by Fei-Hung

    MJ clearly had mental health issues that were never addressed or taken seriously by anyone. He was groomed from an early age by his dad, he never had a regular child's life, and he was never comfortable in his body or with his identity - hence the plastic surgeries and skin whitening. The man is dead and cannot defend himself. He may or may not have done shit, but I put the largest blame on...

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    The Nintendo eShop game-rating thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 August 2019 by GoOnKid

    Mega Man Legacy Collection 5/5 Mega Man X Legacy Collection 5/5 Yooka-Laylee 3/5 Picross S 5/5 Castlevania Anniversary Collection 5/5 Owlboy 2/5 ...

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    Godzilla King Of The Monsters -Beautiful- Official Trailer(WB)

    in Movies Discussion on 14 August 2019 by curl-6

    Finally, we have a Blu Ray/DVD release date here in Australia; the 11th of next month. America gets it two weeks earlier on the 27th of this month (lucky buggers) and it's already out now on Digital. https://twitter.com/GodzillaMovie/status/1161338558071705600 https://twitter.com/GodzillaMovie/status/1157340254421913601 Super pumped to comb through it for more Easter Eggs and to check out the...

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    Pornsite Usernames

    in NSFW Discussion on 13 August 2019 by Jumpin

    Hillary Rawdog ClitonDong-Old DumpPol HotKim Jong PoonMilflania HumpVladimir PoontangSarah Suck a D. SandersWait... Presidential hopefuls, WE HAVE A GOLDMINE! Jizzabeth WhorenHorny HandersKristen Jillin' handWhory HookerMichael BenditSteve BullcockJulian MastroBill De Blast-the-OFullofSeed ScabbardKumala HarrysnatchJohn De-lay-meJohn LickenPooperPlay InMeLay-Me KuminshartRim Tryin'Hoe...

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    New Sword/Shield trailer: Galarian forms and new rivals

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 August 2019 by RingoGaSuki

    Bede is the single worst designed character the franchise has crapped out so far. I like that they're going back to a douche rival, but what the fuck is that design ...

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    Are you an a.....

    in General Discussion on 10 August 2019 by Eagle367

    I don't think so because no one's called me one and other people decide if you are one or not ...

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    Nintendo Prediction League 2019: Yoshi's Crafted World 80 Final Meta

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 August 2019 by Shikamo


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