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    A Metroidvania showdown, Metroid vs Castlevania.

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 April 2016

    Note - For this thread I'm only talking about the 2d games. Metroidvania style games are some of my favorites ever and I've been replaying alot of them lately. I'm just here to spark a discussion and maybe discover some new titles I've never played. I've got three questions, you can answer them all or just reply in general. 1. Which half of Metroidvania do you like more, Metroid or...

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    Top 5 Most Played Games On Wii U - Spring Edition!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 April 2016

    1. SSBU 271:14 2. MK8 199:31 3. Splatoon 174:44 4. Xenoblade X 162:51 5. Assassin's Creed Black Flag 70:26 6. Mario 3d World 67:00 7. Lego City Undercover 64:36 8. Wind Waker HD. 61:40 9. Arkham City 47:53 10. Donkey Kong:TF 42:10...

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    Your hobbies outside of games? VGChartz Show and Tell.

    in General Discussion on 09 April 2016

    I enjoy skateboarding, basketball, music, magic the gathering, deck building games, reading comics/graphic novels, building legos. Last summer I started listening to some jams and go biking in the middle of the night, I can't wait to do that again once it's warmer. Oh and I collect statues and figures mostly from star wars, aliens, predator, plus the nemesis from my avatar....

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    Have you ever been addicted to a game you didn't expect to enjoy so much?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 April 2016

    So about a month ago I picked up Forza Horizon 2. It's my first racing game purchase not named mario kart in many years, the last one was probably need for speed hot pursuit. Needless to say I'm not a huge racing fan, I just wanted something new and thought it looked fun. Fast forward to now and it's already my third most played Xbox One game with no signs of slowing down. I never expected...

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    Who here still loves a good RTS, city builder, grand strategy or 4X game, Arpgs?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 April 2016

    I used to play a lot of starcraft/brood war and a decent amount of age of empires and command and conquer. None lately though since I haven't had a computer since moving out of home 6 years ago. I do have Starcraft 64 which is fine but it gets really hard on later levels with a joystick....

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    Official Halo Thread - Halo Wars 2 Cinematic Teaser & Story Vidoc, Warzone Firefight out now, Halo Wars 2 out February 21st 2017, Halo Wars DE Announced

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 April 2016

    I only have MCC right now but really should grab halo 5 soon....

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    Official Halo Thread - Halo Wars 2 Cinematic Teaser & Story Vidoc, Warzone Firefight out now, Halo Wars 2 out February 21st 2017, Halo Wars DE Announced

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 April 2016

    By the way, does anybody here still play Halo MCC online? I don't know anyone who still plays and im sick of getting random team members who suck. My gamer tag is Steel Jesus, give me an invite if interested....

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    Official Halo Thread - Halo Wars 2 Cinematic Teaser & Story Vidoc, Warzone Firefight out now, Halo Wars 2 out February 21st 2017, Halo Wars DE Announced

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 April 2016

    Halo 3 is definitely my least favorite multiplayer. It would be fine but I hate the bubble shields and regenerators so much it made me stop playing halo for a good while. They really ruined the game imo....

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    What's your main game right now?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 April 2016

    Forza Horizon 2 is getting most of my gaming time currently, Castlevania SOTN gets the rest....

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    Best local multiplayer on Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 March 2016

    I would say MK8 is my favorite, then smash. The ZombiU multiplayer was really cool too, possibly the best use of the game pad yet....

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    Lets discuss Nintendo Selects sales impact in the US

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 March 2016

    Nintendo Selects titles have been out for a week in the US, we now have FW sales and they are pretty good. OOT, Pikmin 3, Dk TF and Mario 3d World all charted after none appeared the previous week, in fact retail copies of OOT and Pikmin were basically impossible to even find at all.  The question now is how long will these sales bumps last for and which titles will benefit the most? I...

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    Wii U owners; did you buy multiplatform games on the system?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 March 2016

    I got a decent number of them, probably about 12 total. ...

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    Mario 3D World vs Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 March 2016

    I think 3d World is the best wii u game period....

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    Your recent videogame buys/pickups?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2016

    I've actually picked up three games in the last week, my first gaming purchases since Xenoblade X. I got TPHD last week and then Forza Horizons 2 and RE Origins collection yesterday for my xbox one. I've got to say I'm really liking Forza so far, its the only racing game I've touched other than Mario Kart in ages and it's super fun so far....

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    Let's Rank All the Quentin Tarantino Movies!

    in Movies Discussion on 09 March 2016

    1. Reservoir Dogs 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Kill Bill 4. Jackie Brown 5. Inglorious Bastards 6. Django Unchained ...

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    Why Did You Buy your Console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 March 2016

    Wii u and 3ds for all the Nintendo classics like zelda, Mario, SSB ect plus the virtual console sevrice. Xbox one mostly for Halo MCC and third party games. ...

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    Are You Buying A PS4 For Uncharted: A Thief's End?

    in Sony Discussion on 07 March 2016

    Nope, I still have to beat uc3 first! PS4 just doesn't have enough exclusives that I really want to play yet to justify buying one now....

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    Warriors or Spurs?

    in Sports Discussion on 05 March 2016

    This year it's the Warriors no question, Curry is just alot more entertaining to watch right now. But I do like watching the Spurs too, they have been amazingly consistent over the years. I'm a Timberwolves fan so I always have to cheer for a different team each playoffs, usually it's the Spurs....

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    What's so bad about annual franchises?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 March 2016

    Quantity over quality is almost never a good thing....

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    Is this going to be a really bad year for Nintendo?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 March 2016

    As long as Zelda U releases this year it will be good, everything else is just icing on the cake....

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