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I Want to Play More On PC, But Non-Sale Steam Prices Are Ridiculous

in PC Discussion 22 hours ago

I only buy digital games at a heavy discount, otherwise I just get it on retail. ...

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I just don't get why silent protagonist's are still a thing in video games!

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

A silent character does not mean an uninteresting or boring character. Doomguy in Doom 2016 is silent and yet has tons of characterization. Silent characters have their place. ...

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Rumor: Sony plans to launch the PS5 and PS5 Pro at the same time.

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago

KBG29 said: If it happens the Pro needs to be a truly Premium Product. PS5 base should be $499.99, while the Pro would be a $999.99 product. Make it like the difference between buying a $2,000 4K TV or a $10,000 4K TV. It should be a product Priced for, and Aimed at the enthusiast gamer, and not something that would even cross the mind of the average PlayStation buyer. There is no reason...

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Rumor: Sony plans to launch the PS5 and PS5 Pro at the same time.

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago

Why would they do that? There would be no incentive for the base model other than price, which could be accomplished better a couple of years after launch, when production prices are lower. ...

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How much do you predict The Rise of Skywalker will make?

in Movies Discussion 1 day ago

Not as much as Disney wants, that's for sure. They are burning the Star Wars fans quite fast, and even casual movie goers are going to get burnt out. ...

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Sales from France & Spain: PS4, Switch, xbox

in Sales Discussion 2 days ago

It took two years for the Switch to outsell the XBOne in Spain. I'm just surprised the XBOne is not Japan levels over here, considering how loyal people is to "la Play" and "la Nintendo". ...

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Rockstar's output this generation has been atrocious.

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

Bisa said: R* dont need to make any games with the ammount of money GTA5+Microtrans are making them. Sad, but true. ...

Write 54

Nintendo 2020 predictions

in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago

Do you think SMT V will release in 2020? They're certainly taking their time with it, probably all of the P5 stuff is taking their workforce off it. That and general slow development process. ...

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Rockstar just released their own game launcher, comes with a free copy of GTA:San Andreas.

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago

Of all the games they could've given, why San Andreas? Don't give me wrong, it's one of the better GTA games, but it's been sold and discounted so much throughout the years, I don't see it as a good deal for people fed up with too many launchers. ...

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The Nintendo Switch Lite Launches This Week - Will You be Buying One?

in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

I'm happy with my dockable Switch, I won't be changing it any time soon. ...

Write 19

Could this be called False Advertising?

in Nintendo Discussion on 16 September 2019

Nintendo digital prices are insanely high anyway. Other than digital only people, why would you choose them over any retailer with any kind of discount system? ...

Write 52

Should Nintendo double down on working with "AA" studios

in Nintendo Discussion on 15 September 2019

Nintendo's AA efords seem to work well, considering Nintendo's software legs and moderate budgets. I hope they continue like this. ...

Write 83

Sakurai: "No way" future Smash Bros. games will have as many fighters as Ultimate

in Nintendo Discussion on 14 September 2019

I honestly wouldn't mind if this Smash is ported ad infinitum and they just add new characters to this. This game has so much content it's insane. ...

Write 32

Proposal: Crowdfunded non-profit sales tracker for the U.S.

in Sales Discussion on 13 September 2019

Analyzing crowfunding projects would be a good addition to the site, especially considering how many of them are and how bigger companies seem interested in the concept. ...

Write 140

Nintendo's New Fit Game (Ring Fit Adventure™)

in Nintendo Discussion on 12 September 2019

Can't we just get a new Wii Sports Resort instead? This doesn't seem to have a really clear audience... ...

Write 63

The major third party developer whose sudden loss would be the worst

in Gaming Discussion on 12 September 2019

Can you imagine the sudden chaos in the gaming world if GTAs would suddenly stop being made? ...

Write 13

Bayonetta 1 & 2 will be removed from the Wii U eshop on September 18th

in Nintendo Discussion on 10 September 2019

Why? ...

Write 22

How much influence and control does Sega have on Atlus

in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2019

Sega owns Atlus. If Sega told them to do something likke the P5 Switch port, they would have to do it. But Sega mostly leaves Atlus to do as they please, so whatever reason P5 is not multiplat is on them. ...

Write 43

Getting more and more worried about Doom Eternal on Switch

in Nintendo Discussion on 07 September 2019

If it's just a delay, they should have told us, there's nothing wrong with reasonable delays. ...

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in Gaming Discussion on 07 September 2019

d21lewis said: Intensity. Integrity. Intelligence.I can't really think of any off the top of my head. I'll just go with Hellblade, too. What about Innovation? ...

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