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    The Official Heavy Metal Thread

    in Music Discussion on 05 May 2019 by drbunnig

    So we're over four months into 2019 now. What metal albums have you enjoyed this year thus far? - The new [b]Swallow the Sun[/b] has been a standout. Feels like their most accessible album yet but the song writing is still top notch. - [b]Soilwork[/b] appear to have blended their sound with Bjorn's Night Flight Orchestra project on [i]Verkligheten[/i]. The result is pretty damn good. -...

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    Should I get a Vita or PS3?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 October 2018 by LivingMetal

    VITA for the RPGs....

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    What scaaaaaary games are you playing this October?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 October 2018 by DragonRouge

    Starting a new job in an industry I have no experience or expertise in......

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    5G data coming soon

    in General Discussion on 23 February 2018 by Pagan

    We have it already in switzetland. By the the end of the year th testphase will be completed and Swisscom will offer it 2019 for all customers....

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    If you like Dark Souls and are a multiconsole owner with a Switch, portability or 60fps?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 February 2018 by mundus6

    GOWTLOZ said: mundus6 said: If all you care about is 60 fps then PC is the only version of any game you should ever play just saying. You're talking as if other platforms don't have 60fps games. 1 out of 10 games (and thats generous) vs every game for the platform. So yeah....

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    Nintendo Metascore Prediction League 2017: And the Winners Are...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2018 by Mar1217

    Thanks for the dedication to this thread ! 9th place isn't too shaby ^^ ...

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    No, you aren't LeBron James

    in General Discussion on 19 September 2017 by sethnintendo

    Robert_Downey_Jr. said: sethnintendo said: What QB has more rings?  Also, he is still putting up good numbers as long as his line protects him.  He isn't a scrambler but sometimes he can pick up a few yards.  Usually he just gets sacked consider he is mainly just a pocket passer and he isn't that fast.  Running QBs usually get hurt more anyways.  Look how...

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    How to get more people to join the site?

    in Website Topics on 09 September 2017 by VGPolyglot

    LadyJasmine said: I think the place needs to attract more female users really :) Much easier said than done :-D...

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    Who else here is about to get hit by Hurricane Irma?

    in General Discussion on 07 September 2017 by Nautilus

    I dont live nowhere near it, but my family owns a house in Miami, so Im kinda worried.At least it will lose some strenght by the time it hits florida.I pray for whoever is stuck there.Must suck to be in that situation....

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    NBA 2K18 for Switch has same content and modes as PS4 version, runs at 30fps

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 September 2017 by curl-6

    Nuvendil said: curl-6 said: At least Nintendo seems to be keeping a lid on their file sizes, with even the massive XCX clocking in at a manageable 22GB. Well Nintendo has completely avoided mandatory installs. Well, except Breath of the Wild on Wii U. ;) But yeah, since those are mostly to get around the limitations of streaming from an optical drive, you don't...

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    NBA offseason is wild

    in Sports Discussion on 03 August 2017 by Dark_Lord_2008

    Based on his emphatic MVP win in Summer League, Lonzo Ball will win the NBA Rookie of the Year 2017/18. Lonzo Ball will lead the Lakers to the NBA Playoffs. Additions of Paul George and/or Lebron James next Summer will transform the Lakers into an NBA title contender....

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    The Worst Looking Game of Each Gen.

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 July 2017 by axumblade

    SegataSanshiro said: I'm not doing every gen but the games that first came to mind seeing the topic.     Cruis'n Wii 7th Generation. Also an awful game rushed to market early. Was a unfinished mess.   Conan PS3/360. Very good game tho. Just hideous with poor textures and well just everything looks bad but it is very fun.   I gave both 360/PS3 a game and Wii...

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    Game reviewers salty about youtuber videogamedunkey rant video

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 July 2017 by Ljink96

    OMFG, this dude is a legend. It's about time somebody exposed similar "Journalists/Reviewers". ...

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    How much does the round earth lobby pay you?

    in General Discussion on 31 May 2017 by Insidb

    SpokenTruth said: Forum hiccup.  Double posted.  Better than a forum shart!...

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    Whats The Genre Split fo your Current Gen Systems

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 January 2017 by AsGryffynn

    Xbox One for FPS, racing and WRPGs... ...

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    The Official Xenoblade Chronicles X Thread - OUT NOW!!!!!!! Questions Thoughts And Opinions Inside!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 January 2017 by NoirSon

    It is a great game, flawed in multiple ways but still enjoyable. I never did get Ares 90 or beat any of the post game level cap breaking tyrants but it was a great ride....

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    I know I am late but Bloodborne is Damn Awesome!!

    in Sony Discussion on 23 January 2017 by The Fury

    I'm replaying it again... then straight away again. It's such a good game. I don't really do New Game plus as I don't see the point but each time I go for a different weapon and hunter set to mix things up. My current is Ludwig Blade, str/skill/arcane, love the beast roar. I'd say that Gascoigne is the hardest boss in it oddly, it's hard to 'level up' early so he's pretty hard (especially...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2017 by superchunk

    Own as soon as it launches: Nintendo Switch Currently Own: WiiU Xbox One PC Have Owned:Atari 2600 NES SNES N64 NGC Wii Gameboy NDSLite PS3 ...

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    "We live in a post-factual world."

    in Politics Discussion on 04 January 2017 by thepurplewalrus

    Ka-pi96 said: RolStoppable said: Take a sports team that suffered a brutal loss. When the coach or players get interviewed and asked the simple question "Why did you lose today?", the ensuing answer is commonly as blunt as "We seriously sucked butt and we did not deserve any better for this poor showing." Which sports have you been watching because that`s far from the case...

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    What games are you all playing as the year comes to an end?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 December 2016 by Madword

    So many games to play and really if I am honest with myself if I want 2017 to start well I need to start working on stuff again on Monday, so only have a couple of days to get Yakuza 3 out of the way, then need to finish UC4 and then think about what game to play.... no time... need to win the lottery....

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