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White Supremacist Drives Car into Counter-Protesters (20 Injured, One Dead)

in Politics Discussion on 29 August 2017 by Raven

This thread has veered far off of its original premise for a while now, I see no point in keeping it open. Locked....

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THE PURGE THREAD - Get it out of your system!

in General Discussion on 16 August 2017 by Miguel_Zorro

axumblade said: This thread was supposed to be a few days and somehow its still opened. It's all about the GamrRewards Points....

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Male Feminist Gamers Clutch Pearls Over Female Video Game Character Outfits

in Gaming Discussion on 10 July 2017 by Carl

I don't think we need a thread based on an article based on a thread on NeoGAF. Feel free to make a "Worst Female Character Designs" thread though, if you want to have some kind of discussion about this beyond "Fuck GAF"....

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NintenDomination! Your quest is over. We present you a new thread.

in Nintendo Discussion on 03 July 2017 by Platina

Now that we have a new thread, let's move all discussion there, locking!...

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Mass Effect: Andromeda lead facial designer had no video game experience (also hates men)

in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2017 by StarOcean

Trash thread. Locking. I'm on a roll today! Edit: In case you wonder why this thread was locked: Out of context line used to attack an individual and attach beliefs on a person who the OP, or indeed 99% of the people here who replied, knew existed before this morning. ...

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The Great Xbox Exclusive Renaissance!

in Microsoft Discussion on 16 March 2017 by Ryuu96

Thread was already close to being locked as it was a reactionary thread, now it's going off-topic and there's a few borderline comments so it's getting locked.   NobleTeam360 said: *puke* not a good list at all. ...

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in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2017 by Bisa

If anything I feel personally that AAA gaming has lost its appeal. This gen has been by far the worst gen since the 6th for AAA releases....

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N. Switch sales record in Bad Sulzuflen among one-legged transvestites!

in Nintendo Discussion on 09 March 2017 by axumblade

Locking thread because this story never happened. ...

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Without the Zelda name, Breath of the Wild would not score so well

in Nintendo Discussion on 02 March 2017 by Zekkyou

Locking. While i'm willing to give Tmfwang the benefit of the doubt that this thread was made in good faith, me and CGI agree it's run its course. There is more room for discussion, but i don't think we're going to see it happen here and in this current climate....

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Trump's First Solo Press Conference as President

in Politics Discussion on 18 February 2017 by Aura7541

So despite urging everyone to drop the race vs intelligence debate, it has continued to persist. The thread has clearly ran its course from its original purpose so this thread will be locked....

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So, Trump's ban on certain nationalities is in effect.

in Politics Discussion on 29 January 2017 by Leadified

Since this thread has turned into a mudslinging contest, it's time for a lock. Politics are a sensitive subject but that's not an excuse to ignore the forum rules....

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in Sales Discussion on 29 January 2016 by starcraft

Locking - this thread has now been bumped twice, for no good reason....

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Does GTA 5's Sex With Prostitutes In First Person Promote Rape Culture? Does it go too far?

in Gaming Discussion on 10 February 2015 by Dallinor

Locking. Don't necro-bump old threads without permission. If you want to discuss this issue, or any issue from an old thread go ahead and create a new thread for it please....

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Roman Catholicism Exposed

in Politics Discussion on 20 October 2014 by Mr Khan

One thread for christianity. One....

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Jehovah's Witnesses/New World Translation Exposed

in Politics Discussion on 20 October 2014 by Mr Khan

It stands to reason that the Quran thread and Bible thread should exist separately, but how about just one of these per religion? (and no, different denominations DO NOT COUNT). Dump it in the NIV thread and combine them....

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