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Pretty significant update and overhaul to my bio/profile info. One of these days I'm going to go all out and throw on every game I curently own from the game database on here. Just don't have the patience atm hehe..

< LipeJJ posted something on DarthMetalliCube's wall:

You have some of the best nicknames and avatars of VGC. Please, don't ever change it. ^^

< GoOnKid posted something on DarthMetalliCube's wall:

How is Has Been Heroes? How much do you like it? I'm somehow curios about this game.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it lol. It's insanely hard and unfair on one hand, but I can't put it down.. If you like rougelikes and/or Plants vs Zombies, I'd say give it a try.

on 16 April 2017

Hmm here's the thing: this would be my first roguelike game, so I don't know if I would like it or not. Difficulty is not an issue for me, I tend to enjoy harder games more. And it's pretty addictive, huh? I think I could enjoy that. Thanks!

on 16 April 2017

< toot1231 posted something on DarthMetalliCube's wall:


Always liked your name and avatar.

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Write 53

I found the cure to twitter. Boobs!

in General Discussion 2 days ago

Yeah twitter is maddening with how stupid and cruel people can be there. It's like, I know they exist, I just don't want to be reminded, and I don't want to see the specific examples myself lol.. I've started going to Reddit a lot more (specifically Gonewild hehe) to help me cut way back on twitter time and have felt immensely better :P...

Write 37

Super Mario Maker 2: Are you a Maker?

in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago

Spent like 70% of the time making levels vs playing others, and I suspect it'll be the same for the sequel. Didn't realize it when I was constructing them but I made some pretty insanely hard lvls that pissed off my friends when they tried to play them haha.  ...

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Blizzard “super-happy” with Diablo III on Switch, more Nintendo collaborations possible

in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago

Good, bought the game and am enjoying it. It's an ideal game to just flip on and kick back playing in handheld mode while watching TV. Love to see Overwatch on Switch. I'd rebuy it just to play it handheld.  Switch is my favorite console this gen overall but Overwatch is probably my favorite, most played game this gen. So the two together would be tight.. ...


Height: 0'0

Build: Other

Website: https://thewarpedzone.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

Favourite Games: Super Mario Bros 3
Super Mario World
Super Mario 64
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super mario Odyssey
Mario Kart games
Donkey Kong Country
Smash Bros.
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Gears of War series
The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
Fallout 3
Halo 3
COD4/MW/Black Ops
Guitar Hero
Secret of Mana
Early Sonic
Zelda series (early stuff and BotW mainly)

Favourite Music: Metallica (that one should be obvious)
System of a Down
Rhapsody of Fire
Sonata Arctica
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin
In Flames
The Black Dahlia Murder
Rob Zombie
All that Remains
Blind Guardian
Scar Symmetry
Theatre of Tragedy
Leaves' Eyes
Breaking Benjamin
Five Finger Death Punch
Rise Against

Favourite Films: The Matrix
Star Wars Trilogy (mainly episodes 4-6)
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Orwell's 1984
Sin City
The Hangover
They Live
Office Space
Dumb and Dumber
Billy Madison
Happy Gilmore
Halord and Kumar
Super Troopers
American Pie

Favourite Books: Lord of the Rings
A Song Of Ice And Fire
Sword of Shanarra
The Hunger Games
Halo: The Fall of Reach
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Also like browsing certain biographical, philisophical, non fiction (especially when dealing with conspiracies or interesting, "off-kilter" or "taboo" topics", ancient history stuff too.

These days I'm more about kicking back to my pretty robust collection of audiobooks on audible. My favorites here:

The Disaster Artist
Console Wars
Out of Your Mind (Alan Watts)
Personal Foul (NBA Ref Scandal)
Birth, School, Metallica, Death and into The Black
The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck
The Cubs Way
Ready Player One
Michael Jordan
How Star Wars Conquered The Universe
[various lectures of The Great Courses]

Favourite Food: Perfectly cooked bacon
A Nice juicy steak
Cheese (in most forms)
Potatoes (in most forms)

And being mostly Italian, I naturally like:
Spaghetti and meatballs
Italian deli meats (I'm a bottomless pit when it comes to Salami and Pepperoni)
Oddly enough though, Canoli's never did it for me :P

About Me: I have been burning hours of my life gaming since my early youth, when I picked up the NES controller and played Super Mario Bros for the first time. From then on, I knew gaming would be part of my life forever.

I recently graduated with a BA in History at Illinois State University. I have also recently earned a Masters Degree in Animation in Chicago. I am interested in creative writing and have also taken up gaming journalism - sufficiently combining two of my favorite hobbies. At the moment I'm writing for newgamenetwork.com, thegamer.com, as well as right here at Vgchartz (Stephen LaGioia)!

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